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How to Become a Medical Partner (PowerPoint Presentation)






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How to Become a Medical Partner (PowerPoint Presentation) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Med Help International (a non-profit organization) Bringing people together with the best medical organizations and experts in the world, via the Internet ~ since 1994... www.medhelp.org 6300 No. Wickham Rd.* Suite 130, PMB# 188 * Melbourne, Florida 32940 Telephone: 321-259-7505 * Email: staff@medhelp.org
  • 2. Mission Statement
    • Med Help International is dedicated to leveling the playing field , by giving everyone with an Internet connection, access to leading medical experts and information .
    • Our continuous flow of s tate-of-the-art information and support will:
      • Give sick people access to the best medical experts and organizations, in order to help them make informed treatment decisions, within the short time lines dictated by their illness or disease.
      • Give people in rural areas, access to the highest quality medical information & support.
      • Empower people to make healthier lifestyle choices by offering them high quality medical information and support.
  • 3. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Cynthia G. Thompson, Co-Founder & President Philip T. Garfinkel, Co-Founder & Vice~President Ronald T. Fogel, M.D., Director & Chairman, Medical Advisory Board ( Department Chairman, Gastroenterology, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI ) William R. Gombeski, Jr., Director (Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Yale~New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT ) Althea G. Thomas, Director (Research Scientist, Pediatric Brain Tumors, Children’s Hospital, Columbus, OH)
  • 4.  
  • 5.
    • In late 1994, Med Help International pioneered the field of consumer health information on the Internet, offering the very first searchable, consumer-health library on the World Wide Web. 
    • Med Help is one of the most trusted and honored sources for consumer health information, since the inception of the World Wide Web.
    • Since our Ask the Expert Forums began in 1997, medical professionals working with Med Help Int’l. have answered more than 33,000 questions for people all over the world.
    • Med Help’s website comes up at or near the top of most major search engines. This drives millions of new people to our website each year.  (SEE: Search Engine Placement on slides 11 & 12)
    • Med Help International’s website now welcomes more than 700,000 unique visitors every month . Visitors who rely on us to give them the best medical information and support.
    • Med Help International is proud to be one of only 70 organizations ( worldwide ) licensed to distribute the National Cancer Institute’s CancerNet database.
  • 6. An Electronic Journal of the Med Help International Recognized by the U.S. Department of State For Their Work In Consumer Health Information and Support “ Med Help International: Where There's a Doctor on the Web” The full article can be viewed on the US Department of State’s website: http://usinfo.state.gov/journals/itgic/1100/ijge/gj05.htm Med Help is proud to be the only medical website referenced on the US Dept. of State’s Global Issues website .
  • 7. Excerpt from Time Magazine …” Before you decide to believe or, worse, forward an e-mail with serious health claims, do a little checking….Then go to reliable health sites, like… www.medhelp.org ( especially good for cardiology )….Otherwise, you might get caught in a web of confusion.” Author: Christine Gorman, Health Editor, TIME Magazine To view this article in it’s entirety online, go to: http://cgi.pathfinder.com/time/magazine/articles/0,3266,19130,00.html February 8, 1999
  • 8.
    • OUR MEDICAL PARTNER ~ The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
        • 3rd Overall in the Honor Roll of Best Hospitals in America
    • US News & World Report ~ “Best Hospitals in America—2002”
    • Neurology Forum ~ Opened March, 1997
            • # New Patients Since 1997 # Page-views 2001
            • 531 new patients 6,051,292 page-views
    • Heart Forum ~ Opened August, 1997
    • #1 Heart Center in America .
            • # New Patients Since 1997 # Page-views 2001 482 new patients 6,229,331 page-views
    • Breast Cancer Forum ~ Opened March, 2001
    • Med Help partnered with the Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Center to create a Breast Cancer Forum for patients & their families. In it’s first year the forum experienced 1300% growth.
            • # New Patients Since 3/01/01 # Page-views 2001
            • 23 new patients 322,127 page-views
    • Ovarian Cancer Forum ~ Fall, 2002
    • Med Help & the Taussig Cancer Center will once again partner to create an online OVARIAN CANCER FORUM for patients & their families.
  • 9. MED HELP'S MEDICAL PARTNERS ~ THE BEST HOSPITALS IN AMERICA National Jewish Medical & Research Center *Ranked the #1 hospital in America for treatment of respiratory disorders After the attacks on the World Trade Center in September of 2001, Med Help International contacted National Jewish Medical & Research Center in Denver, Colorado to ask for their help. Together, we created an online Respiratory Disorders Forum. The first goal of this forum was to offer the NYC rescue workers a safe & reliable place to ask their questions about how to protect themselves against the toxic particles in the air at “ground zero”. We have worked closely with both the NYC Fire Department and the Manhattan Borough President’s Office, to insure that the rescue workers have the best information and equipment available to protect their respiratory health. The Respiratory Disorders Forum is now open to the general public, where medical professionals from National Jewish Medical & Research Center answer new questions, daily. * US News & World Report ~ annual “Best Hospitals in America” edition
  • 10. OTHER MED HELP MEDICAL FORUMS ("Ask the Experts" ) In addition to Breast Cancer, Heart, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Ovarian Cancer and Respiratory Disorders, which are detailed above, Med Help offers the following online forums for consumers. Med Help strives to level the playing field by giving everyone with Internet access the ability to contact leading medical experts and world-class organizations, via the Med Help website. CHILD BEHAVIORAL HEALTH : questions are answered by Dr. Kevin Kennedy of Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, a major teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. DERMATOLOGY: questions are answered by Dr. Alan Rockoff a board certified Dermatologist based in Brookline, MA, affiliated with Tufts University School of Medicine. FAMILY PRACTICE : questions are answered by Dr. Dean Tomasello, a board certified family physician and associate clinical professor of Family and Community Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Madison, WI MENTAL HEALTH : questions are answered by Roger L. Gould, M.D., a board certified psychiatrist, affiliated with U.C.L.A. Department of Psychiatry
  • 11. SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT Med Help International is proud to appear as a top listing among most all major search engines. www.google.com Search phrases used appear in bold italics Ask doctor about child behavior - Med Help comes up 1 & 2 out of 174,000 references Diabetes & CABG - Med Help comes up 1 & 2 out of 8, 130 references Ask doctor heart question - Med Help comes up 1 & 2 out of 422,000 references Ask a doctor about hepatitis - Med Help comes up 1st out of 91,600 references Hypothyroidism tests - Med Help comes up 2nd & 3rd out of 39,000 references Mental Health question for doctor - Med Help comes up 1 & 2 out of 299,000 references Neurology question for doctor - Med Help comes up 1 & 2 out of 29,100 references Respiratory Disorders question - Med Help comes up 1 & 2 out of 81,300 references Blurry vision after LASIK - Med Help comes up 3rd out of 2,330 references Urology question for doctor - Med Help comes up 1st out of 13,900 references
  • 12. www.askjeeves.com Search phrases used appear in bold italics ask question about child behavior - Med Help comes up 1st Ask doctor about a neurological disease - Med Help comes up 1st Ask Cleveland Clinic Heart doctors a question - Med Help comes up 1through 5 Dermatology question for doctor - Med Help comes up 6th www.altavista.com Ask doctor breast cancer question - Med Help comes up 2 & 3 out of 11,537 references Need mental health doctor to answer question - Med Help comes up 2 & 3 out of 9,964 references Question about arrhythmia for heart doctor - Med Help comes up 1st out of 2,455 references respiratory disorders forum - Med Help comes up 1st out of 52,231 references www.yahoo.com Ask the doctor about breast cancer - Med Help comes up 1st out of 76,000 references Child Behavior Forum - Med Help comes up 1st out of 136,000 references Dermatology forum - Med Help comes up 1st out of 25,900 references neurology question for doctor - Med Help comes up 1st out of 12,600 references ask doctor about epilepsy - Med Help comes up 4th out of 23,400 references SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT
  • 13.
      • Becoming a Medical Partner of Med Help International offers your organization the greatest level of visibility among the millions of consumers who visit us each year. Med Help International works closely with medical partners to create a unique program to highlight the medical partner’s expertise.
      • A banner with the Medical Partner’s logo & link to their website will be prominently placed in the forum. In addition, a brief description of the Medical Partner’s organization will appear next to the name & logo.
      • Medical Partners are required to have qualified medical professionals from their organization answer a minimum of two questions per day, in the medical forum of their choice. Please note that the more questions your professionals answer, the more visible your organization will be among consumers.
      • Med Help will place all of the Medical Partner’s patient information or educational materials in our online library (electronic format only).
      • Med Help International can place information about a Medical Partner’s Clinical Trials on the website, which will aid in recruiting qualified patients.
      • Medical Partners receive up to 25 keywords. Each time a visitor requests information about the keywords selected, a link to the Medical Partner’s organization will appear on the Search Retrieval screen under the heading “MED HELP INTERNATIONAL’S MEDICAL PARTNERS”.
      • Medical Partners receive monthly statistical data pertaining to the forum they sponsor.
      • Med Help will work with Medical Partners to identify and recruit Sponsors for the forums. Funding from outside Sponsors help defray the costs of the forum.
      • Most importantly, your support will help insure that all who are in need, have access to the BEST medical information & support available in the world!
  • 15. Keyword Search Each time a visitor requests information using any of the keywords you supply, your name, link and any other appropriate information will appear prominently at the top of the retrieval screen. This gives your organization maximum visibility among our highly targeted audience. SAMPLE SEARCH RETRIEVAL SCREEN Med Help Medical Partners Keyword Used
  • 16. MED HELP’S TOP 25 TOPICS 2001 TOPIC TOTAL 2001 Gastroenterology 11,209,503 Cardiology/Heart 6,229,331 Neurology 6,051,292 Urology 5,534,307 Drugs 4,736,128 Mental Health 4,707,866 Dermatology 4,230,251 Cancer 3,880,048 Pain (Chronic ) 2,139,447 Hematology (Blood) 2,041,061 Addiction 1,805,499 Gynecology 1,509,333 Obstetrics 1,493,419 Endocrinology 1,314,984 Orthopedics 1,109,512 Ophthalmology 946,906 Surgery 518,813 Diagnostic Tests 449,565 Allergy 431,548 Nutrition 365,810 STD's 354,573 Fitness 295,904 Pulmonary 280,532 Dental 233,358 Pediatrics 184,370 Page-views in order of popularity
  • 17. LET US INTRODUCE YOU TO THE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO COME TO US FOR HELP EVERY YEAR. During the first half of 2002, Med Help International welcomed more than 4 million Unique Visitors We now average more than 600,00 unique visitors each month!
  • 18. A FEW of OUR AWARDS Med Help International subscribes to (Health on the Net) Code of Ethics
  • 19.  
  • 20. Sponsors