Spectra CX 3.4 Launch Webcast


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The webcast slides detail the latest upgrade to PrismTech's industry-leading Software Defined Radio (SDR) development tool, Spectra CX v3.4.

Spectra CX v3.4 adds significant new functionality that further boosts the productivity of SDR application and platform developers. In particular,

• The ability to generate Software Communications Architecture (SCA) compliant ANSI C code, which facilitates the development of 'C' language components for deployment on either general purpose processors (GPPs) or digital signal processors (DSPs),
• Increased coverage of Spectra CX's compliance-testing features - for both SCA 2.2.2 waveform applications and SCA 2.2.2 Operating Environments (OEs),
• The generation of compliance reports for SCA components,
• Support for 64-bit host operating systems.

Further information about Spectra CX v3.4 is available at: http://www.prismtech.com/spectra/products/spectra-cx

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Spectra CX 3.4 Launch Webcast

  1. 1. Spectra CX3.4 Launch Webcast
  2. 2. Webcast Overview 2 New Features Demonstration of New Features New Spectra CX Bundling Summary
  3. 3. Spectra SDR Tools Overview 3 Radio Application generate (Waveform) SCA Interface SCA Interface SCA Interface deploy Radio Logical generate PlatformSpectra CX: SCA Interface SCA InterfaceModel-Based SCA InterfaceDevelopment Tool Workbench Windows / Linux / Unix
  4. 4. Spectra CX 3.4 New Features 4 C Code Generator SCA Test Improvements User extensible Increased compliance coverage Reporting RSA 8.0.3 Support 64-bit Linux and Windows Hosts
  5. 5. Spectra C Code Generator 5 Generates ANSI C code for SCA container Generates SCA compliant code making use of Spectra ORB C Edition Support for all SCA components Resource, ResourceFactory, Device, ExecutableDevice, LoadableDevice, Service GPP and DSP Processor support Customizable/extensible build configurations
  6. 6. Spectra CX C Code Generator 6 Implementation Tools Behavior Code Spectra CX Code Generator SCA Component Container
  7. 7. Spectra CX SCA Component Containers 7 DSP/GPP C Business generator Code Spectra CX C SCA Component Container ORB C Transport CORBA
  8. 8. SCA Test 8 Provides and documents a customer extensible framework for unit testing a component Generate test driver for all provides ports and mocks for uses ports Users can add/modify tests Support for automated tests in JTEL SCA 2.2.2 Application Requirements List JTEL SCA 2.2.2 Operating Environment Requirements Report generation Customizable report generation of test execution results
  9. 9. How it Works 9 Component Spectra CX Generates JUnits Compliance Tests Compliance Report (JUnit, Java) Host CORBA Spectra CX SCA Component Target Loader (C++) Under Test Host or Target Instantiates
  10. 10. Compliance Report 10 Test JTEL SpecificationTest Name Result Requirement Reference Compliance reports are customizable with Eclipse BIRT
  11. 11. SCA Component Functional Test Harness 11 Test Component Test Harness Component Model an SCA Generate the test harness Component
  12. 12. Generated Test Harness 12 Leverages target loader technology A fully functioning operating environment is not required to test Extensible test harness and component are 100% generated Straightforward API for expressing expected message sequences and data values
  13. 13. Spectra CX 3.3 Host Support 13 Built on Rational Software Architect 8.0.3 Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit Linux 32-bit and 64-bit variants Selected RSA supported Linux variants – to be specified
  14. 14. Demo Overview 14 Generating C code for an SCA resource Generating SCA compliance test code for a component Generate compliance report
  15. 15. Bundling 15 Spectra CX Bundle Includes Spectra CX Tool C++ Code Generator C Code Generator Test Code Generator Add-ons Platform specific build configuration support Training is additional Annual support and maintenance is additional
  16. 16. New Pricing and Licensing Model 16 Based on project team size IRAD single-seat subscription (max 6 months) Single seat 2-5 team members 6-10 team members 11-20 team members Licenses are not transferable between project, location and/or ownership Provides unlimited usage of Spectra CX within the team
  17. 17. Upgrading to Spectra CX 3.4 17 Spectra CX 3.4 upgrade is included free of charge to customers with a current support contract To upgrade to new pricing model contact your sales representative
  18. 18. Summary 18 New C code generators to support specialized and resource constrained devices Testing capabilities to increase compliance validation of components Testing capabilities to increase productivity of component functional test developers More flexible packaging and pricing model
  19. 19. Further Information 19 For additional information on PrismTech’s Spectra products and services: E-mail: info@prismtech.com Website: www.prismtech.com/spectra