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  • 1. 1 NOAH S. SCHEINFELD, JD, MD, FAAD 150 West 55th Street NYC NY 10019 (212) 991-6490 (Office) (646) 695-1011 (Fax) Employment/Academic & Hospital Appointments 09/06-now PRIVATE DERMATOLOGY PRACTICE 150 West 55th Street, NYC NY 9/06-8/07 DEPT. OF DERMATOLOGY NEW YORK MEDICAL COLLEGE- METROPOLITIAN HOSPITAL, NYC, NY Attending-Dermatology (part time) 7/01-now DEPT. OF DERMATOLOGY, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, NYC, NY Ass’t Clinical Professor (non salaried). 7/01-8/06 full time DEPT. OF DERMATOLOGY, ST-LUKE’S-ROOSEVELT HOSPITAL CENTER 9/06-now voluntary / BETH ISRAEL MEDICAL CENTER, NYEEI. NYC, NY –Ass’t Attending/ Director Dermatology Consultation Service-Beth Israel Med Center/St Lukes Roosevelt Hosp Center. 7/98-6/01 DERM DIV., ALBERT EINSTEIN COL. MED., Bronx, NY-Dermatology Resident 7/97-6/98 SAINT VINCENTS MEDICAL CENTER, NYC, NY-Medical Intern 2/92-8/93 LAW FIRM OF DAVID SCHEINFELD, NYC, NY-Associate Attorney 9/89-1/92 JONES DAY REAVIS & POGUE, NYC, NY-Associate Attorney Education 9/03-08/04 ACKERMAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOPATHOLOGY. NYC NY-Fellowship (part time) 8/93-5/97 YALE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, New Haven CT- M.D. 1997 Researched signal transduction in Yale Department of Dermatology; Member, Human Investigation Committee of Yale Medical School. Thesis-“The Legal Duties of Patients To Doctors” 9/86-6/89 HARVARD LAW SCHOOL, Cambridge MA-J.D. 1989 Book review editor, Journal of Law & Public Policy; Pre-law tutor & U.S. history teaching assistant, Harvard College; Mediator small claims court. Thesis-“Copyright Law and the Berne Convention” 9/85-5/86 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, NYC NY-M.A. history (pending) 1986 Thesis-“Organized Labor & Immigration 1945-65” 9/82-5/85 COLUMBIA COLLEGE, NYC NY-B.A. history 1985 magna cum laude (graduated in 3 years) Phi Beta Kappa, Harry J. Carman Fellow-(Columbia GSAS Fellowship), Lehman Fellow-(NYS Fellowship), Dean’s List (all semesters) Board Certification Dermatology (12/00), Pediatric Dermatology (11/06)-American Board of Dermatology Licensure N.Y.S Medical License # 211528 Assistant Editor:Skinmed, Emedicine, Skin & Aging, Amer J Clinical Derm, J Derm Therapy, Cortlandt Forum, Clinics in Dermatology Associate Editor: Cutis, Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, Dermatology Online Journal Columnist: Skin & Aging (Law), Skinmed (Medical Therapy), J of Drugs in Dermatology (Schools in Pharmacology)
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