The crystals and sculpture


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crystal artistic and sculpture made in Italia

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The crystals and sculpture

  1. 1. The Crystalsand sculptures ofFranca Franchi
  2. 2. WORKS
  3. 3. Crystal table with underlying work(190x100 cm)
  4. 4. Water Crystal, 2009 - Fragments of mirror and glass on wood, 130x185 cm
  5. 5. Crystal “Preghiera alle Bahamas”, 2009Fragments of mirror and glass on wood, 123x187 cm
  6. 6. Water crystal, 2009Fragments of mirror, glassand crystal on wood,83x38 cm
  7. 7. Water crystal, 2009InstallationFragments of mirror, glass and stones oncrystal, 71x40 cm
  8. 8. Crystal “Il confine”, 2009InstallationFragments of mirror, crystal andglass on crystal - 100x40 cm
  9. 9. Crystal “Il mio mondo”, 2011SculptureCrystal, mirror and paint, 30x32x35 cm
  10. 10. Crystal “Vele”, 2011SculptureCrystal, mirror and paint, 28x33x45 cm
  11. 11. Sculptures to wear
  12. 12. ParureSteel necklace with pendant made ofmirror, crystal and Murano glass on the silverbase (Diameter 13 cm - Height 8 cm)Mirror, crystal and Murano glass brooch onthe steel base (Length 7 cm )Crystal, mirror and Murano glass ring on thesilver base (Length 3,5 cm )
  13. 13. ParureSteel necklace with pendant made of mirroron the brass base (Diameter 13 cm - Height 6 cm)Mirror brooch on the brass base (Lenght 6 cm)
  14. 14. Steel necklace with pendantmade of mirror, crystal andMurano glass on the steel base(Diameter 13 cm - Height 10 cm)
  15. 15. Steel necklace with pendant made of mirrorand crystal on the silver base (Diameter 13 cm -Height 7 cm)
  16. 16. Steel necklace with pendant made of mirror,crystal and venetian gold on the steel base(Diameter 13 cm - Height 9 cm)
  17. 17. Living sculptures
  18. 18. Crystal table with underlying work(160x80 cm)
  19. 19. Floor lamp off (185x16 cm)
  20. 20. Floor lamp on (185x16 cm)
  21. 21. Table lamp off (27x20 cm)
  22. 22. Table lamp on (27x20cm)
  23. 23. Crystal tablemat (40x30 cm)
  24. 24. Crystal tablemats (40x30 cm)
  25. 25. ABOUT THE ARTISTFranca Franchi was born in 1961 in Piacenza (Italy), where she works. She lives in thecountryside outside the city. She attended the traditional Classical LanguageGrammar School there, and later took a degree in Law, and has now been workingas a lawyer for more than twenty years.Her artistic talents, which during her adolescence were expressed in painting, forwhich she was awarded prizes (some of which by the Ricci Oddi Gallery Of ModernArt, Piacenza), were until recently channelled mainly into interior design, with thecreation of living spaces in a variety of difference residences.In 2008, while continuing in her career as a lawyer, she took up artistic work again,finding inspiration in the fascinating theory of a Japanese scientist which consider theinfluence of human words on water through vibration, and the energy originatingfrom the words themselves, which in certain conditions bring about the creation ofhighly harmonic water crystals. This was the inspiration behind the realization of theartist’s “crystals”, though she distances herself figuratively in her own artisticcompositions from the water crystals so superbly photographed in the work of thescientist.The artist uses exclusively waste mirror and glass for her work. At the heat of herartistic development lies the search for harmony, and the striving towards harmony istherefore manifested in the resulting artistic composition.Franca Franchi has participated in an increasing number of exhibitions over the lastyears both in Italy and in foreign countries (Dubai - United Arab Emirates, New York -USA, France).