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Parent band tour expectations singapore
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Parent band tour expectations singapore


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Tour expectations in Singapore

Tour expectations in Singapore

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  • 1. Edina Concert Band TourGuidelines, Rulesand Expectations2013 Singapore Tour 
  • 3. A GREAT TRIP Superintendent Ric Dressen and his wife Kerry will be accompanying us on the trip The Simons (our travel agents) will be with us and they are well experienced in international tours  They have overseen 20+ international tours  They have visited and previewed all the places we will be visiting  They will be there to guide us through each step of the way Great group of experienced chaperones joining us This is an amazing group of young people to be traveling with- they will be outstanding ambassadors for our school, city, state and country
  • 4. GOALS Thesafety of your son or daughter is always our highest priority. Wewish to offer your student an amazing educational and performance opportunity We hope they have a ‘life long memorable’ cultural and musical exchange.
  • 6. Behavioral expectations of studentsWhile our daily rehearsals and performances are the heart of our curricular band program, touring with the EHS band is an amazing optional enrichment opportunity which has the potential to be extraordinarily rewarding and enriching.The following“Tour Expectations” presentation may seem like common sense items and many are, but having everyone understand the same ground-rules from the start, saves avoidable reminders and misunderstanding and is vital to the success of our tour.
  • 7. Tour ContractWhen students signed up for this tour, both students and parents signed a contract (Parental Consent Form) that in part read –1. I agree to maintain the highest standards of public and private conduct…2. I agree to follow the supervision of my chaperones…and participate in all group activities.3. I will not be allowed to have in my possession or to use alcoholic beverages, tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, or any illegal drugs including marijuana or hallucinogens.Note: any student who has not turned in a Parental Consent Form is not allowed to travel on tour
  • 8. VIOLATIONS OF THE SIGNED CONTRACT.As per Edina School Board and Minnesota State High School League Policy, violation will result in immediate termination of tour and student being sent home – at their own expense. This includes not just consumption, but POSSESSION of any contraband, drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol.(approx. cost of a 1 way trip home from Singapore is $1600)On tour, individuals/families will be responsible for legal consequences of any laws violated.(Singapore law for drug possession is death)This tour is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase the amazing young people in our Edina Band Program.Please have a conversation with your young adult regarding your expectations of behavior while on tour and please support our expectations of behavior.
  • 9. Expectations we covered in class Take Security check points very seriously Shoplifting is a serious offense. Don’t do it! No piercings or tattoes while on tour (forgot to tell the kids this) Honor curfews Honor the chaperones and adults traveling with us No Means No Personality Conflicts (johnny come latelys, whinners, break ups) Make it a whine free tour Stay healthy Leave It Neater Than We Found It Avoid accidents (hotel games, parkour) Get in the habit of double and triple checking you have everything before we leave anywhere (we can’t go back for lost/left items) Arrive early and be patient Be a helper whether you are assigned a job or not Travel in groups and be your brothers keeper It is impossible to cover any and all behavioral expectation with a set of rules. The best suggestion is to use good common sense
  • 11. STAY HEALTHY *GET REST- this isn’t a slumber party *EAT AT EVERY MEAL- you won’t have opportunities to snack at your leisure or when you are feeling run down *DRINK LOTS OF WATER- Stay hydrated! Going from 8° to 80° will be a shock on some systems *SOMEONE WILL GET SICK/HURT- be preventative as much as possible-Orlando story
  • 12. Health stuff We will carry the health forms that were filled out in August We will have a ‘Dr. Mom’ on tour to aid with mild medical issues Write or email Mr. Kile with any updates or changes if you want us to know Asthma/Allergies- keep in mind its tropical and rainforest like We have been in close touch with the School Nurse Students may self administer their own prescription medication and over the counter medicines like advil, tylenol, tums, pepto, etc.
  • 13. Luggage Luggage  each student is allowed one piece of luggage up to 27” or 30” in size but cannot exceed 50 lbs It is recommended all medium to large instruments have a packing strap (luggage strap) Luggage Tags  Please don’t lose your luggage tags or straps  Each student will receive 3 luggage tags 1 for suitcase  1 for instrument  1 for carry on
  • 14. Luggage/InstrumentsInstrumentsTuba- Bari Saxes- Baritones checkedAll other instruments NOT checked, they go on the planeUse packing straps!!Flutes in SuitcasesPercussion- sticks, small instruments will go into carry on suitcases andwill be assignedFolders will go in carry on suitcases and be assignedSome of you might be able to do some light packing in your cases(TUBAS do NOT put anything extra in your cases! You are atmaximum weight. Additional weight will cost you)Suitcases1 suitcase per student (MUST be under 50 lbs!!, 26”, 30” acceptable-L+W+H cannot exceed 62”)1 carry on (instrument)1 backpack  Do not overpack for the plane. Movies and little space
  • 15. Weather Bring a collapsible umbrella! It WILL rain, it WILL drizzle EVERY day. Carry it with you at all times. Don’t bring rain gear. You’ll enjoy the rain, it will be cooling. Wearing rain gear will only make you hotter. Mosquito repellent wipes helpful for the night Safari but not necessary
  • 16. Clothing Singapore is recognized as a formal community Goal is to look uniform and classy; wear your pins at the schools Summer clothes- be comfortable, it will be hot Temp in the 90’s, humidity in the 80’s Casual: Always look respectful but casual is OK.(Shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, etc. It is HOT) Please be sure Pops tshirts get packed, Les Mis shirts get packed, black pants-socks-shoes get packed, concert tux gets packed Dress for Performance Events:- Saturday at TKGS- Pops t-shirt, black pants*or Khaki pants/shorts- Tuesday- SAS- black pants*, green tour polos- Esplanade-Tuxes (green tie/cummberbunds), + Les Miserables shirts, black socks/shoes Don’t load the bus with a winter coat on Bring a swimsuit for beach time, DO NOT bring a towel*black pants implies you also wear black socks, black shoes
  • 17. Neck Wallets/Passports Wear them ALL the time! Don’t’ take it off! It’s not about fashion- it’s an identifier, it’s clearance, etc. Contents: Passport, Passport picture, Tour booklet Don’t lose your little white card!! Care of your passport is VITAL!!!! Every time you get it- put it in your neck wallet A credit card, cash card or gift card is recommended. Only credit cards can be used on the plane. Cash is not exchanged on the plane Cash may be converted at the HotelShow neck wallet, passport picture, white card, etc.
  • 18. Electronics You will need an outlet adapter AND a power converter (220 to 110) Show examples There is a hair dryer in every room Phones generally self manage current - hair curlers, straighteners, crimpers DO NOT Consult your phone provider before bringing your phone on tour!!! You may incur HUGE roaming charges whether you use your phone or not If you choose to bring your phone, don’t forget your charger AND a converter!!
  • 19. Departure Loading Time- 7:30 a.m. sharp we begin loading the busses at EHS Baggage- each student is allowed one piece of luggage up to 27-30” in size and not to exceed 50 lbs Carry ons- please use the Black Bag provided. Encourage your student to pack light!! Students will spend a good deal of time on their feet, encourage smart footwear Before you leave, double check, triple check to make sure you have everything
  • 20. Communication We will be blogging updates to the band website We’ll let you know when we arrive safely and give you updates as the tour progresses If any emergencies or problems arise we will contact you immediately. We will have contact info and medical forms with us No news is good news Filter info from your kids If an emergency arises, you may call Mr. Kile’s cell phone. He will find your student and then return your call. 952-250-3372 The Marina Mandarin Hotel phone: 011-65-6845-1000 Refer to communication half sheet in stapled packet
  • 21. Ambassadors!! Gifts? Take a small token gesture? Encourage tour kids to “reach out”, make friends and be great ambassadors Encourage them to be liberal with their please and thank you’s. Use them frequently and to give them to all!!!! Remindthem not to pack their smiles but wear them at all times
  • 22. For more infoVisit…www. simoneducationaltours.comPacking info, airport check in and much more is allon the website
  • 23. QuestionsIf you have questions feel free to stick around and ask questions or email meLearn more about our tour by visiting the tour website