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  • 1. Skin & Hair Research at the University of Bradford Prof. Des J Tobin Director of Medical Biosciences School of Life Sciences Personal Care Program Meeting (Yorkshire Chemical Focus Ltd.) Cedar Court, Wakefield. October 12, 2007
  • 2. Main Research Themes Cutaneous Biology (Skin & Hair) Neurosciences Vascular Biology Toxicology (Genetic/Reproductive; Natural Products)
  • 3. Cutaneous Biology Human Epidermis Human Hair Bulb 2nd Largest Academic Research Unit in Britain Plastic Surgery Institute of Team & Burns Unit Pigmentary 13 Academics (+ 3 Hon.) Prof. David Sharpe Disorders Prof. Karin Schallreuter 10 Post-Doctoral RAs 2 Plastic Surgery Fellows 16 PhD Students
  • 4. Skin Sciences - UoB Academic staff
  • 5. Cutaneous Biologists: Dr N Botchkareva, PhD (Hair Follicle growth & Pigmentation) (Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences – Ex-Senior Scientist P&G) Dr S Britland PhD (Wound healing and Point of Care therapeutics) (Reader in Cell Biology – Consultant for AGT Life Sciences) Prof. VA Randall PhD (Androgen-regulation of hair growth) (Prof. of Biomedical Sciences) Dr AM Snelling PhD (Skin Microbiology – infection control) (Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology – PZ Cussons, PALL) Dr MJ Thornton PhD (Estrogens and Skin/Hair Follicle) (Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences) Prof. DJ Tobin PhD (Hair growth and pigmentation) (Professor of Cell Biology – Unilever, P&G, Reckitt Benckiser, DSM) Prof. AJ Thody PhD (Endocrinology of Skin pigmentation) (Prof. Emeritus of Experimental Dermatology – Stiefel Labs. Inc) Prof. JM Wood PhD (Biochemistry of Skin pigmentation) (Prof. Emeritus of Medical Biochemistry – Stiefel Labs Inc.)
  • 6. Clinician/Scientists in Skin: Prof. VA Botchkarev MD, PhD (Skin development/ Carcinogenesis) (Prof. of Cutaneous Biology – Ex-Boston Sch. of Medicine) Prof. KU Schallreuter MD (Skin Pigmentation in Health & Disease) (Prof. of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology – endowed chair by Stiefel Laboratories Inc.). Physical/Biological Chemistry/Biopharmaceutics: Dr M Bonner (Transdermal Delivery) Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Technology Dr A Nicolaou (Bioactive lipid function/lipidomics in skin/ UVR) Reader in Biological Chemistry - Lipid function In silico – Computational Modeling Prof. J Anwar (Lipid membranes & drug penetration enhancement Prof. of Computational Pharmaceutical Science (Unilever)
  • 7. Sex Hormones & Human Skin Estrogens Cultured skin cells have estrogen Estrogens promote wound receptors (brown) healing (Diabetic foot ulcer) Normal skin homeostasis Wound Healing Wound healing in Diabetes Pigmentation & Melanoma Dr M Julie Thornton Hair Growth Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences Tel: (01274)235517 Email:
  • 8. Sex Hormones & Human Skin Androgens (testosterone) Balding, Acne etc. (new arrival ‘Syntopix’ @ IPI) Prof. Valerie A Randall Professor of Biomedical Sciences Tel: (01274)233574 Email:
  • 9. Skin Development, Regeneration & Carcinogenesis Skin development Carcinogenesis Chemotherapy-induced Hair loss Prof. Vladimir A Botchkarev Professor of Cutaneous Biology Tel: (01274)233499 Email:
  • 10. Skin & Hair Pigmentation
  • 11. Treatment of Pigmentary Disorders Repigmentation of vitiligo after reduction of facial vitiligo after reduction of H2O2 with pseudocatalase PC -KUS Prof. Karin U Schallreuter Professor of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Tel: (01274)233527 Email: Institute for Pigmentary Disorders in Association with University of Greifswald/Germany and University of Bradford Clinical and Experimental Dermatology Bradford, BD7 1DP, UK
  • 12. Melanocytes as Proxy for Neurons in neurodegeneration Prof. Desmond J Tobin Professor of Cell Biology; Tel (01274)233585 Email: Can we preferentially regulate Skin vs Hair Colour? EMc HFMc Prof. Desmond J Tobin Professor of Cell Biology; Tel (01274)233585 Email:
  • 13. Hair Follicle Fibroblasts contribute to Wound Healing Hair follicle-derived fibroblasts: Preferred wound-healing cells Dr Steve T Britland Dr M Julie Thornton Reader in Pharmacology Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences Tel: (01274)234695 Tel: (01274)235517 Email: Email: Modulation of Wound Healing Prof. Desmond J Tobin by HF fibroblasts, maggot Professor of Cell Biology; enzyme (@ AGT) etc. Tel (01274)233585 Email: Hair Growth Inhibition - In vitro test models Prof. Desmond J Tobin Professor of Cell Biology; Tel (01274)233585 Email:
  • 14. Medical Microbiology Dr Anna M Snelling Senior Lecturer in Microbiology Tel: (01274)235933 Email:
  • 15. Genetic & Reproductive Studies The UV Sensitivity Diagnostic Test – Melanoma Patents filed Prof Diana Anderson Professor of Biomedical Sciences Tel: (01274)233569 Email:
  • 16. In silico – Computational Modeling of Skin & Biomembranes Prof. J Anwar (Lipid membranes & drug penetration enhancement Prof. Jamshed Anwar Prof. of Computational Pharmaceutical Science Telephone: (01274) 236145 Email:
  • 17. Trans-dermal Delivery Biopharmaceutics: Drugs delivered via topical/ transdermal. Circumvent skin barrier via chemical/ electrical methods to maximise bioavailability of drugs via skin, and promote delivery of challenging molecules via this route Potential for drug delivery by ut/staff/individual/176/ ‘shunt route’ in skin (hair follicles Dr Michael Bonner and sweat glands). Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Technology Tel: (01274) 233219 Augmentation of skin barrier Email: for the prevention of water loss.
  • 18. Polymer Center of Industrial Collaboration/ Interdisciplinary Research Centre [School of EDT (incl. Bradford Engineering Consultancy)] One of Britain’s largest polymer centres for research into advanced polymer processing with main activities within Chemicals and Plastics-related sectors Comprehensive Rheological Characterisation expertise and facilities, to evaluate and develop the properties of topical creams/liquids/gels etc. Rheological evaluation of skin cream under a wide range of conditions, possible mechanical/chemical interactions with the polymers used for the dispenser and physical performance of the delivery system. Fibre processing to produce highly specified polymer filaments /arrays (with tailored mechanical properties and dimensional control) most useful for development of toothbrush head technology (oral care). Dr J McGrath Tel: (01274) 233624 E-mail: Commercial Manager - Polymer CIC
  • 19. Forensics & Bioarcheology of Hair Hair: Contains diet, status, ethnicity, identity data etc. Dr Andrew Wilson Lecturer in Archaeological Sciences Tel: (01274) 235351 Email: