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PrintersPlus - Smart Solutions for Print and Imaging

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PrintersPlus Print Solutions Booklet

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS Message from the President .................1 Find the Right Partner...........................2 Discovery Services ...............................4 Print Rationalization ..............................7 Managed Print Services........................8 Smart Solutions...................................10 Essential Services ...............................11 Going Green........................................12
  2. 2. 1 Message from the President New innovations that optimize how we work can be as exciting as they are overwhelming. Through no fault of our own we assume transformation is difficult. It’s easy to embrace the benefits of transformation, but the desired state seems hard to reach. At PrintersPlus, we make it easy to work smarter. • Do not start fresh! • Stop buying more! • Leverage your existing investments! • Stay away from long-term contracts! Today’s new technologies are designed to work with your existing investments. By modifying your existing set-up, the desired state is easily attained. Make sure you engage the solution provider that built it or a specialist that lives and breathes it. The right partner is all it takes. Collaborate with us! • PrintersPlus best practice approach achieves immediate savings. • PrintersPlus leverages the right vehicles to sell/service print solutions. • PrintersPlus is the largest print and imaging provider to the Government of Canada. The beautiful thing about innovation is that it gives you options. And our goal at PrintersPlus is to highlight the best ones. Change does not have to come with a high price tag. Let us show you how. AleC Milne President, PrintersPlus “The beautiful thing about innovation is that it gives you options.”
  3. 3. 2 If you are spending six minutes to save $1, you are working for LESS than minimum wage! Find The Right Partner A Trusted Advisor The smartest business decision you can make is to hire qualified people. A specialist who can provide sound advice and facilitate your requirements can save you money and help your organization run smoothly and efficiently. Since 1995, PrintersPlus has positioned itself as a market-leading expert in print and imaging solutions. We also have the knowledge and experience gained from providing those solutions in every imaginable environment. An Agnostic Reseller We have yet to come across a manufacturer that perfectly supports every need or found a client who is content with a single-branded solution. This is one of the many reasons why PrintersPlus cultivates strong relationships with leading manufacturers. Choosing a partner that offers choice is critical. Specialists build solutions to support your needs. In order to do this, a multi-vendor approach combined with a manageable solution will not just ensure that every policy, security concern, output requirement or green objective is met, but that savings are realized. DISCOVERY SERVICES • Fleet Audit • Consulting • Data Analysis • Strategy Development FULFILLMENT SERVICES • Hardware Selection (SO) • Software Selection (DISO) • Network Services (TBIPS) GOVERNMENT GREENING • Technology Recycling Programs • Toner Recycling Programs • Carbon Footprint Reduction • Waste Management Services PRINT & IMAGING SERVICES • Call Centre Services • “Spare-in-the-Air” • Warranty & Post Warranty • Remote Management PRINT & IMAGING SOLUTIONS • Print Rationalization • Managed Print • Wireless Printing • Document Capture and Workflow • Secure Printing • Job Accounting • Consumables Management
  4. 4. 3 A Hybrid Solutions Provider As print and copy technology evolves, so do print resellers and copy dealers. The merger of these two hardware-centric business segments created a new type of provider: the hybrid dealer. Leading MPS research experts at Photizo Group describe hybrid dealers as the robust solution provider that emerged from traditional copier dealers and print resellers colliding. Hybrid dealers know about IT infrastructure and specialize in the print and copy world. The value in PrintersPlus lies in these hybrid strengths. We aim to be trusted advisors, offering best practices and unbiased, customer-centric solutions. A Print and Imaging Specialist When hiring for your organization, you look for the best. You demand quality for your network, datacentre and computing operations and the same should apply when reevaluating your imaging and copying needs. A specialist has the ability to look at your existing environment and recognize the equipment that could be re-deployed for improved usage. PrintersPlus is the specialist with proven abilities to reconfigure print fleets for optimal use, and build a plan of attack to start saving your organization money right away. We aim to be trusted advisors with best practices and unbiased, customer-centric solutions.
  5. 5. 4 Discovery Services Build your action plan for office printing, fleet audit, team collaboration, analysis and reporting Getting the most out of your print fleet is easier than you think. With the right system in place, you will see an increase in workflow efficiency; costs will streamline and the reduction of your carbon footprint on the environment will be immediate. However, many organizations do not have an optimal print environment due to: • Inefficient office practices and paper-intensive business processes; • Unnecessary expenses and wasted resources; • Multiple devices for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing; • Too many stand-alone devices; and • Heavy energy use and poor recycling programs. Innovation in the print and copy world has never been at a greater point than it is today. You can start taking account of these challenges now, and achieve optimal performance right away. Discovery Services In the literal sense, PrintersPlus discovers what is right for your environment. Discovery helps us build comprehensive recommendations that support the configuration required today and also prepare for change in future roadmaps. Because we support you from A-to-Z, this can all be done at once. That’s the beauty of working with an agnostic provider that consults, sells and supports your print and imaging needs. Fleet Audit Before PrintersPlus makes any recommendations on a plan best suited to your environment, we’ll vist your office and take account of the physical environment and how users work within it. Getting the most out of your print fleet is easier than you think.
  6. 6. 5 Team Collaboration PrintersPlus will communicate with your teams every step of the way and together we will develop a working standard that is viable for today and for the future. We’ll discuss print, policies and security considerations, green priorities, management requirements, phased deployment options, and technical support considerations. Our team will suggest workflow improvements and vertical solutions – if the need requires – like job accounting for billing purposes or digital-to-digital document transfer to reduce waste and get employees working smarter. Analysis PrintersPlus then analyzes the physical elements, policies and security considerations, and workflow discussions to produce a final report. Our best practice approach is the guide to ensuring every element is uncovered. Reporting Your PrintersPlus Imaging and Print Specialist will then build a comprehensive plan to demonstrate where improvements should be made and savings found. A detailed timeline and phased approach will follow to support every recommendation made. PrintersPlus best practice approach is applied to every recommendation. Our methodology guarantees that every element is considered before developing your print and imaging solution. Our team will suggest workflow improvements and vertical solutions... BEST PRACTICE PROCESS PrintersPlus has a proven methodology and a phased approach. This makes sure every consideration is made, and implementation is non-invasive.
  7. 7. 6 BEFORE*: Desktop Printers = 50 Stand Alone Fax = 6 Printers/MFPs = 20 Total Devices = 76 Approx. Employees = 132 Ratio = 2:1 AFTER*: Desktop Printers = 0 Stand Alone Fax = 0 Smaller B/W MFP = 7 (print/copy/scan/fax) Smaller Colour MFP = 4 (print/copy/scan/fax) Larger Colour MFP = 2 (print/copy/scan/fax) Total Devices = 13 Approx. Employees = 132 Ratio = 10:1 HP 5500 Colour Printer HP 5500 Colour Printer HP 5500 Colour Printer HP 5500 Colour Printer Xerox 5655 MFP Copier Canon 3245 MFP Dell 5100 Colour Printer Lexmark C500 Colour Printer Colour MFP Print/copy/ fax/scan Colour MFP Print/copy/ fax/scan Colour MFP Print/copy/ fax/scan Xerox 7760 Colour Printer HP 4600 Colour Printer T654 Printer Canon 5050 MFP T654 Printer T654 Printer T654 Printer T654 Printer T654 Printer Samsung ML4050 Printer Xerox 7755 Copier Xerox 7755 Copier Samsung ML4050 Printer Fax Fax Fax Fax Fax Fax Colour MFP Print/copy/ fax/scan Colour MFP Print/copy/ fax/scan B/W MFP Print/copy/ fax/scan B/W MFP Print/copy/ fax/scan B/W MFP Print/copy/ fax/scan B/W MFP Print/copy/ fax/scan B/W MFP Print/copy/ fax/scan BEFORE*: Total Cost Per Year: $604,469 Carbon Footprint per year: $59,708 AFTER*: Total Cost Per Year: $290,431 Carbon Footprint per year: $26,144 SAVINGS*: $314,038 per year or 52% T654 Printer T654 Printer *Analysis is based on a 10-floor assessment.
  8. 8. 7 Print Rationalization The Fastest and Most Efficient Way to Achieve Immediate Cost Savings Every day, organizations are looking for ways to reduce costs, get greener and improve workflow. PrintersPlus’ initial discovery will uncover the best way to do this quickly and easily. Our years of experience give us the ability to deliver the right plan customized specifically for you. Print Rationalization is PrintersPlus’ most common recommendation. Also called right-sizing, this solution is typically a reconfiguration of your existing fleet to improve workflow or replace those nearing end-of-life. As Print Rationalization leverages much of your existing fleet and incorporation of new equipment is reduced; changes are made faster, have lower start-up costs, and will reduce technology waste. More often than not our customers have a multi-vendor environment. PrintersPlus is one of the largest suppliers of the leading manufacturer brands, our pricing is competitive and our solutions are based on what you need. We are agnostic so your solution is unbiased. Every recommended solution takes into account each objective discussed during discovery. This means your process of rationalization will achieve common objectives like: • Immediate and long-term print reductions; • Streamlined print operations for improved security; • A predictable way to more efficiently manage your budget; • Freeing up internal resources so they can work on other focus areas; • Productive printer service to minimize downtime and end-user interventions; • Reduced energy consumption through device consolidation; and • Workflow improvements and significant cost saving solutions. We don’t just look at your situation today, we also take into account your future needs. We will find ways to save you money and sustain you for the long term. PrintersPlus is a leader in print rationalization techniques and can deliver the right plan for any customer. We will find ways to save you money and sustain you for the long term.
  9. 9. 8 Managed Print Services Managed Print Services (MPS) is the ‘big boom’ in the print and imaging world today. If you haven’t already heard of it, you will soon enough. Everyone is selling it. Google it and find pages of varying definitions, new breeds of print consultants, different ways to bill, and slick solutions that tout great ways to optimize print fleets. Though this clutter and solution ambiguity, the research firm Photizo Group defines MPS best, “managed print services is the active management and optimization of document output devices and related business processes”. Without a doubt, MPS is the fastest-growing solution in the print and imaging market. There are strong benefits to customers and recurring revenue potential for providers. But while it may be the fastest-growing solution in the print and imaging market, it is important to realize that MPS may not be the best solution for everyone. PrintersPlus recommends MPS solutions to customers when: • IT resources are lacking and outsourcing is requested; • Budgets are consolidated and divisions want an enterprise-wide service; • Vertical solutions are requested that require increased management; and • Unique requirements require a single branded platform. Let’s consider some of the complexities around the MPS model: • A significant organizational change that is relatively high profile in nature; • Hidden costs around the internal labouring required for process support; • Top down stewardship to support change management; • A steep learning curve for users needing to work with the new devices; • Longer wait times for immediate cost savings; and • Added security is required to support remote management. BENEFITS PRINT RATIONALIZATION MANAGED PRINT improve Workflow 4 4 Reduce Waste 4 4 Manage Consumables 4 4 lower Costs 4 4 Decrease Service Downtime 4 4 improve Security 4 Simple Deployment 4 4 Outsourced Management 4 4 Remote Management 4
  10. 10. 9 PrintersPlus typically recommends MPS solutions to corporate customers because the structure of government organizations makes deployment complex. That being said, if your organization wants a managed print service, PrintersPlus can take you there. We know government, the nuances of the procurement system and have security cleared specialists in-house to facilitate an MPS rollout. Regardless of the solution being implemented, PrintersPlus Discovery Service is the first step. A Realistic Approach PrintersPlus has strong ties with the manufacturing community but the recommendations we make are customer-centric. While we appreciate our manufacturers, it is rare that we recommend a single-branded solution. We make use of your existing investments first, focusing on improved workflow and cost reduction. Our Managed Services Approach is simple and supported by around-the-clock management to avoid downtime. Security is at the forefront of any remotely managed IT solution. PrintersPlus leverages an exclusive relationship with a network and security detection manufacturer to make sure there is no risk to your environment.
  11. 11. 10 Smart Solutions to Support Every Print and Imaging Need Whether you decide to rationalize your print fleet or have it completely managed, PrintersPlus still offers solutions to support every process requirement. Document Capture and Workflow Reduce the time, costs and hassle of capturing, managing and securing documents with fast and efficient multi-function devices like all-in-one scanners and printers. Secure and Confidential Printing Using alphanumeric keypads or swipe cards will ensure that confidential information is secure until needed. Printed copies get produced in a secure manner. Job Accounting Get informed on exactly how much your office is spending on printing. Job accounting is an easy way to track usage by users and departments with real-time information. Remote Monitoring and Management Protect your network against vulnerabilities with around-the-clock monitoring and management. Enable your organization to respond to, or prevent, network security issues. Wireless Printing Whether you are running out of the office to catch a flight, putting the finishing touches on a presentation or printing tickets to GTEC, wireless printing is your solution. No longer dependent on device software, wireless printing makes it simple to print emails, web pages, and documents from your tablet or wireless device. Consumables Management Take control of your output supplies by constant monitoring of supply levels combined with timely ordering and delivery.
  12. 12. 11 Essential Services Guardian Support for Investments Made in Imaging and Print PrintersPlus is your printing and imaging solution specialist. Our comprehensive understanding of everything from printing to document management and all related IT products and services, has earned us a reputation for knowing the landscape, for understanding client environments, and for staying innovative and client-centered. PrintersPlus offers a scalable portfolio of services to run and manage your fleet. Tailored to individual organizational requirements, it can complement existing IT services if moving forward with a rationalized plan, or take over full operational responsibility, if a managed service is desired. Our essential services model follows these critical elements: • Optimize: Pro-active service, remote and on-site, automatic delivery of consumables and replacement parts. • Monitor: Continuous supervision of all networked and locally attached devices (managed or otherwise) to monitor the machines' utilization, status and alerts. • Manage: Regular management reports for managed service or otherwise, proactive review meetings, and continuous improvement pursuits. PrintersPlus also offers these dependable and cost-effective national services: • Call Centre Services; • Spare-In-The-Air Warranty Programs; • Consolidated Billing; and • Warranty and Post-Warranty Support. We offer a scalable portfolio of services to run and manage your fleet.
  13. 13. 12 Going Green is Going Mainstream Government is serious about greening, moving from green specs in bids, to departmental initiatives driven by executive leadership, and tied to bottom-line goals. If you have not been tasked with reducing the environmental impact of your print fleet, it’s likely you will be soon. PrintersPlus sees this trend in government departments across Canada. We know that what is good for the environment is good for business and, like you, are concerned about the environmental role technology plays. That is why PrintersPlus is focused on empowering customers to adopt green print practices at work, and pay our earth forward by: Reducing Waste • Cutting Carbon • Recycling Supplies Going green supports the environment and reduces overhead costs too!