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Miracle 2004 for my teams and groups class

Miracle 2004 for my teams and groups class

Published in: Sports

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  • 1. Miracle 2004 Produced by Mark Ciardi Directed by Gavin O’Connor Walt Disney Pictures
  • 2. Conflict • Domestic • International
  • 3. Conflict - Domestic • Team Members – Bickering • Verbal release of tension – Aggression • Physical release of tension – Competition • Striving for the same goal and unaware of each other – Misplaced • Their problem should have been with their team working abilities, not each other • Herb and Patti Brooks – True Conflict • Different goals and means for Herb’s involvement in his family – Bickering • Verbal release of tension
  • 4. Conflict - International Soviet and American tension due to the Cold War • True Conflict – Seeking different ends and means – Perceived Interference • Aggression – Physical release of tension • Competition – Striving for the same rewards
  • 5. Decision Making Process • Decision Making Process for the Team
  • 6. Decision Making Process • Individualistic Decision Making Process – Has little to do with leadership type Requirements: – isolated individuals – independently deciding on a course of action – No interaction and consultation from others
  • 7. Dynamics of the Group • Dynamics of the Coaches • Dynamics of the Team
  • 8. Dynamics of the Coaches • Herb Brooks was the change agent • Very complacent and assured coaches • External pressure amongst the coaches against Herb Brooks
  • 9. Dynamics of the Team • Darwinian • Didn’t trust each other or the coach • Unusually young team, even for professional athletes
  • 10. Dynamics of the Team – Mike Eruzione • Resident Phoenix • “I play for USA” • 3rd foot • Humble captain on and off the ice
  • 11. Goals • Goals of the Coaches • Goals of the Team
  • 12. Goals of the Coaches • The Other Coaches “vs.” Herb Brooks • Hockey game vs. Revolution • Press machine “Have it all” team vs. Successful team • Galaxy of superstars vs. a functioning solar system
  • 13. Interdependence • Interdependence of the Coaches • Interdependence of the Team
  • 14. Interdependence of the Coaches – Herb Brooks • Herb Brooks – democratic leader • Did his homework on each player • Looks for the right ones, not the best ones • More likely to play bad cop
  • 15. Interdependence of the Coaches – Other Coaches • Other Coaches • Looked for the best, not so much the right ones • Dealt with policy and bureaucracy – media and liaisons from the NHL and the Olympics • More inclined to play good cop with the team
  • 16. Interdependence of the Team • Being skillful but “covering” each others’ spots • Working on their own with drills and psychological profiles and tests