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Choosing Colors For Your Business Card Design
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Choosing Colors For Your Business Card Design


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Designing a business card in more than choosing the paper stock and adding some text. It's about making it appeal to customers and grab their attention. How do you do that? Choosing the color during …

Designing a business card in more than choosing the paper stock and adding some text. It's about making it appeal to customers and grab their attention. How do you do that? Choosing the color during the design process. It's an important part of the design process that can be easily overlooked. Learn how important color can be during this process and the meaning of some of the more popular colors. Tell us your favorite color combinations.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Choosing Colors for Your Business Card
  • 2. Making a first impression is very important. Graphic designers who specialize in designing business cards and additional business marketing materials understand the importance of colors. ! How do you make your business card stand out among competitors? Take a look at the color wheel and determine which colors go well with each other and the colors to stay away from. Color is very important. Below you will find helpful tips on how to select the best colors when designing your business cards and other printed business materials.
  • 3. Triadic Color Scheme ! This color scheme uses three colors that have an equal margarine around the color wheel. These colors tend to be vibrant and a high degree of contrast making them retain the harmony of the colors. Many designers use this scheme as it offers a clean, balanced and contrast making the business card a well-rounded look.To create this scheme, choose one color (base color) the two colors that are equally apart located on the color wheel.
  • 4. Monochromatic Color Scheme ! This color scheme is easy on the eyes, creating a soothing effect. Some of the soothing colors include blue and green. This color scheme uses variations in lightness and saturation of a chosen color. It’s a popular scheme among designers as it often offers a clean and elegant look. It’s also easy to use and this scheme doesn’t require a large amount of knowledge about the color wheel. It’s often used for business card of a highly professional nature as it symbolizes strength and stability.
  • 5. Complementary Color Scheme ! This color scheme is the most striking as it uses two opposite colors from the color wheel.An example of choosing opposite colors may include purple and green. Using this scheme can make your business cards jump out with the use of bold and fun colors. But be careful, sometimes choosing this scheme can actually ward off customers if the colors clash and don’t mix well. !
  • 6. Analogous Color Scheme ! This scheme uses colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. This involves usually three colors that are next to each other. ! There are two types.You have cool and warm colors. Example of cool colors can be green, blue and violet.Warm colors may include red, orange and yellow. So, the purpose of this scheme is to convey either a warn feeling or a cold feeling.
  • 7. There are additional color schemes, but choosing one of the above schemes will help you or a graphic designer create an effective business card.Take time and experiment with the colors and ask for others to view before settling on the final color design. ! Contact us today, and let our graphic designers design your business cards, brochures, EDDM postcards, Flyers or posters. !
  • 8. The Variety of Colors ! Have you ever wondered what the colors mean and how they can relate to your business card design? Below you will find common colors and what they actually mean. ! ! ! ! !
  • 9. The Color Red ! Red can invoke warmth and it’s commonly referred to as a bold color. Most fast food restaurants include the color red because research says it can stimulate the appetite. Red is also associated with emotions such as rage, passion and romance. Others have described red as being associated with danger and excitement and is one of the most powerful colors. !
  • 10. The Color Yellow ! The benefit of incorporating yellow into your business card design, it’s easy on the eyes and stands out. It’s one of the most visibly colors and it’s usually the color we will notice first when combined with other colors. ! Yellow is considered a stimulating color and it’s used in products that are for kids or products that make people happy.
  • 11. The Color Orange ! Orange is a cheerful color but it can also symbolize excitement and caution. Orange is an ideal color when a business wants a customer to act now! When used in designing an EDDM postcards or flyers, orange can be used for the call-to-action button. It’s a great color to grab the attention of customers and is ideal for highlighting the most important element of your print design.
  • 12. The Color Black ! Black is primarily linked with exclusivity, power and elegance. When properly incorporated into a business card design, designers understand it can help elevate another color to a new level - possibly becoming the main focus of the card. ! ! ! !
  • 13. The Color Brown ! This color is described as strong and a solid color - considered masculine. Brown can be printed with any color, if printed by itself, it can be described as boring or dull. ! It’s related to the earth, nutrition, goodness and health. Brown is also a comforting color with characteristics including honest, approachable and friendly. !
  • 14. As you can see, there are a variety of colors to choose from and they all offer different characteristics. If you need help designing your business card or other printed materials, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you and answer any of your questions. ! Complete our sample packet form to receive a free sample packet featuring a variety of our printed business cards and card stocks. !