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Position Description

  1. 1. Lara Kim October 27, 2009 N523 Position Description Position Title: Dermatology Certified Nurse Practitioner (DCNP) General description: A Family Nurse Practitioner with a specialization in dermatology to work in collaboration with board-certified dermatologists providing direct care to patients of all ages. Health care organization: A small-scale, busy clinic specializing in medical and surgical skin care as well as cosmetic skin treatments and procedures. Location of position in the organization: The DCNP will work in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of dermatologists, physician assistants, and licensed estheticians. The team will provide the DCNP with guidance and mentorship; however, the DCNP will function in an autonomous role. The DCNP reports to the clinic administrator, a Registered Nurse. Population served: Seattle metropolitan area. Patients are predominantly white adults. According to 1999 and 2000 U.S. Census Bureau data, the largest minority group is Asian, comprising 13.1% of the population. Only 12% of the population is over the age of 65 and 11.8% of the population is below poverty level. Of all adults over the age of 25, 47.2% hold a bachelor’s degree. Minimal qualifications: • Current Registered Nurse license to practice in WA state • Current Family Nurse Practitioner license to practice in WA state • Master’s or Doctoral degree in nursing • Dermatology Certified Nurse Practitioner • Current CPR/BLS certification • HIV/AIDS course • 3 years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner in dermatology Responsibilities: • Act as a leader in preventative health education for patients • Collect and analyze patient health data • Order, interpret and evaluate diagnostic tests • Determine diagnoses and develop a plan of care defining prescribed medications and/or treatment to attain expected outcomes • Deliver care per clinic protocol and in accordance with the NP scope of practice • Evaluate patient progress toward the attainment of set goals and outcomes • Evaluate personal nursing practice in relation to professional practice standards
  2. 2. • Participate in continuing education opportunities provided by the clinic • Contribute toward the professional development of peers, colleagues and other members of the health care team • Help foster an environment that is respectful, professional and in accordance with the nursing codes of ethics • Use evidence-based research findings in practice • Consider factors related to safety, effectiveness and cost in planning and delivering patient care Accountability mechanisms: The DCNP is an autonomous role, working within a multidisciplinary team, and reporting to the clinic administrator. The DCNP will practice in accordance with standards set by the Dermatology Nursing Certification Board (a member of the American Board of Nursing Specialties), and within the scope of a Family Nurse Practitioner set forth by the state of Washington. Philosophy: The DCNP will function under a holistic nursing model of care. Core organizational values supported by the DCNP include respect for all patients and co- workers, honesty, trust, beneficence, and justice. The DCNP will strive to deliver quality care to all patients Competencies for the advanced nursing role 1. Health promotion, health protection, disease prevention, and treatment: The DCNP will serve as a leader in preventative health education and care for patients at the clinic. Acting as the “go-to-person,” the DCNP will design and implement quarterly health promotion campaigns to focus on issues affecting the clinic’s patients. The DCNP will participate in chart reviews to determine topics of greatest need. Quarterly campaign examples: • Design a sun protection promotional leaflet to be distributed at the clinic • Organize a “Free Skin Screening Clinic” to take place on a Saturday, and rally clinic employees to participate 2. Nurse-patient relationship: With a nursing background, the DCNP is a true patient advocate. With lengthened appointment times, the DCNP is enabled to build stronger nurse-patient relationships and focus on issues of importance to the individual. The DCNP will utilize nursing theory to aid in the understanding of patients’ needs. The DCNP will also utilize therapeutic communication techniques during all patient interactions. 3. Teaching-coaching: The DCNP will act as a teacher and coach to patients and members of the healthcare team. Education examples:
  3. 3. • The DCNP will present the results of quarterly health promotion campaigns at yearly seminars in which the clinic staff participate • The DCNP will utilize time during each patient appointment to focus on teaching healthy skin habits • The DCNP will participate in mentoring programs with area schools • The DCNP will organize continuing education activities for the healthcare team 4. Professional role: The DCNP will serve as a role-model in the community and within the clinic for excellence in practice. As a master’s prepared nurse, the DCNP brings professionalism, responsibility, and integrity to the table. The DCNP will work equally well in a team environment as she does in an autonomous role. Professional role examples: • The DCNP will participate in professional nursing organizations to assert her commitment to the profession • The DCNP will support and/or participate in research initiatives to further nursing’s’ unique body of knowledge • The DCNP will adhere to ethical standards at all times • The DCNP will take advantage of educational opportunities to further her personal knowledge • The DCNP will act as a service-oriented advocate to all patients, regardless of finances 5. Managing and negotiating health care delivery systems: The DCNP will aid in the reduction of costs to both patients and the clinic by conserving resources. The DCNP will act as a member of the safety committee within the clinic to determine and maintain regulatory standards. The DCNP will engage in a collaborative relationship with her patient’s primary care providers in order to provide consistent, complimentary care. 6. Monitoring and ensuring the quality of health care practice: The DCNP will ensure a high quality of care for all her patients. Quality assurance examples: • Participate in evidence-based nursing practice • Strive to improve health through implementation and evaluation of health promotion campaigns 7. Cultural competence: Serving as a patient advocate, the DCNP will practice in a culturally competent manner. The DCNP will work to eliminate cultural and language barriers at the clinic. Cultural competence examples: • The DCNP will provide professional translators when a language barrier exists
  4. 4. • The DCNP will collaborate with various cultural centers in the area to determine skin care needs and issues for various ethnic/racial groups in order to design promotional activities • The DCNP will educate herself regarding cultural norms of the community’s largest minority groups in able to understand the needs of these patients. Work schedule: The DCNP is a 0.8 FTE position. The clinic is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The clinic will be closed on all national holidays. The DCNP will work Monday through Thursday. Three days per week will be spent in direct patient care. The DCNP is allotted 25 minutes per patient appointment, in order to allow for health promotional teaching. One day per week will be spent planning and developing quarterly clinic health promotional activities and other clinic educational and patient- focused activities. The DCNP is available to answer urgent patient questions after hours via a clinic pager system. Potential contributions to the organization: The DCNP will benefit the clinic by providing holistic, patient-centered nursing care. In addition, the DCNP will enable the clinic to assume a socially responsible role through the design and delivery of innovative and effective health promotion campaigns. The DCNP will bring a unique philosophy and skill set to the table, both influencing and complementing the healthcare team. .