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Magazine evaluation question
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Magazine evaluation question


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  • 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real mediaproducts?
  • 2. Regarding my magazine, it is clear to see how it develops real mediaconventions concerning the layout and the theme of the my magazinecover. The theme of the film is a UK drama based in an urban area, butfinding a magazine that incorporates the same type of and that alsomanages to look respectable, was extremely difficult.
  • 3. The main UK film magazines wereEmpire and Studio. The commontheme in these magazines were thatthey all had a main characterfeaturing in the main as the cover ofthe magazine. This is a goodmarketing tool as it draws people towant to buy the magazine.Especially if it was a character thatthey recognised. So what I decidedto do was to use the main characterin my film and to put them AS thefront page of my magazine.
  • 4. I wanted to present my character as beingsomeone that is so extremely glamorousand very known in the acting world. Justlike they did in Empire magazine andStudio magazine. To do this I dressed heradequately and fashionably because I knewthat is what would draw readers to want tobuy the magazine.Something else that I used in the making ofmy magazine, was the film title. One of themost common film magazines in the worldIs total film. I wanted to use this name formy magazine to make it morerecognised, as the name of the magazine isa great marketing tool.
  • 5. However, the ways in which I challenged real media was with the choice ofclothing that my model wears o the front cover. There were not manyexamples to go by when looking for a magazine of my film genre, so I had toimprovise. I wanted my model to look glamorous, so I looked at differentglamorous models and actors.
  • 6. The pictures I found that stood out to me, were of women models and actors beingclothed in newspaper. This somehow denotes how famous they are. We wanted ourfilm magazine to be unique as possible and to stand out, so I made a piece of clothingfor my model out of newspaper. This demonstrates how we challenged real mediaconventions as it is unexpected that someone that features in the type of trailer wecreated would be clothed this way.
  • 7. Usually film of my theme would not incorporate this type of magazine inany magazine. Many of the films that we looked for inspiration in themaking of our film, did not have the budget to feature in other magazines,which made it hard to find inspiration whilst making the film. However, theinspiration that I found was in fact very helpful and I did take aspects of itwhilst making my magazine cover.
  • 8. Final Magazine