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Nollywood Starz pics Omotola Sam Onwuka

  1. 1. Feels Good 2 B Home Yo Click on people's faces in the photo to tag them. From the album: quot;SAM IN ACTIONquot;FROM THE SCRACHquot;quot; by Sam Onwuka AT THE COUNT OF THREE; TAKE!! ur blog source for Afro/Naija lifestyle and culture! Friday, November 24, 2006 New father/singer Seal's new Gap AD Congrats to Seal! He welcomed his second child with supermodel Heidi Klum.
  2. 2. Straight from Heidi Klum's website, posted by Seal: JOHANTO OUR CHILDREN, A BROTHER TO OUR PARENTS, A GRANDSONTO MY WIFE AND I, A SON TO OUR FAMiLY, A BLESSING JOHAN RILEY FYODOR TAIWO SAMUEL WAS BORN AN 11/22/06 AT 17:01 in L.A.WEIGHING 8 LBS 11 OUNCES. HE IS HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL AND LOOKS JUST LIKE HIS MOTHER. SEAL The singer Seal {half Nigerian half British} also appeared in American retailer Gap's new holiday AD campaign. People magazine got the exciting exclusive that supermodel and former Victoria's
  3. 3. Secret star Heidi Klum and singer Seal welcomed their second child together. This would be three children for Heidi and two for Seal.~~~quot;Heidi Klum and her husband, Seal, have welcomed a baby boy, according to the supermodel's Web site. Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel was born Wednesday at 5:01 p.m. in Los Angeles. quot;He is healthy, beautiful and looks just like his mother,quot; according to the post signed by Seal. In announcing the 8 lb. 11 oz. arrival, the new dad wrote, quot;To our children, a brother/ To our parents, a grandson/ To my wife and I, a son/ To our family, a blessing.quot;~~~Congrats to the couple! Read the rest of the article [here] quot;She's a supermodel, designer and host of the hit Bravo show Project Runway, but quot;my favorite (role) is being a mom and wife,quot; says Klum, 32. And she's grateful that husband Seal, 43, constantly takes photos of their son Henry, who turns 6 months old on March 12, and daughter Leni, 22 months. quot;Sometimes it's a hassle to file them away, but I'm glad we have them.quot;
  4. 4. {quote source} {People} Check out Seal performing his hit single, quot;Crazyquot; live when he had hair, lol! Posted by Chi-Chi at 1:40 PM 3 comments Links to this post Wednesday, November 22, 2006 Is 2Face Africa's next Jay-Z?!?! Winner of 2005 MTV Europe Best African act stops by to show us he is a Bobo too. 2Face stated that his new album will be dropping soon as well as a record label and a clothing line. Now thats definitely Bobos style just like Diddy and Jay Z, who is also in town with his girlfriend Beyonce. Let me know know what you think about this video clip. In related news check out 2Face's music video, quot;Nfana Ibagaquot; {No Problem} the beat's catchy. Hope to hear MORE from him in the future... Okay quot;Right Herequot; is a better song than quot;African Queenquot; Posted by Chi-Chi at 2:49 PM 2 comments Links to this post Saturday, November 18, 2006 Oluchi at 2006 Victoria's Secret Show Supermodel Oluchi Onweagba strutting her beautiful Naija self on the runway at the 2006 Victoria's Secret show!
  5. 5. WORK IT MY SISTAH! {Concrete Loop} ~~~ Model Oluchi Onweagba is reflected in a mirror as she gets her hair primped backstage before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, Thursday, Nov. 16, 2006. {Yahoo! News}
  6. 6. Posted by Chi-Chi at 3:35 AM 1 comments Links to this post Friday, November 17, 2006 quot;This Americaquot; stars at quot;Slave Warriorquot; movie premiere. United Artists Assoication founders and quot;This Americaquot; co-stars Sir Citor, Bethels and Oliver Late Thursday night {November 15th} the Nollywood stars of quot;This Americaquot; came together for the first time since their Tribeca premiere to released the Oliver O Mbamara produced-directed-written feature film, quot;Slave Warrior.quot; Feels Good 2 B
  7. 7. Home's Miss Chi Chi was there to give you all the inside scoop of the Brooklyn premiere. The show was held at Medgar Evers College {CUNY} in Megdar Evers College Auditorium. The Medgar Evers College Film & Culture series {shout out to Miles!} presented quot;Slave Warriorquot; to the general public and the CUNY campus. Admission was free. A open mic hosted by MEC Radio DJ '718' jumpstarted the festivites. What the film is all about according to quot;An African student in America travels back in time to his life in 18th century Africa when he was a war hero captured into servitude. Though a captive, he risked his life to save his captors’ clan from the invasion of some ruthless slave-traders, while attempting to rescue his beloved from the chains of slavery. Through this experience he comes to find some answers to some of his present day puzzles.quot; Cast of quot;Slave Warriorquot; Charles Mbamara - Agu {:::SCOOP:::Charles and Oliver are brothers in real-life.} Dan Nkoloagu - Nze Omeudo David Ihesie - Nze Okorie Sir Laz Mbamara Ekejiuba - Ichie Nkowa {::SCOOP::: Oliver's father in real-life.} Fabian Adibe - Nze Ekedibia Regina Askia - Roslyn Here are a few kodak moments of Miss Chi Chi with the stars of quot;This America.quot; Sir Citor {the renaissance man of and Golden Studios Inc.} Bethels Agomoah {he arrived fashionably late with a HUGE entourage!}
  8. 8. Oliver O. Mbamara {the ladies man and yes I'll leave it at that!} Angelina Ada {the always stylishly lady} The funny cab driver {he's the funny man in the group}
  9. 9. ::Rumor Control:: There seems to be some sparks between quot;This Americaquot; co-stars Oliver and Angelina Ada...You be the judge. {FYI: Oliver's status is ladies read some more on how to get in contact with him.} Contact Oliver O Mbamara through either of his official websites... {click on each link to access the sites!} Slave Warrior on Myspace Slave Warrior on the Internet I'll leave you all with this picture I took again with Oliver at his movie premiere...
  10. 10. Fun times I must say. Go catch quot;Slave Warrior!quot; Posted by Chi-Chi at 8:52 AM 1 comments Links to this post Labels: Bethels Agomuoh, exclusive, Naija, Oliver Mbamara, Sir Citor Wednesday, November 15, 2006 Meet actor Gbenga Akinnagbe Some of you may recognize Gbenga Akinnagbe from his supporting roles in TV series, quot;The Wirequot; and quot;Barbershop.quot; Did you know Gbenga use to wrestle before he went into acting?! A complete shocker, isn't it? Gbenga in his quot;Barbershopquot; promo pic...
  11. 11. Gbenga with his co-stars of quot;The Wirequot;... I watched the short-lived TV spinoff to the movie franchise quot;Barbershopquot; only to be annoyed at the portrayal of the African barber {Gbenga played the role.} I was annoyed because I loved the way the movie played the character smoothly out. So I was expecting the same thing nothing more and nothing less for the TV verison only to be disappointed. I can't blame it on Gbenga but I can blame it on poor writing. This is of course my own opinion--hate it or love it. I hope to see more of Gbenga in TV and movie roles. He can be like Djimon Hounsou and better if he's looking in the right direction. {One thing Gbenga shouldn't do is take on another zany African barber role ever again! LOL!} Interested in learning more about Gbenga, aren't you? Read on for Gbenga's official bio from HBO.COM. quot;Gbenga Akinnagbe, legal name Olugbenga Enitan Temitope Akinnagbe, is a first generation American, born in Washington, DC. His parents
  12. 12. and older sister were born in Nigeria. Gbenga is the second oldest of six children, one older sister and four younger brothers. His older sister is pursuing a career in the medical field, one younger brother graduated with a teaching degree, another works in a bio research facility. The youngest are still in school. Gbenga graduated from Bucknell University. He attended on a Wrestling scholarship, and had a dual major in Political Science and English. Wrestling became a passion for Gbenga late in high school. He joined the team his junior year and was recruited division 1 the following year. He went on to become a champion all state and all conference competitor. Wrestling remains a positive force in his life today and he is a volunteer coach at his high school alma mater in Montgomery County in Maryland. This year the Mid-Eastern Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel recognized him with the Trio Achiever Award. This regional award is given to TRIO program alum that embodies the spirit of the program's goal to produce successful individuals. Gbenga is a very spiritual individual, with a strong faith base. He believes in giving back to the community, and that quot;one person can change the world.quot; Gbenga graduated from Bucknell and started working in the congressional affairs department at the Corporation for National Service the federal agency that administers the nations Americorp and other volunteer programs. After becoming interested in acting, Gbenga left his position with the government after earning a role at The Shakespeare theatre in Washington, DC. He went on from there to do theatre projects in the Baltimore and Washington DC area, including such prestigious theatres as the Kennedy Center, and Studio Theatre. He had the opportunity to work with renowned directors Michael Kahn and Reggie Life. Then while taking acting classes in New Jersey he was invited to audition for a reoccurring role in the HBO series quot;The Wire.quot; After completing filming with quot;The Wire,quot; Gbenga moved to New York City, was signed by a manager and began his career in earnest. He's worked at New York's famous Public Theatre, done Shakespeare in the Park, was a series regular on Showtime's quot;Barbershop,quot; and became a lead character on quot;The Wire.quot; Gbenga has a deep interest in the world around him. He enjoys traveling and wishes to see the world as well as learn other languages. He is already fluent in Spanish and proficient in most sports. He constantly works on his own self-improvement and does whatever he can to encourage the preservation of our planet natural resources. quot;{Source} Check out Gbenga at a recent event... pic c/o YBF
  13. 13. Talib Kweli hosted DJ Chaps' b-day party at Stereo in the NYC: Melyssa Ford, Talib Kweli, porn star Heather Hunter and Gbenga Akinnagbe Posted by Chi-Chi at 7:07 PM 12 comments Links to this post Labels: Gbenga Akinnagbe, Naija Naija idiom of the day Enjoy today's idiom pick Naija idiom of the day... · Ekwughiekwu mere onu; anughianu mere nti. [Unspoken, blame the mouth; unheard, blame the ear.] {Source} Posted by Chi-Chi at 6:51 PM 1 comments Links to this post Meet novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  14. 14. The Washington Post Book World crowned Miss Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie quot;the 21st century daughter of Chinua Achebe.quot; This past weekend I stopped by Barnes and Noble to see the latest African American literature, which also happens to be my favorite type of books to read. There Chimamanda's new book, quot;Half of A Yellow Sunquot; caught my attention. I was amazed and happy to see her novel on display. So I picked up her novel to see what it's all about. quot;Half of a Yellow Sunquot; depicts the tales of three individuals {Richard, Ugwu, and Olanna} during the Biafra War. If you're an Nigerian you know how important this war was. The Biafra War was essentially Nigeria's way of fighting its independence way back in 1960. {Nigeria has since become an indepedent nation free of British rule. Nigeria gain its indepedence on October 1, 1960.} Adichie's first novel, quot;Purple Hibiscusquot; won critical praise from Nigerian and non- Nigerian publishers and authors.
  15. 15. Most notably Adichie's first work won acclaim from fellow Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe. The godfather of Nigerian tale Achebe had this to say of Adichie's first work, quot;We do not usually associate wisdom with beginners, but here is a new writer endowed with the gift of ancient storytellers. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie knows what is at stake, and what to do about it. She is fearless, or she would not have taken on the intimidating horror of Nigeria's civil war. Adichie came almost fully made.quot; Prior to Achebe's acknowledgement of her work, Chimamanda used Achebe's poem, quot;Mango Seedingquot; in her novel. Here's the exact citation that Chimamanda used in quot;Half of a Yellow Sunquot;: quot;Today I see it still- Dry, wire-thin in sun and dust of the dry months- headstone on tiny debris of passionate courage.quot; {quot;Mango Seedingquot; from quot;Christmas in Biafra & Other Poemsquot; by Chinua Achebe}
  16. 16. Chimamanda's quot;Purple Hibiscusquot; won the Commonwealth Writer's Prize and the Hurston/Wright Legacy Award. Miss Adichie credits her parents especially her father, Professor Nwoye James Adichie for her writing success. Professor Adichie often says quot;agha ajoka {war is very ugly}quot; whenever he's telling a story about the past to his daughter. Speaking about the past Miss Adichie dedicated her current novel, quot;Half of a Yellow Sunquot; to quot;their memories: ka fa nodu na ndokwa.quot; Contact Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie through her official website [here] quot;Half of A Yellow Sunquot; has its own website [here]
  17. 17. Posted by Chi-Chi at 6:15 PM 1 comments Links to this post Tuesday, November 14, 2006 Naija idiom of the day Check back daily to see a new idiom for the day. Here's one I think it's applicable to many bachelors today.... quot;Okorobia onu-ntu na-egbunye n'akpa ndi ozo.quot; [A chronic bachelor is working for other people.] {Source} Posted by Chi-Chi at 4:39 PM 1 comments Links to this post You Know You're Nigerian This may be old to some but new to many. I laughed so hard when I got this via e-mail. {Thanks Chika!} You Know You're Nigerian ... .... If your name is so long, or so hard to pronounce, that you either have some • quot;Americanizedquot; nickname, or you use your middle name (which is English). If, you know what your name means. •
  18. 18. If you know of anyone (including yourself) that has any of the following names: • Ola, Sade, Bola, Tunji, Ngozi, Uche, Folake, Ifeoma, Tolu, Tunde, Obi, Chioma, Chituru, Chinyere, Adaobi, Nkemi, Onyi, Nneka, Bunmi or Fatima If, names like Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Patience, Peace, • Blessing, God's Will or Mercy sound pretty normal to you. If, rice and stew just isn't the same without plantain (dodo) • If, you would prefer Moin Moin, or Farina (fufu) with soup over McDonalds any • day. If, you have ever treated a cold or sore throat with quot;Pe-pe Soupquot;.. AND IT WORKED!!!!!! If, your parents or relatives have ever disliked someone because of the simple • fact that they were Black American. (for females) If, not being able to cook stew or soup is one of the most major burdens in life. • (another one for females only) If, a Nigerian man who is about 2 or 3 times your age has ever tried to spit • game......eeeeeeewwwwww! If, you have ever gone to a Nigerian quot;get-togetherquot; and made a handful of • money just for dancing. If, the fact that NAS ESCOBAR is half-Naija makes you so damn happy. • If, not properly greeting an elderly Nigerian person has ever gotten you in a load • of trouble. If, you or someone you know has ever been sent to Nigeria because of • behavioral problems, or if your parents have ever threatened to do so. If, 'afrocentric' Americans get on your nerves with those tiger striped outfits. • If, when you were little you got FLOGGED (spanked) by someone who of course • is Nigerian, but is not your parent.. And your parents had their back, instead of yours! (shady huh?) If, you are mad that Musiq Soul Child (even though he's cool) is getting props for • starting the quot;headwrapquot; craze when you or your mom's been doing that since the dino-age. If, your parents own expensive ass lace (like 200-300 dollars for one outfit), and • they act shady when you want money for clothes. If, your parents have ever compared your life here in America to theirs in Nigeria. ( i.e. boarding school, no electricity, fetching water, Nigerian Civil War....etc)
  19. 19. If, when you parents curse you want so bad to laugh, but you don't wanna get • slapped. If, your parents use phrases like quot;Ewhoa, Chineke, Che, Ah-Ah, Yepa! God forbid • or by God's Gracequot;. If, your parents have ever threatened to kill you, break your head, back, or neck, • or to quot;show you pepequot;. If, any Nigerian kid that you known for a long ass time is your quot;cousinquot;. Yeah, • Right! If, you have a relative that owns a quot;shopquot;. Especially if it is a shop that caters mainly to foreigners. If, all of your parents Nigerian friends are your quot;Uncles and Auntie's.. not Aunts • but Aunties. If, when you are around Nigerians your accent either comes outta nowhere, or • becomes thicker. If, you have Naija relatives in Europe (especially London, England) • If, you have a rough estimate of how many Nigerians are at your school. • If, you are friends with someone just because they're Nigerian. • If, you bond with people more from other African countries (Ghana, Sierra Leone, • Gambia, Eritrea, Ethiopia), more than Americans If, you or your parents have some kind of stereotype about another Nigerian • tribe If, you know more than anything that your tribe is the best tribe • If, you know for sure that the Super Eagles are by far the best soccer team in • the world. If, you have ever bought green chucks just to match a shirt that has the Nigerian • flag on it.. GREEN WHITE GREEN! If, you know anyone with dark ass hands and a bright ass face. I wont tell if you • wont! If, you attend or have visited a predominantly Nigerian church. credit: Kudos to whomever made this list! Posted by Chi-Chi at 5:46 AM 1 comments Links to this post Labels: Naija
  20. 20. You Know You're African When... U KNOW U ARE AFRICAN WHEN!! * U're people drink becks, Guiness, or Heineken * Uve gotten money from the adults 4 dancin at a party. * All the elder people pronounce R (ara) Ex: R. Kelly (Ara Kelly) * Ur parents add O to tha end of every sentence: Shutup-O! * * Get me water-O! * Being peppered is the worse punishment of all * You call every body thats older than u Uncle or aunty even * * when your not related to them *** Ur parents talk TOO loud on the phone ! * U get calls at 3 in tha morning from relatives from Africa askin 4 money * You have done atleast 50 sets of quot;Pump Tiresquot; in your childhood life * Your parents watch those movies from quot;back homequot; all the time * There is always rice or fufu in ur house * Ur parents wanna call ur name but they call all ur siblings first b4 they get it rite! * Your party starts at 9pm and everyone comes at 12am (African Time) * U've had a family member stay ova at your house 4 TOO long * You meet new family members everyyday * You dont like African politics * When ur parents threaten to send u back home when u misbehave
  21. 21. * U point at something with ur lips * The men in your family get into arguments because of politics * Your parents pronounce Z (zed) * Maggie is a main ingredient to your food. * You have at least 20 african arts in your house * quot;Hehquot; or quot;Ehehquot; is a part of family vocab credit: Kudos to the individual(s) behind this fun list! Posted by Chi-Chi at 5:42 AM 3 comments Links to this post Labels: Naija Monday, November 13, 2006 NAIJA VERSION OF THE CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP This is NO end to this madness.... quot;NAIJA VERSION OF THE CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP!!!!! Fufu & okra soup Fufu & okra soup Fufu & okra soup wit a Fanta on the side O let it draw and Swallow it (2x) O let it draw and Swallow it (2x) I was making Okra soup wit a Goat meat-in Took my fufu out and pounded- it Brother came out... i Look left then He like... yo I want some of dat too!! O let it draw and Swallow it (2x) O let it draw and Swallow it(2x) And lets eat it lets eat it lets eat it(3x) O let it draw and swallow it (2x) O let it draw and swallow it (2x) Fufu and okra soup Fufu and okra soup Fufu and okra soup with a Fanta on the side(2x) ALL THE NATIONS(African Nations) Swallow it (fufu) TIV TOWN Swallow it (fufu) IGBO TOWN swallow it(fufu) YORUBA TOWN swallow it HAUSA SIDE swallow it CALABAR SIDE swallow it DELTA/RIVER SIDE swallow it now lets EAT IT, LETS EAT IT, LETS EAT IT, lets eat it quot;
  22. 22. Now here's the play to watch Or watch it [here] Posted by Chi-Chi at 7:00 PM 3 comments Links to this post Nnenna and Keenyah on the runway! quot;America's Next Top Modelquot; alum Nnenna and Keenyah were spotted on the runaway last week at the 9th Annunal Chocolate Show in New York. WORK IT LADIES! {click on the picture to see it bigger} {spotted at Crunk & Disorderly} Posted by Chi-Chi at 6:02 PM 1 comments Links to this post Reminisice Artwork
  23. 23. Nigerian artwork has been in existence for the past 2000 years. Each time I visted the local museums in the city I am amazed by the amount of diligence, time, effort and detail given to wooden artwork drew up by our Nigerian ancestors. Naijia woodart is a popular form to advertise or show off in your living room. {ie. The Cosby Show and Girlfriends all have woodart displayed in their living rooms.} Here's the pick of the day from the Yorubas... ~~~ I discovered this Yoruba mask art work from quot;Remnants of Ritualquot; which has a collection of African art. {see today's artwork above} quot;Masks known as Gelede are utilized by the Efe/Gelede Association among the western Yoruba. This society honors quot;the mothersquot; in relation to female ancestors and deities. An interesting duality exists, however, in that Gelede is also an anti- witchcraft society and, at the same time, is thought to have close affiliations to witchcraft itself. Here, the power of the mother in her role of birthing and life- giving is contrasted with the concept of the power of elderly women and witchcraft, thus giving and taking life, health or illness. This particular mask,
  24. 24. carved from one piece of wood, may represent a young woman, bringing her goods to marketplace.quot; {Source} Posted by Chi-Chi at 5:49 PM 1 comments Links to this post Naija idiom of the day Each day I'll select a popular Naija idiom as the pick for the day. Here's the first pick: · Ula towa uto, ekwowe ya ekwowe. [When sleep becomes enjoyable, we snore.] {Source} Posted by Chi-Chi at 5:45 PM 2 comments Links to this post Get to Know Miss Chi Chi I just realized I haven't really introduced myself to you all since my first post. quot;Self-proclaimed celeb entertainment news junkiequot; is how I described myself these days. I am a award-nominated entertainment news journalist. {I use to write for
  25. 25. my college's paper as their entertainment news editor for four years.} I decided to share my love for celebrity entertainment news into a blog. I plan on expaning this blog into an lucrative and daily online celeb news magazine. Drawing upon that and also my experience working in the video promotions department of Interscope A&M Geffen I launched my first blog, Platform Launch Action in July 2006. When I attended the Nigerian Independence Parade this past October I decided to launch my second blog, Feels Good 2 B Home, which caters to Nigerian lifestyle and culture. Earlier this month I launched my third (and hopefully final) blog, Throwback Terrace which hightlights then and now music videos. Prior to my blogging days I graduated from college with a BA/MA in Corporate Communications this past May---a huge accomplishment of mine's. Blogging is something I look forwad to do daily and I love the good (and bad) feedback I've been getting ever since. I'm proud of my Nigerian heritage and I had to share it with each person who ever visited my blog. Any news, gossip, pictures, questions, love & hate e-mail you have contact me here... For all ads inquiries contact me at... Add me as your myspace friend... Add me as your my blog log contact... Frequent Q&A's Why are you called Miss Chi Chi? Miss Chi Chi is a name that drew upon as inspiration from Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Diddy and Eminem. These artists all have a hip and sassy nickname I figured why not called myself, the nickname my grandfather calls me quot;Chi Chiquot; but then I realized quot;Chi Chiquot; is looks sort of plain so I added quot;Missquot; to the front of Chi Chi to give a more feminine appeal. Why is your blog called quot;Feels Good 2 B Home?quot; The name of this blog came to me while I was listening to Kanye West's song, quot;Touch the Skyquot; one day on the radio. I'm kept nodding my head when Kanye echoed, quot;Feels Good 2 B Home, huh?quot; over and over again. I said to myself in that particular moment, quot;that's PERFECT! I'll call my new blog, quot;Feels Good 2 B Home.quot;
  26. 26. Feels Good 2 B Home covers my Nigerian heritage which is something quite big that I feel needs its own blog to cover. {} How can I become a link on your blogroll? It's quite simple. I added those who covers similar topics or simply blogs that I feel is entertaining. You can e-mail me at to link exchange. Why have two other blogs? PlatformLaunchAction is my first daily blog which covers celeb entertainment news, gossip, films, fashion, hot spots and much more. Throwback Terrace is something fresh covering then and now music videos at the reader's discretion! {} Since Platform Launch Action focuses primarily on celebrity entertainment news I didn't want my readers to get confused...content wised. Posted by Chi-Chi at 5:36 PM 1 comments Links to this post Thursday, November 09, 2006 Nnenna and Eva at quot;My Model Looks Better Than Your Modelquot; red carpet event!
  27. 27. Fellow quot;America's Next Top Modelquot; alum Nnenna {she was on cycle 6} came out to support ANTM star winner Eva Pigford's new TV project last night at Eva's series premiere red carpet party. Eva is the executive producer for her BET J show, quot;My Model Looks Better Than Your Model.quot; Posted by Chi-Chi at 10:51 PM 1 comments Links to this post Monday, November 06, 2006 Lola Ogunnaike faces off Against Arthel Neville for Star Jones' Slot on quot;The Viewquot;!
  28. 28. Lola Oguinnake is a star correspondent for major publications like quot;The New York Timesquot; and quot;Vibequot; magazine. She's interviewed stars like Usher and many others in the past. Lola has her eyes on replacing Star Jones on quot;The View.quot; As you know Barbra Walters cannot be on every episode/taping of her executive-produced daytime talk show. quot;The Viewquot; is quite interesting to watch if you enjoy co-hosts Rosie O'Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselback fight over liberal/conservative hot topics. {Editor's Note: I couldn't find any picture of Lola online so that's why I'm using quot;The Viewquot; cast picture instead.} ~ quot;Exclusive Lola Ogunnaike, meet your competition. Sure, The View has welcomed a string of black women to fill in for Star Jones' as-yet-unfilled seat. Like One Life To Live's Renee Goldsberry, whose June appearance was among the first auditions in the producers' quest to find quot;the new black lady.quot; But this week-including right now, in fact; turn on your TVs-The View is welcoming Arthel Neville of Geraldo At Large. (And, in case you're wondering, yes: She's the daughter of Arthur Neville.) She guest co-hosted yesterday's show as well. Unlike the currently suspended New York Times Style reporter Ogunnaike, we're told Neville's bosses at the Fox News Channel gave her permission-even encouragement-to try out for the show. An ABC insider, meanwhile, tattles to us that although View producers (which include exec producer and co-host Barbara Walters) were pleased with Ogunnaike's performance, they're quite enamored with
  29. 29. Neville. We're told her prior TV experience gives her a huge leg up: She launched Extra, has served as a producer and talent on E!, and has a string of sitcom appearances padding her IMDb profile. She joined FNC in March as Geraldo's West Coast chief and, from what we understand, is well liked around Rupert Murdoch's camp. Continues our ABC source: quot;Perhaps most importantly, she's getting along with Rosie [O'Donnell]. Not sure how Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] feels about her, but if Rosie likes her, then Barbara likes her, and that's all that matters.quot; With Ogunnaike on indefinite suspension from the Times, we can only imagine she's spending her afternoons dialing View producers, wondering when they're having her on again. Her evenings, meanwhile, are devoted to sticking pins in her Neville voodoo doll.quot; {Source} Posted by Chi-Chi at 6:21 AM 0 comments Links to this post Sunday, November 05, 2006 Meet Megalyn Echikunwoke::hot new actress!
  30. 30. Megalyn Echikunwoke is a young aspiring actress. You may recognize her from her current supporting roles in the sci-fi series, quot;The 4400quot; or the FOX hit, quot;That '70s Show.quot; Echikunwoke has made her mark in television appearing on popular sitcoms like quot;Buffy the Vampire Slayerquot;, quot;Boston Publicquot;, quot;ERquot;, quot;The Steve Harvey Showquot;, quot;Veronica Marsquot;, and quot;What I Like About You.quot;
  31. 31. Fun Facts about Megalyn: quot;Grew up on a Navajo Indian Reservation in Chinle, Arizona. Loves to sing and is passionate about pursuing a career in music, as well. Other hobbies include surfing, dancing and traveling. Her last name is Nigerian and it means quot;leader of menquot;. She is half Nigerian. Has a brother nicknamed Miki.quot; {source: IMDB} Posted by Chi-Chi at 10:54 PM 2 comments Links to this post Labels: Megalyn Echikunwoke, Naija Thursday, November 02, 2006 Meet Ngo Okafor, hot new model!
  32. 32. For all you soap opera fans you may recognize Ngo Okafor from his guest stint on quot;All My Children.quot; If you didn't see him on there don't worry I found the video clip on his official myspace profile. Click play to watch Ngo in action... NGO MAKES A GUEST APPEARANCE ON ALL MY CHILDREN Click Play to watch Ngo on All My Children Ngo on MySpace Ngo is the Nigerian verison to Tyson Beckford and Tyrese Gibson. Check him out with some of his model and celebrity friends... Lil' Kim
  33. 33. Giselle
  34. 34. Monique {he appeared in her movie, quot;Phat Girlz}
  35. 35. He recently graced the cover of African Vibes magazine.
  36. 36. For more on Ngo be sure to check out his official website, Ngo for life! Add him as your MySpace Friend here! {pic credit: Ngo's Official MySpace Page} Posted by Chi-Chi at 7:20 PM 1 comments Links to this post John Legend used to date a Nigerian model named Tayo
  37. 37. I spotted this over at Juiicy Scoop. I am cheesing because he used to roll with a Nigerian chick... quot;A while back he was linked to Nigerian Tayo Otiti. Rumor has it that although it was a very aggressive relationship, Tayo's agent excessively publicized their romance because she saw it as a good opportunity for Tayo to get more showbiz exposure.quot; {pic credit: Juiicy Scoop} Posted by Chi-Chi at 3:48 PM 0 comments Links to this post J.Lo coming to Nigeria!
  38. 38. quot;Information reaching Nigerian newspaper The Weekend Tide's Entertainment desk indicates that come December, 2006, sensational singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez (J.LO) will be coming to Nigeria in December for a musical performance.It was also gathered that an event promotion company in conjunction with a foremost bottling company in Nigeria is putting together this December show that will feature other American musical stars who are yet to be named.The spokesperson for the event promotion company who spoke on condition of anonymity said quot;the loose ends of the deal have not been tied but as soon as that is done the whole thing will be made publicquot;.quot;What I can assure you now is that J.LO has agreed to come to Nigeria and if nothing happens along the line to change that decision, you will definitely have J.LO here in December, I cannot say
  39. 39. precisely when in December, but all things being equal, she will be herequot;, he said.quot;{Source} Posted by Chi-Chi at 2:12 PM 0 comments Links to this post December 2006 October 2006 Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)