Privacy story by Privatewave (english)


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Privacy story by Privatewave (english)

  1. 1. ROBERT and INNOTECH H ROBERT is a youn manager. Two years ago, ng him and Victor, an always travelling scientist Victor n scientist, have founded INNNOTECH. Your mission? Improve the planet with I h l t ih technological innov vation.
  2. 2. Brilliant ide ea: ECOPO OWER WILLY,18, w little desire for with studying, is the brilliant brother of Robert. One day W sends the young Williy manager an SMS which would change their lives completely: r “And this is the idea of the ce entury: ECOPOWER!”
  3. 3. ECOPOWER Cell phone battery capable to rechar rge itself from solar energy. Easy, resista ant, economical. Compatible with all the phones in circulation. Robert rejoices at th news! he
  4. 4. THE P PROJECT GIVES ITSELF A START Robert an Willy, full of enthusiasm, are embarked nd y on the w work… …and do stop even when on’t Willy returns home: The brothers exchange exciting SMS with t the details of the ECOPOWER project.
  5. 5. A VERY CU URIOUS MOM… Mrs. Luisa, moth of the brothers, wants to find out why his her son Willy is alwa on the phone. ays She secretly approaches his mobile phone while it w left unattended. was And starts readin the messages. ng She realizes immediately that her boys have s something important going on. <Good heavens, what an id dea!> And so, full of pride, leaves for the hairdresser’s where her friends await her…
  6. 6. ...AS WELL AS A JOURNALIST IN SEARC OF SCOOP CH Luisa, taken by enthusiasm, tells the whole sto y y ory to her friends. The story was like honey for Patrizia Scovanotizia: she finally has the scoop she has been searching for years s!
  8. 8. WHAT A NEWS! The newly born project ECOPOW ends up WER in the first page! pg Robert does not give up easily! However, Attilio, However Attilio president of Attila Spa and unbiased competitor of InnoTech, is very happy. Now, he knows r where to c concentrate all his efforts. That project will be HIS! At an cost… ny
  9. 9. DEEP R REGRET FOR WHAT HAS HAPPENED Mrs. Lu realizes her error and being embarassed uisa asks he boys for forgiveness. er Robert does not lose his courage. He rushes into his rk hi work to achieve ECOPOWER fi hi first: He and his partner Victor exchange documents, designs and technical data through email.
  10. 10. THE WORK CONTINUES EVEN THE NIGHTS… Vast amount of emails travel between Italy and the United States, crossing India, Switzerland in d their route through Internet.
  11. 11. ATTILIO HIR A HACKER TO INTERCEPT EMAILS… RES Jack, a m mercenary of IT frauds, finds a “backdoo a security gap, in the email server oor”, located iin India, and enters there through Internet. He manages to visualize in his computer all that Robert and o Victor exchang between each other. He accesses valuable ge documents atta ached in the emails. Ja passes all the ack in nformation to Attilio in re time! eal
  12. 12. EVEN THE ADMIN IS CORRUPT! Attilio does not stop here. He bribes Maurizio, technical director and system administrator of InnoTech. Mauurizio, in one eyeblick, places the copies of all emaiils sent and received on ECOPOWER on the computer of Gabriella, the secretary. He installs a spyware capable of directing the next emails to a secret email address of Attilio.
  13. 13. ...AND THE PHONE CO ONVERSATIONS! Also all that Robert and Victor speak on the phone ends up in the hands of Jack, thanks to his sophisticated eav vesdropping equipment…purchased recently on eBay. Attilio feels himself as the king of th world! he
  14. 14. PRIVACY EMERGENCY For InnoTech, the priva is totally lost and acy Attila SpA flies high…
  16. 16. PRIVA VIOLATED ACY Robert,, shocked again at the news, wants t put things straight. On to the adv of Victor, he calls vice Privatew wave… …a company specialized in informational security to y, carry out a vulnerability analysis of the company y. Technicians of PrivateWave analyze computers a and telephong lines. The result is…astonishing!
  19. 19. DEFEATED? Robert fires Maurizio on the spot, then returns home to reflect upon the future. But will there be a future for InnoTech?
  20. 20. TRY AGAIN WILLY! Willy does not wait. He comes up with a formulla on which he has been working to eliminate harmful radiations coming from cell phones. “Why don’t we combine it with the project EcoP y p j Power?? It would have been a battery not only sustainable, and econom but also beneficial for mical, health! This would have been a revolution!” Ye Willy can do it! es,
  21. 21. THE TURNING POINT Robert is set off to defeat Attila SpA on the market. BUT ONLY AFTER PUTTING THE COMPANY Y IN COMPLETE SECURITY! Robert calls PrivateWave experts. Together they reorganize the corporate communications of InnoTech to be safe from hackers and unfair competition.
  22. 22. COMMUNICATIONS COMPLETELY P PROTECTED The emails of managers and all employees are protected from indiscreet persons. The phone c between Robert and Victor are calls absolutely im mpenetrable against any interception attempts.
  23. 23. SPIES ARE O OF GAME! OUT Soon Jack realizes that his attempts of s interception are u useless. Attilio has no choice other than swallow the bitter pill wing Meanwhile at InnnoTech working is a joy… …
  24. 24. LIFEPOWER IS BORN L InnoTech is now unstoppable. In short time, LIFEPOWER arrives in the shops… …the solar battery that absorbs the harmful waves of phones…the battery that improves the nature’s and users’ well-being. It is a triumph. “LIFEPOWER recharges your life!”
  26. 26. CONCLUSION... At last, Robert and his teammates have mad it: their innovation and passion have de paid off. So much satisfaction, but before alll, a great life lesson: THE PRIVACY OF OWN MEANS OF CO OMMUNICATION SHOULD ALWAYS BE PROTECTED.
  27. 27. ...everybody w live happy, will SECURE, and content! d
  28. 28. THE MORAL OF THE STORY: WHO TRIES TO TRAP OUR PRIVACY • Relatives and chatter-box friends • Unfair competitors • Unfaithful collaborators • Malicious hackers
  29. 29. THE MORAL OF THE STORY: HOW TO SELF-PROTECT • Keep certain type of information reserved e from relatives and friends even • Pay attention to who can listen to you y y • Protect your email with particular instrume ents • Protect your phone calls with particular ins struments • Never act thoughtlessly AND EVERYTHING IS SAFE!
  30. 30. PRIVACY STORY Y For reference and print info: Tel.: +39 0 2022151 02 Email: privatew @theoria .it wave www.priva NB. The characters, and names of brands a created by PrivateWave and are fictional. are