Spectra DTP4700 Linux Based Development for Software Defined Radio (SDR) Software Communications Architecture (SCA)
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Spectra DTP4700 Linux Based Development for Software Defined Radio (SDR) Software Communications Architecture (SCA)



These slides focus on the latest addition to PrismTech’s Spectra DTP family of advanced Software Communications Architecture (SCA) compliant and Radio Frequency (FR) capable Software Defined Radio ...

These slides focus on the latest addition to PrismTech’s Spectra DTP family of advanced Software Communications Architecture (SCA) compliant and Radio Frequency (FR) capable Software Defined Radio (SDR) and test platforms. Spectra DTP4700 is based on the latest digital processing subsystem from Mistral and contains a high performance Texas Instruments AM/DM37x Sitara processor with GPP and DSP functionality on the same chip. When combined with DataSoft’s Monsoon Transceiver, DTP4700 provides a fully-fieldable radio with a base level of RF performance between 400 MHz and 4 GHz. For ease of development DTP4700 provides an integrated SCA Operating Environment containing an optimised Linux operating system, SCA Core Framework (CF), CORBA middleware, SCA platform and SCA sample waveform. Spectra DTP4700 is fully supported by PrismTech’s market leading Spectra CX tool for SCA waveform modeling, code generation and compliance validation. Spectra DTP4700 is an affordable, yet functionally advanced desktop system targeted at waveform and application development/test teams in major radio OEMs and their end customers, advanced wireless communications (government and defense) laboratories conducting research in fields such as cognitive radio, electronic warfare, and secure SDR waveforms, internal research and development (IR&D) projects and independent SCA developers creating software IP for the SDR market. For further information please visit http://www.prismtech.com/spectra/products



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Spectra DTP4700 Linux Based Development for Software Defined Radio (SDR) Software Communications Architecture (SCA) Spectra DTP4700 Linux Based Development for Software Defined Radio (SDR) Software Communications Architecture (SCA) Presentation Transcript

  • Spectra DTP4700 Linux BasedDevelopment for SDR/SCALive Software Defined Radio Webcast Andrew Foster, Spectra DTP Product Manager December 14th, 2011
  • Spectra Product Family
  • The Spectra Product Family 3 Spectra CX Model-based Software Engineering (MBSE) developer productivity tool (model, generate, validate, deploy) Spectra Core Framework (CF) Low footprint high performance SCA 2.2.2 CF (including Spectra CDB) Spectra Common Data Bus (CDB) Optimized middleware stack available cross GPP, DSP and FPGA processing elements Spectra DTP A pre-packaged application development and test platform (BB, IF, and RF hardware, OE, SCA devices and services, demo app, tools optional)
  • Spectra’s Competitive Advantage 4 Spectra CX Best-in-class SCA developer productivity Spectra CF Best-in-class SCA CF performance and efficient use of available resources Spectra CDB Best-in-class middleware performance available across the radio’s signal processing chain Spectra DTP Best-in-class fully integrated SCA development and test environment, feature set, ease-of-use, price
  • Spectra SCA/SDR Development Tools 5Host Development Tools Target Radio Platform End-to-End: Model, Generate, Validate, Deploy
  • Spectra DTP Introduction
  • Introducing the Spectra DTP 7 Problem Statement Developing SCA software is too complex, too expensive, too time consuming, and forces me to become an expert in SCA platform technology when I just want to develop, test, and deploy new waveforms and applications Solution Statement Spectra DTP provides a pre-packaged COTS SCA development and test platform with great software tools, superior RF, good demos and docs, and an affordable price…that allows me to start developing, now!
  • Spectra DTP Evolution 8 Family of COTS SCA based SCA Development and Test Platforms Spectra DTP4500 launched in December 2010: Spectra DTP4500BB – digital base band processing system including Mistral’s OMAP EVM 35x hardware, VxWorks 6.8 RTOS, Spectra SCA software stack (Spectra CX graphical modelling tools, Spectra Core Framework & Spectra ORB middleware), DTP4500 SCA Platform and simple SCA sample waveform Spectra DTP4500RF – DTP based band system + Monsoon RF subsystem providing wideband RF coverage from 400Mhz to 4Ghz + extended DTP4500 SCA Platform and SCA sample waveform that can used across the air Spectra DTP4700BB available 1st Qtr 2012, full RF capable system will follow shortly afterwards
  • Spectra DTP4700
  • DTP4700 - Overview 10An affordable Linux based COTS SCAdevelopment and test platform with great softwaretools, full RF capability, good demos andsupporting documentationThe entry-level Spectra DTP4700BB configurationcomes pre-integrated and packaged with: Mistral’s latest AM/DM37x Sitara based development board providing baseband processing resources (GPP + DSP). PrismTech’s benchmark-setting SCA 2.2.2 compliant Operating Environment (incorporating: Core Framework, SCA Devices, ORBs for both GPP & DSP, COS, Linux OS Device Drivers and BSP). Demonstration SCA Waveform / Application. Documentation All available off-the-shelf with simple licensing and support contracts.The entry-level DTP4700 package is seamlesslyexpandable by optionally adding: PrismTech’s Spectra CX tool for SCA component modelling, code generation, and compliance validation DTP4700 option bundles both C++ (GPP) and C (GPP & DSP) code generation DataSoft’s Monsoon RF Transceiver, this provides a base level of RF performance between 400 MHz and 4 GHz DataSoft’s RF Front-End Module(s) (FEM)to the Monsoon RF Transceiver to create a high performance RF specification fully-fieldable radio system.
  • Spectra DTP4700 – Target Users 11 Waveform and application development/test teams in major radio OEMs and their end customers (enabling both in-house and third-party development of SCA waveforms and applications for later deployment on target production radio platforms) Advanced wireless communications (government and defence) laboratories conducting research in fields such as: cognitive radio, electronic warfare, and secure SDR waveforms Internal research and development (IR&D) and collaborative research projects (e.g. SBIR, Eurostars) related to advanced wireless communications Academic teaching and laboratory use Independent waveform and application developers creating software IP for the SDR market
  • Spectra DTP4700 - System Configurations 12 The Spectra DTP4700 can be supported with the following hardware configurations: DTP4700 BB - baseband only, Mistral’s AM/DM37x EVM DTP4700 RF - RF to baseband, Mistral’s AM/DM37x + Monsoon Transceiver (400- 4000 MHz frequency range) DTP4700 RFE 400Mhz-4GHz – enclosed version of DTP4700RF in a 1U housing DTP4700 RFE 30MHz-400MHz - enclosed version of DTP4700RF in a 1U housing with frequency range extended to 30 MHz allowing users to access lower MILCOM frequencies
  • Spectra DTP4700 - Hardware Components 13DTP4700 FE DTP4700 BB + RF DTP4700 BB Entry Level System Component DataSoft Mistral AM/DM37x Monsoon Transceiver EVM TX GUI/Display PA DVR TX DAC DDR2 NAND SDRAM FLASH 256 Mbyte 512 MByte(400 MHz DataSoft RF FPGA to Xilinx Sitara AM/DM37x Baseband 4 GHz) Front-end Spartan Data ARM Audio TI C64x Cortex A8 DSP GPP RX LNA LNA RX ADC Ethernet
  • Spectra DTP4700 - Software Stack 14 Productivity Entry Level System Tooling Component Spectra CF Radio Services & Devices Spectra CX Spectra IP Spectra ORB Core ORB Sourcery TI Linux Code Bench “Lite” FPGA DSP GPP RFTX/RX DataSoft DataSoft Audio RF Monsoon Mistral AM/DM37x Hardware Baseband / Front-end Transceiver Data Hardware Ethernet Hardware
  • Spectra DTP4700 – Specification Details
  • Spectra DTP4700 – Details 16 Baseband Specification Radio Frequency (RF) Specification SCA Operating Environment DTP4700 SCA Platform SCA Sample Waveform Typical waveforms (Commercial & Military)
  • Spectra DTP4700 - Baseband Specification 17 DTP4700 BB - Mistral’s AM/DM37x EVM Low cost, easy to use baseband platform based on TI’s Sitara AM/DM 37x multimedia applications processor Advanced 1 GHz Superscaler ARM© Cortex™ - A8 RISC core with a 800 MHz C64x+ DSP core specifically designed for power aware applications OE runs on ARM while the DSP can act as a co-processor for intensive tasks ARM: 2000 Dhrystone MIPS – extremely capable to run the Linux RTOS and to support complex WFs DSP can be fully powered down when not required by ARM Multiple Data and User Interfaces
  • Spectra DTP4700 – RF Specification 18Monsoon is a high performance RFtransceiver that can be added toDTP4700BBCapable of deploying the nextgeneration of commercialwaveformsWill allow SDR developers to workmuch closer to the low-power realtime Sitara AM/DM 37x processorfor truly embedded wirelessapplicationsFeatures Full duplex (FDD, TDD) transceiver architecture Wide RF operating range: 400 MHz to 4000 MHz; covering a variety of wireless protocols Programmable signal BW from 50 KHz to 20 MHz Dual-channel ADCs, 12-bits at 100 Msps Dual-channel DACs, 16-bits at 800 Msps TX: Quadrature Modulator RX: Direct Conversion Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGAs MCSP system for board-level control
  • DTP4700 - SCA Operating Environment 19 DTP4700 provides a complete SCA compliant Operating Environment (OE), including: Linux OS (TI DVSDK 4.02, 2.6.32 kernel) Spectra CF – SCA 2.2.2 ultra low footprint Core Framework Spectra ORB – C and C++ high performance, low footprint CORBA middleware for GPP and DSP based development CORBA support for DTP4700 FPGA processing environment will be available in subsequent DTP releases Spectra COS – Lightweight Common Object Services (Naming, Event & Log) SCA Platform Devices and Services Spectra Core Framework – SCA 2.2.2 Spectra ORB C/C++ Spectra VxWorks 6.8 RTOS TI DSP BIOS IP CORE ORB BSP BSP GPP DSP FPGA
  • DTP4700 – SCA Platform 20 SCA Platform is provided with Spectra DTP4700 Includes a complete set of implementation artefacts for the Platform Devices, including source code, binaries, and SCA XML Two variants of waveform provided: 1. Basic platform for use with DTP4700BB – including GPP, DSP and AudioPort devices 2. Extended platform for use with DTP4700RF – including FPGA and RF devices DTP4700 Platform model also provided for use with Spectra CX
  • DTP4700 - SCA Reference Waveform 21 SCA audio (FM) waveform example provided with DTP4700 Two variants of waveform provided: 1. Simplified version for use with DTP4700BB 2. Complete FM implementation for use with DTP4700RF – can be transmitted and received over the air FM waveform models also provided with Spectra CX
  • Tool Support – Spectra CX 22Spectra CX is an optional “add-on” for DTP4700Provides model-driven development tool that simplifies,accelerates and validates a significant proportion of theSoftware Communications Architecture developmentprocessValidates SCA compliance at the architectural and unittest level.Generates correct-by construction SCA componentstructural source code in C++ (GPP) and C (GPP &DSP) with a roadmap to VHDL code generationGenerates SCA compliant artefacts such as: XMLdescriptor files, compliance test reports and validationdocumentationSCX enables SCA & non-SCA software aspects to bedeveloped together, integrated early and be thoroughlytestedReduces development risk due to its consistent model-based approachResults in a faster time-to-market, lower costs, bettersoftware quality and superior compliance for all SCAwaveform and platform code developed using SCX
  • Spectra DTP4700 - Key Waveform Parameters 23 Parameter DTP4700RF + WB FE Freq Range 400-4000 MHz Signal Bandwidth 20 kHz – 20 MHz Rx Sensitivity -110 dBm Tx Power -10 to +5 dBm (0.1 to 3.2 mW)
  • Spectra DTP4700 - Example Commercial Waveforms 24 Civilian Waveform Band DTP4700 RF+ WB FE DTP4700RFE 30 - 400-4000MHz 400MHz APCO 25 UHF 403-512 MHz  APCO 25 800 MHz 806-870 MHz  Tetra 300-1000 MHz Partial Partial GSM 800, 900, 1800,  1900 MHz WCDMA 2100 MHz  WiMax 2.3, 2.5, 3.5 GHz  802.11 2.4, 3.6 GHz  LTE 704-2700 MHz  US TV Whitespace 470-698 MHz  Europe TV Whitespace 470-790 MHz 
  • Spectra DTP4700 - Example Military Waveforms 25 Civilian Waveform Band DTP4700 RF+ WB FE DTP4700RFE 30 - 400-4000Mhz 400MHz EPLRS 420-450 MHz*  MUOS 240-320 MHz*  HAVEQUICK 225-400 MHz*  SATURN 225-400 MHz*  LINK 16 960-1215 MHz*  LINK 4 225-400 MHz*  LINK 11 225-400 MHz*  UHF AM/FM 225-400 MHz*  SRW 1755-1850 MHz*  WNW 2-2000 MHz** Partial Partial* http://jitc.fhu.disa.mil/jtrs/** http://jitc.fhu.disa.mil/jtrs/ “Exact frequency ranges are been developed by the government”
  • Summary
  • Spectra DTP4700 – Summary 27 Linux based Spectra DTP4700BB provides quick start SCA development at an affordable price Spectra DTP4700BB provides an integrated SCA solution for both GPP & DSP processing environments Spectra DTP4700BB is easily extended to provide a wideband, high- performance baseband and Radio Frequency (RF) Software Defined Radio (SDR) development and test platform Spectra DTP4700 can support the implementation and deployment of the next generation of complex SCA compliant networking waveforms required for both military, homeland security and commercial SDRs. Spectra DTP4700 is the most complete, fully integrated SCA development platform with advanced tooling that can significantly reduce costs and time to market for new SCA applications
  • Spectra DTP4700 - Information & Questions E-mail: info@prismtech.com Web Site: www.prismtech.com/spectra Or contact your PrismTech account manager
  • Thank YouAny Questions?