Parable of a_pencil

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  • 1. In the beginning, the PencilMaker spoke to the pencilsaying, "There are five thingsyou need to know before I sendyou out into the world.Always remember them andyou will become the bestpencil you can be."
  • 2. You will be able to domany great things, butonly if you allow yourselfto be held in Someoneshand.
  • 3. You will experience apainful sharpening fromtime to time, but this isrequired if you are tobecome a better pencil.
  • 4. You have the ability to correctany mistakes you might make.
  • 5. The most important part of you willalways be whats inside.
  • 6. No matter what the condition, youmust continue to write. You mustalways leave a clear, legible mark nomatter how difficult the situation.
  • 7. The pencil understood, promising toremember, and went into the boxfully understanding its Makerspurpose.
  • 8. Now replacing the place of the pencilwith you; always remember them andnever forget, and you will become thebest person you can be.
  • 9. You will be able to domany great things, butonly if you allowyourself to be held inGods hand. And allowother human beings toaccess you for themany gifts you possess.
  • 10. You will experience a painfulsharpening from time to time,by going through variousproblems, but youll need it tobecome a stronger person.
  • 11. You will be able tocorrect mistakes youmight make or growthrough them.
  • 12. The most important part ofyou will always be whats onthe inside.
  • 13. On every surface youwalk, you must leave yourmark. No matter what thesituation, you mustcontinue to serve God ineverything.
  • 14. Everyone is like a pencil...created by the Maker for a unique andspecial purpose.By understanding and remembering, let usproceed with our life on this earth having ameaningful purpose in our heart and arelationship with God daily.