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  1. 1. SELDOC South East London Doctors’ Co-operative Mo Girach Chief Executive
  2. 2. Presentation Overview  SELDOC  New GP Contract  Response/PCT  Communication with members  Implications  Working with PCTs  Service Costs  Organisational Changes  New Businesses  Future and opportunities
  3. 3. SELDOC  DOH Accredited OOH organisation  Integrated with NHSD SE – ‘Saturday Club Integration’  Exemplar site for ‘Technical Links’ – ‘Hub’  Clinical governance in place with PRP (two lay persons)  Enhanced service for violent patients  Part of Liftco Project at Dulwich Development  Member of Co-op UK  CSSC link with Local Mental Health Trust  ‘Business Link’/Learning and Skills Council  Financially robust and sound  Presidium Cover – 24 hours  OOH Social Worker (Mental Health)  Base at local A&E
  4. 4. New GP Contract New GP Contract Not a Threat ‘An Opportunity’ Why? →  High quality/standard of care OOH care  Robust clinical governance in place  Excellent value for money  Highly competitive  Loyalty of GP members  Disciplined ‘organisation’
  5. 5. Implications of New GP Contract  PCT as commissioning not GP members  Provide Saturday morning cover  Additional cover from 6.30pm to 8.00am  Securing adequate funding → ‘cost of service’  Manpower – skill mix  Opt-in or Opt-out retain service members via PCT So – What did we do?
  6. 6. What did we do? ‘A Dossier’ (Pros/cons of Opt-in/out) 15 Council Members Discussion/Inform Constituents Members  Communication/Communication/Communication  Joint questionnaire with LMC re: Opt-in/Opt-out  Estimated 70 to 80% GPs will opt-in
  7. 7. Working with 3 PCTS  Relatively good relationship  Commenced work very early  Accreditation of SELDOC So how did PCT and SELDOC work on OOH Care?  Jointly with SELDOC and other OOH providers – PCT → service specification  Close working with A&E  Skill Mix  Integration with NHSD  Part of Urgent Care System/Whole System Approach  PCT → ‘not formal tendering process’ → SELDOC responded fully and appropriately ‘Preferred Provider Status’ Quality SLA Monitoring Meeting
  8. 8. How much does the service cost  Current membership - £1.00 per patient per year  Cost of Items of Service - Advice – FREE Base Visit - £28.30 Home Visit - £44.70  GP Rates: Weekdays - £60.00/£100 Weekends - £75.00/£100 Bank Holidays - £90.00/£150 Standbys - £49.00/£98  Cost per Patient → approx £3.00 per patient (Excellent Value for Money)
  9. 9. Change of Name ‘On Call’ dropped ‘Co-operative’ South East London Doctors’ Co-operative Co-operative Values (true example of Social Enterprise) Change of Memorandum & Articles to include other members (public, staff, local partners) and asset lock.
  10. 10. Diversification from Core Business  GP and Nurses Locum Service  Bulk Purchasing  Flu Vaccines  Latex Gloves  Paper Towels  Travel Clinic  GPwSpI (Sexual Health/Dermatology/A&E)  GPs in A&E  Call Centre e.g. Calls for Police Surgeons, etc.  Cars lease out (in hours)
  11. 11. So – What next for SELDOC?  Further exploratory work in:  Further joint working with local PCTs  GP Beds – owned/managed by GPs  Nursing Homes?  Interpreting Service  GP Practices → Mutual/Co-operative  Chronic Disease Management Clinics  Specialist Nurse Clinics And so on……….