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Transcript of "Dermatology"

  1. 1. Clinical Placement Area – Dermatology, CDH Placement Name Dermatology Dept Placement Address Chorley & South Ribble Hospital Telephone Number 01257 247648/5 Contact Name Sister Elaine Stringfellow Placement Facilitator Mandy Barker Type of Placement Short electives Details of type of clients being dealt with Patients with physical and psychological needs relating to their skin condition. The type of experience which may be gained from This placement Students will gain an insight into all aspects of skin disease, and how this affects their life. Students will be able to work in clinic, minor operations, and patch testing for allergies, phototherapy treatments, and iontopheresis treatment. They will also get time to work with the specialist nurse, seeing patients to discuss their disease in more depth, photodynamic therapy, work on Brindle ward, where there are two dermatology inpatient beds. Special Knowledge and information which would be useful to the student Basic knowledge of the skin structure
  2. 2. Recommended reading Clinical Skills List:
  3. 3. Learning Opportunities Available: Specialist nurse All treatment undertaken in the dermatology centre, as mentioned above. Spend time with the consultant, shadowing him to listen to information and advise given. Understand the system of how outpatients work effectively – from medical records, and booking management centre to the patient being seen by the consultant. Visits which can be arranged Brindle ward – to work with inpatients having treatment applied Main outpatients – visit a variety of clinics GPs with special interest in dermatology in the community setting Leg ulcer clinic Medical records Booking management centre
  4. 4. What aids are available in the handling & moving of patients/clients? Hoist Sliding sheet Pat slide turntable Important to read: Any dermatology books or articles Shift times: 8 am till 5 pm NB. Where possible it is recommended that ‘learners’ work as closely as possible with their allocated Assessor.
  5. 5. Bleep system: Dial 66 and listen for instruction to enter bleep number This is followed by the extension number you are calling from Listen for instruction to replace handset If paging a number press * number and listen to instructions If dialing an outside number (not available on some telephones) dial 9 for an outside line first Emergency Number 2222 (state whether arrest, fire, security alert) Students are expected to report to the nurse in charge prior to bleeping medical staff
  6. 6. Opportunities for Health promotion/Patient Education: Last updated: Wednesday, February 03, 2010
  7. 7. Opportunities for Health promotion/Patient Education: Last updated: Wednesday, February 03, 2010