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  • Lastly, once you have syndicated your content [based on your keywords] You will want to create an RSS feed to gain maximum exposure for your link wheel. As a final step, rinse and repeat this process as you add new quality content to your link wheel.


  • 1. Search Engine Optimization Know the secret world
  • 2.  
  • 3. Google panda which ‘scores’ websites on their content and user-experience. Google came up with its  panda update  a few months back and several website owners and bloggers saw major changes in search engine rankings for their keywords. The  panda update aimed at removing highly placed low quality sites from search engines and replacing them with sites with high quality content.  Social media plays a much larger role in SEO. Unique and original content is no longer limited to keywords in the title tag and in the body. Google is now looking at how shareable and interesting your content is
  • 4.  
  • 5.
    • Structure content so visitors can easily find what they want.
    • Clearly display all contact details, privacy policy, T&Cs, secure payment information.
    • Update & distribute content regularly. Engage with people and participate in social networks.
    Do not overload on ads. One of the best SEO tips you can get in the new Google Panda system is to lessen your ads. These income-generation opportunities can be too much of a hindrance. Google wants to see that you’re generating authoritative content. Its new algorithm puts a low score on content scrapers who prioritize the ads more. This lets the search engine cross out sites that live just for the ad revenues.
  • 6. Engagement metrics are the time a visitor spends on a page, the bounce rate and page view per visit. Panda also focus’s on user data metrics for ranking. Metrics such as:
    • What is your bounce rate
    • How long do visitors spend on each page they visit?
    • Do vistors browse to other pages on your website?
    • Where are visitors coming from to your website?
    The Google algorithm now focus more on the visitor experience on a web page to determine its ranking, rather than the traditional On Page factors and Off Page Factors.
  • 7. Outbound links are the links to other Websites from your Websites If your Website has relevant outbound links then the chances of good search engine ranking.
  • 8. Google now uses social signals from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, bookmarking sites and more to influence rankings. Google Panda realizes that if they want to be #1, they need to become a social site. That’s why Google introduced Google plus, they are now even indexing Facebook comments and showing them in search results. Social activity on your website has now a powerful voting power on ranking your website. Consider putting some follow us on twitter, like us on face and other social networking services More likes & +1 means more people are recommending the site so it gain in search results page.
  • 9. The number of backlinks to a website is a prime indication of it’s popularity and importance. Search engines often use the number of backlinks that a website has as one of the most important factors for determining that website's search engine ranking
  • 10. The design structure of the sites now also one of the major ranking factor. The website should be well structured so that a user can easily navigate through the website to get the required information. All the information should be easily accessible. Building a good URL structure that’s easy to follow for both users and search engines content displayed in a very readable format
    • Do not use frames
    • Do not have an entirely FLASH homepage
    • Do not use image maps as the only method of navigation
    • Don’t use too many ads
    Make site with clear Hierarchy and text links Search engine results are no longer based simply on keywords and how often you use them – site design is finally playing a role.
  • 11. Google will be removing bad content and allowing good content to rank higher. It is important that the content on every page of your website is of high quality.  Any poor quality content may need to be re-written to ensure it is well-written, useful and relevant for your visitors. The content should be unique, relevant and informative. Google wants you to always add new content.  When you do this, Google knows that your site is “active.” 
  • 12.  
  • 13.
    • Evaluate all the content on your web pages, and if possible, improve the overall quality of your page on your domain
    • Remove low-quality pages that are with thin content from your domain
    • Make use of robots.text to block Google’s Bot from scrolling your pages that might appear as duplicate content
    • Avoid too much of advertising on any particular page
    • Focus on your site speed in search engines, because this is also an important factor for higher ranking according to Panda
    • Make the effort to contribute value to the web through your website, in the form of frequently published resources, information, guides, images, videos, or whatever.
    • Try ensuring that you include some meaningful textual content (related to the images) along with your photo/video galleries.
    • Try using the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to direct traffic to your business site and build up your brand presence.
    • Avoid Web Pages with Flash because the flash content is not easily read by the Google Bots and this cannot decide the quality of the page.
  • 14. On Page Factors Off Page Factors Combination
  • 15. On Page Factors Google Panda update is more about On-Page factors than Off-Page factors. One of the biggest issue has been thin content pages or duplicate content pages that make the right or left panels of any website.
  • 16.  
  • 17.
    • Create unique and quality user friendly ‘Content’.
    • Put your keyword phrase in the first paragraph
    • Customized ‘URL Structure’ based on targeted keywords.
    • Write unique ‘Title Tags’ for each page.
    • Create related ‘Description Tags’ for each page.
    • Put related ‘Meta Keywords’ for pages.
    • Fix proper ‘Alt Tags’ for Images.
    • Create Headings ‘Header Tags’ (H1 to H6).
    • Make strong ‘Internal Linking Structure’.
    • W3C validation
    • Stepup ‘Webmaster Tools’.
    • Install ‘Google Analytics’.
    • Create ‘XML Sitemap’ for Search Engines.
    • Setup ‘Robots.txt’ and block unnecessary files to avoid duplication and crawl errors.
    • Visitor Sitemap i.e ‘HTML Sitemap’.
    • Fix ‘Canonical Issues’ through 301 redirect.
    • Customized ’404 Page’.
    • Redirect ‘broken links & 404 errors’ through 301 redirect.
    • User Friendly Navigation.
    • Site ‘Loading Speed’.
    On Page Main Factors
  • 18. Off Page Factors If Content is King, then Links are Queen The main off-page SEO factor is origin of links from other websites to your webpage. the number of incoming links to your website that determines its ranking on the search engine. 
  • 19.
    • - Directories - Blog comments (that don’t use “no follow”) - Trackback Links (Linking to other blogs from within your blog posts) - Free blogs - Guest books - Social media profiles
    • - Social media posts - Forums (in posts, signatures, and profiles) - Q&A Sites and Wikis (Yahoo Answers, Google Groups, Wikipedia, etc.) - RSS feeds (submit to aggregators) - Bookmarking - Free classified ad sites
  • 21.
    • Contextual links from same niche, high authority websites.
    • 1 Link from a PR 3 page = 90+ PR1 links, so don’t only think of quantity but of quality too
    • Edu links – links from edu sites still carry some weight and you should add them to the mix.
    • Use Variety of Links: Always create links of various types Like Forum Posting, Blog Posting, Article Submission, Bookmarking, Audio- Video Submission etc
    • An in crease in rss feed subscribers will generally result from an in crease in visitors to your sites
  • 22.
    • The Plan
  • 23.
    • (Process 1) Keyword Research and Analysis
          • Complete Keyword Research
          • Keyword Finalize by Client
          • Keywords Targeted for Improvement 
    •   (Process 2) Website Analysis
          • Detailed Website Analysis
          • Competitive Analysis
          • Website / URL Structure Analysis
          • Content Analysis
          • Traffic Source Analysis
    •   (Process 3) Website Audit
          • Website Page Load Time Check
          • HTML Code Optimization (W3C Compliance)
          • *Only for Static Websites
          • Broken Links + Error Page + Duplicate Content Check
          • Website Indexing + Redirecting Issues Check
          • Initial Ranking Report
    • Process 4) On Page Optimization -1
      • Meta Tag Creation & Optimization
      • Heading Tags Optimization
      • Canonicalization for Duplicate Pages
      • Content Optimization
      • Image Optimization
      • *Only for Static Websites
      • Internal Link Optimization
  • 24.
    • (Process 5) On Page Optimization -2
      • Google Analytics Setup & Monitoring
      • Google + Yahoo + Bing Webmaster Setup
      • Robots.txt Optimization
      • Google XML Sitemap Creation & Regular Updation
      • Rss XML Sitemap Creation
    •   (Process 6) Off Page Optimization       
      • Search Engine Submission
      • Manual Directory Submission
      • Social Bookmarking
      • Classified Ads Posting
      • Article Creation
      • Article Submission
      • Press Release Submission
      • Blog Creation(Free Platforms like Blogger, Wordpress)
      • Blog Posts
      • Forum Posting
      • Only for Available Niches
      • Video Promotion
      • Blog commenting
      • Rss Submission
    •   (Process 7) Report Status       
      • Monthly Keyword Ranking Report
      • Monthly Work Status Report (Detailed)
      • Traffic Status Report (Google Analytics)
      • Client Support
  • 25. Link Building Team Team of Experienced Link Builders. Unique Quality Backlinks Each Week. Trusted Directories and Industry Related Websites. Generats Traffic and passes off Link Juice to Your Website.
  • 26. Writing Team Team of Experienced Writers. Articles Written about: Your Products/Services, Helpful Advise, Interesting News, Viral (Share worthy) Content. Incorporating Anchor Text that matches the Keywords chosen in original Strategy.
  • 27. Distribution Team Place Content all over the Internet. Indexed and Link Juice passed to your Website. Search Engines recognise what your site is about and begin ranking you highly in industry searches.
  • 28.
    • Thank You
    Prageeth Acharya Search Engine Executive Ph no : +919773187508