Ms Valentine ♥ 2012 - Final Round


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Ms Valentine ♥ 2012 - Final Round

  1. 1. Ms Valentine 2013 Here are the Results for Round 1! I have graded each and every outfit and the same criteria and I have given you a Percentageinstead of a grade. (I will put the equals below)Here is what I will be grading you on: Paragraph Explanation Is your outfit ‘inspired’ and Unique? Does your outfit have a edge? What qualities are visible in the outfit? Does everything all together work together?
  2. 2. Entries Received: o Waterfall44 v o SingDanceLove V o Tarra Lynn v o Fashionista Fernanda v o MangoGeek;) v o Think Pink X o TINER V o LilMissSaqqer1 X o *Lightning* V o X_taylor_X X o Blackberry5678 V
  3. 3. My MarkingsWaterfall44WWW: This outfit illustrates avery careful work. There isnothing to change because thisoutfit defines ‘Recreation’. It iseasy to see the outfit youchoose and I think the shoespull it all in and add thatValentine* touch!Ebi: -Score: 10/10 Percentage:100%SingDanceLoveWWW: I think the backgroundis REALLY Carrie and has agreat hip vibe. Greatrecreation!EBI: This outfit has no sort ofjazz or wow. I can see yourrecreation but what have youadded to make it you? It seemsreally basic.Score: 7/10 Percentage: 72%
  4. 4. Tarra LynnWWW: This outfit shows yourtouch as well as recreation. Ireally love the sequin dress withthe jacket and I think the brightpumps complete it. I like howthe tights are slightly patterned.EBI: I think your purse shouldhave been more inspired*Score: 9.6/10 Percentage: 95%Fashionista FermandaWWW: I like the makeupEBI: Where is your inspiration?I would have liked a creativebackground and someaccessories as well as yourown touch.Score: 4/10Percentage: 45%
  5. 5. MangoGeeks;)WWW: I can see your inspiration.EBI: I can see that your bootiesare ‘your own touch’ but I wouldsay that an inspired outfit shouldhave near the same items andcolours. I feel it takes off Carriesstyle. The background does nottell a story!Score: 6/10 Percentage: 68%TINERWWW: I like the statementnecklaceEBI: The outfit feels floppy. I feellike you need to have given yourdiva more of a figure. Right nowit looks like a tank top over askirt you can barely see with acardigan from forever ago.Score: 5/10Percentage: 55%
  6. 6. *Lightning*WWW: I really Love thecombination. I love how youcolor blocked then added atouch of pattern.EBI: Why would Carrie carry Isport bag?Score: 9.6/10Percentage: 95%Blackberry5678WWW: I love the simplicity ofthis outfit. I can still see yourinspiration. Effortless*EBI: Maybe thing aboutaccessorizing. Otherwise10/10Score: 9.9/10Percentage: 99.9%
  7. 7. I’m Sorry…… The following are ELIMINATED. - Fashionista Fermanda - TINER - MangoGeeks;) - SingDanceLoveCongratulations to: Waterfall44 *Lightning* Blackberry5678 Tarra Lynn
  8. 8. Your task is to make a ‘Valentines LookBook’ Your lookbook should include: - 3 Outfits: An inspired outfit: Look Up any ‘Valentine’ inspired outfits of your choice! Please provide a link & try to use skills from previous round! Your Personal style: An outfit based off what you will wear for Valentines Day. Make it realistic Rain Dress used: Use ANY PINK rain dress In her honour! Be creative. Make sure the dress is designed by either: Rhaiin ~Unique&Pink~ I will be marking you on: - Creativity - How realistic - Recreation - Paragraph - Overall appearance - How well everything matched
  9. 9. Please answer these questions whenSubmitting FOR EACH OUTFIT Name: Online links used: What went well: What stands out: Even better if: Do you think THESE outfits all togetherwill earn you Ms Valentine 2013? Good luck & You have Til 11th Feb tosubmit so hurry :D PL30 – Ask any questions if you want :3