2 Reasons Why Your Sales Team May be Broken


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The sales support model of having an Inside Sales/Business Development Representative support your Outside Sales/Account Executive is flawed. The two make an inherently inefficient team.

Find out why the traditional sales team structure fails to meet its goals, and how to fix it.

Read more at http://blog.prialto.com/sales-team-broken/

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2 Reasons Why Your Sales Team May be Broken

  1. 1. Sales Team Fail 2 Reasons Why the AE/BDR Relationship Can’t Be Successful
  2. 2. The Traditional Sales Model Beth the Business Development Rep has to find and create 7 new opportunities for Adam each month. Adam the Account Executive works out in the field, pitching and closing sales deals to meet his annual quota and make commissions. For every deal they find and close together, Adam makes 10% and Beth makes 1% commission
  3. 3. Issue 1 Conflicting Goals
  4. 4. BDR Goal = Multiple Leads Doesn’t really matter… • if the leads ever close • if the potential deal is small The BDR needs to stuff as many deals into the pipeline as possible. AE Goal = Quota Doesn’t really matter… • how many transactions it takes • how long it takes to get there The AE only wants to include well-qualified, likely-to-close deals in the pipeline.
  5. 5. Issue 2 Brevity of the Sweet Spot
  6. 6. Months 1 to 3 Learning & Ramping Up The average BDR stays in the role for 12-14 months. Months 4 to 11 Adding consistent value in the role Months 11 to Promotion Burnout, Starting to close their own deals & Senioritis The AE gets a new BDR every year, with just 6-8 months of real support
  7. 7. The Result Does the Traditional Sales Model Meet Its Goals?
  8. 8. Goal3: SupportAEs Not Achieved BDRs are too focused on hitting their monthly quotas to assist AEs with scheduling, CRM managements, and other admin. As a result, the AE spends valuable time on these support functions instead of on selling the product. Goal 1: Groom New AEs Partly Achieved Still, BDRs often realize that a promotion to Junior AE would result in a lower base salary than going to another company. Goal 2: Develop Business Partly Achieved Most of the deals that a BDR is attached to would have probably found their way into the AE’s pipeline regardless, but maybe not as quickly.
  9. 9. What kind of support do sales reps actually need and use? Click here to find out
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