PRINCE2 Foundation


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23rd-25 April 2012, The Gardens Hotel, MYR4300

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PRINCE2 Foundation

  1. 1. PRINCE2 Foundation APRIL 23-25, 2012 DURATION VENUE PRE-REQUISITESThis is an intensive three The Gardens Hotel & Delegates should have anday course leading to the Residences understanding of project PRINCE2® Foundation management butexamination which takes Mid Valley City knowledge of PRINCE2® place on the final day. Lingkaran Syed Putra is NOT required 59200 Kuala Lumpur
  2. 2. AStructured project management means managing theproject in a logical, organised way, following definedsteps. A structured project management method is thewritten description of this logical, organised approach,PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is astructured project management method.So, PRINCE2® is a method for managing projects. Ithelps you work out who should be involved and whatthey will be responsible for. It gives you a set ofprocesses to work through and explains what Binformation you should be gathering along the way. ButPRINCE2® doesn’t do the work for you; it cannotguarantee your projects will be successful. Goodprojects, which deliver quality results, on-time and withinbudget are dependent on the capability of peopleinvolved from Project Board down to individual teammembers.This course conforms to the syllabus for those delegateswishing to gain PRINCE2® Foundation levelcertification. C 2
  3. 3. EXAMINATION• Multiple-choice• One hour duration • Closed-book• 75 questions• Minimum of 38 correct answers to pass• Closed book A B D CCOURSE CONTENTThis course follows the syllabus set down by the APMGroup, including:• The process based approach• Project governance• Roles & responsibilities• Product based planning and levels of plans• Project controls & tolerance• Management of risk• Configuration management & change control• Quality management• Support services & commercial partnerships 3
  4. 4. REGISTRATIONThere are 3 ways forparticipants to register:• Visit• Call 03-22870506• Fax your registration to 22877513 REGISTRATION FEEThe registration feeincludes the following:• £ 220 examination fee• £ 60 for PRINCE2: 2009 Official Manual from OGC Fee Per Person RM 4, 300 Group of 3 - 4 Fee per person RM 4, 100 Group of 5 or more Fee per person RM 3, 900 PRINCE2®  is  a  Registered  Trade  Mark  of  the  Office  of  Government  Commerce  in   the  United  Kingdom  and   other  countries.   The  Swirl  logo™  is  a  Trade   Mark  of  the  Office  of   Government  Commerce.
  5. 5. COURSE REGISTRATION FORMCOURSE NAME: PRINCE2 FOUNDATIONCOURSE CODE: P2/F/2/2012 LOCATION: KUALA LUMPUR DATES: April 23-25, 2012ORGANISATION:POSTAL ADDRESS:CITY: STATE:POST CODE: COUNTRY: PHONE: FAX: EACH CANDIDATE SHALL COMPLETE SEPARATE FORMSDELEGATE NAME: E-MAIL:AUTHORISED BY: SIGNATURE:DIETARY REQUIREMENTS:ANY OTHER SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS (I.E. DELEGATE WITH SOME FORM OF DISABILITY)HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THIS PROGRAM?IF YOU LIKE THE INVOICE TO BE DIRECTLY SENT TO THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PAYMENT PLEASE INDICATEBELOWNAME: POSITION:CONTACT NUMBER: E-MAIL:CANCELLATIONS POLICYFor Cancellations two months or more prior to the course start date, 90% of the fee will be refunded.For Cancellations between one and two months prior to the course start date, 60% of the fee will be refunded.No refunds are possible for cancellations received within one month of the course start date or “no shows”.RETURN THE COMPLETED FORM TOGETHER WITH PAYMENT BY:Fax: 00-603-22877513Email: prince2@mfqasia.comPost: 5-11 The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA