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  • 各位好,很高興在這裡與大家見面,讓我跟大家分享目前台灣醫美診所中相當具有口碑的Leskin Clinics
  • 我們的創辦人是在醫美界眾所皆知的美女醫師,也是媒體喜歡採訪的專業皮膚科醫師
  • 大家可以發現,廖醫師的簡介十分長,若大家可以在一分鐘內讀完,就送大家一本書(開玩笑)。廖醫師同時也是EMBA的碩士,接受過很多國家的邀請去進行演講。不論在醫美、微整形範疇裡,都是台灣第一把交椅
  • 我們的儀器設備皆與國際同步,我們非常重視客戶的隱私,因此在我們的空間中,擁有所多隱密的小房間可供客戶休息,不過,這些都只是硬體
  • 不過軟體就很重要了,我可以很自豪的跟各位報告,利欣診所所帶給客人的精緻服務,以及專業的技術,才是各位之所以選擇利欣的原因所在,因為,我們會定期進行專業訓練,不論是護士或是美容師皆擁有國家證照。我們是以健康是基礎的情況下,帶給客人美麗與自信,也就是以人為本的治療概念
  • 我們重視的是客人的感受,並完成客人的期待,因此在治療前,我們會提供所有的治療資訊給客人,同時我們也提供最合理的價格
  • 美白及斑點問題是東南亞的朋友們最常求診的問題
  • 最後再次介紹窗口的聯絡方式
  • Bringing beauty into your life

    1. 1. Bringing beauty into your life Present by Nina Cheng Administrative Manager
    2. 2. Part I About Leskin
    3. 3. Our Professional Team The most professional team founded by Dr. Serina Y.L. Liao, one of the most famous dermatologists in Taipei, devoted to the most prestigious & delicate cosmetic related treatments.
    4. 4. Founder : Yuan-Li Liao, M.D 2006 - Present • Medical director of LeSkin medical aesthetic clinics • EMBA, NTU • Lecturer, Cosmetic science department of Chang-gang Institute of Technology • Guest speaker of ISCD, Beijing, 2008 • Guest speaker of anniversary conference of dermatology department of Huasan hospital, Shang-hai, 2008 • Guest speaker of annual conference of Philippine dermatology society, 2008 • Guest speaker and hands-on courses, about the use of injectable Hyaluronic acid, for physicians in Hong-kong (Q-med), 2007 1999 - 2005 • President of MySkin Dermatological Clinic and Medical Spa • Founded the MySkin Dermalogical Clinic and Medical Spa • Pioneered the non-invasive aesthetic procedures in Taiwan, Elected as one of the 2 most prominent Alumni of Chang-Gung Medical College in 2004 • Assistant Professor, Cosmetic science Department of Provincial University • Attending of Dermatological Department of Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital(2002-2005) • Attending of the St. Paul Tao-Yuan Hospital(2002-2005) • Resident of department of dermatology, in the Provincial Tao-Yuan Hospital and hospital of National Taiwan University (1999-2002)
    5. 5. 1999 - 2005 • MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM • Member of AACS, AAD, ASCDAS • Member of the Chinese Dermatological Society, Taipei Member of Laser Medicine Society of the R.O.C. • EDUCATION • EMBA, National Taiwan University • M.D. - Seven-year Medical Doctor Program, Chang-Gung Medical College, 1978-1985 • Certificate for Aptos Feather Lift (Dr. Sula manidze in Russia) • Certificate for Contour Lift (Dr. Greg Ruff in USA) • Certificate for Quick Lift technique (Dr. Brandy in USA) • Short-term observing fellowship, dermatologic department of Toranomon hospital, Tokyo • Diploma of Cosmetic Science, London college of Fashion, London, U.K. • Certificate for Botox and Fillers, Carruthers and Carruthers, Canada • SPECIALTIES: minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment, cosmetic-related skin problem Founder : Yuan-Li Liao, M.D
    6. 6. Our Service Environment
    7. 7. Our Concept • Health, Beauty, Confidence, Happiness Characteristics • Professionalism : Board certified dermatologists, cosmetic & plastic surgeons. • Perfection : Precise evaluation & well-experienced treatments. • Privilege : Tailor-made treatment courses based on your nead. Delicate pre- & post- treatment care • Privacy : Highest policy to keep your information confidential
    8. 8. We provide Total Solution
    9. 9. Part II Medical Aesthetic Services
    10. 10. Medical Cosmetic Services we provide • Minimally invasive face rejuvenation • Aging problems: facial wrinkles and folds and skin sagging • Baggy eyelids, drooping eyelids • Pigmentation, moles, scar revision • Thermage, Fraxel, Fillers and botox injection, IPL, Lasers • Plastic Surgery: – Blepharoplasty (for upper & lowerBlepharoplasty (for upper & lower eyelids)eyelids) – Face lift surgeriesFace lift surgeries – LiposuctionLiposuction – Breast augmentationBreast augmentation – Nose augmentationNose augmentation
    11. 11. How will you feel during and after treatment Non to minimally-invasive procedures Lower pain (evan no pain) 、 Easy care Low or no down time , short treatment time Natural looking Normal social activities
    12. 12. Well-experienced treatments. Botox Injection Laser
    13. 13. Thermage for aging prevention Dilated pore treatment Well-experienced treatments Light treatment for pigmentation
    14. 14. Part III LeSkin Integrated Treatment concept
    15. 15. Less pain, fear free • Empathy about how your feel – Less painLess pain :: different pain control teniquesdifferent pain control teniques – TrustTrust :: Full treatment information before yourFull treatment information before your treatmenttreatment – Resonable priceResonable price :: Best result under reasonalBest result under reasonal priceprice – Fear of unwanted reactionFear of unwanted reaction :: fully understand yourfully understand your expectation and complete communication beforeexpectation and complete communication before treatmenttreatment All of the procedures are tailor-made, based on your need
    16. 16. Tailor-made treatment courses • May arrange treatment course according to your need, your schedule in Taipei • 3 、 7 、 14days treatment course planning • Group treatment over 10 persons can also be arranged
    17. 17. Treatment course samples • One day rejuvenation treatment Thermage, fillers, Botox • 3 days whitening course Light therapy with other whitening regimen • Compound treatment course for frequent flyer between South-Asia and Taiwan We will arrange your treatment time according to your stay in Taipei each time
    18. 18. Our commitment Advanced medical aesthetic technique Artist mindset in evaluating and treating your problems To help you achieve Beauty 、 health 、 confidence 、 happin ess In your daily life
    19. 19. Award yourself with a relaxed trip to Leskin Good sight-seeing spot Gourmet What a wonderful life! The most important is
    20. 20. A more refreshed mind and look after visiting Leskin beauty Health Confidence Happiness.
    21. 21. Thank You and Contact us • Administrative manager : Nina Cheng: 886-952-342-280 • TEL : 886-2-2731-1732(clinic and office) • Fax : 886-2-2771-6593 • Web Address : • Add : 2F-1, No33, Sec 4, Ren-ai Rd, Taipei