Forum Journal (Summer 2013): Making Connections: Historic Preservation in Detroit's Rightsizing


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This slide show is enhanced content for "Making Connection: Historic Preservation in Detroit's Rightsizing" by Melanie A. Markowicz in the Summer 2013 Forum Journal (Preservation in the City). To learn more about Preservation Leadership Forum and how you can become a member visit:

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Forum Journal (Summer 2013): Making Connections: Historic Preservation in Detroit's Rightsizing

  1. 1. “Making theConnections: HistoricPreservation in Detroit’sRightsizing”By: Melanie A. MarkowiczEnhanced Content: Slideshow
  2. 2. Completed in 1925, the Metropolitan Building in downtown Detroit (center) is now threatened withdemolition. Vacant for more than 30 years, the building has been subject to scrapping, vandalism,and lack of basic maintenance.Credit:
  3. 3. Large abandoned industrial sites, such as Detroit’s Packard Plant, have become targets for scrapping, arson, graffiti, andcrime. While the potential for rehabilitation of these sites is largely unrealized, there is the opportunity for nontraditionaladaptive use such as artscape environments, phytoremediation, and linking industrial heritage to contemporary landscape-based uses. Germany’s Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park is an excellent example.Credit:
  4. 4. When appropriate, deconstruction can serve as a sustainable alternative to more traditional forms ofdemolition.Credit: Reclaim Detroit,
  5. 5. Public art spaces can interpret the narrative of life in a shrinking city. Pieces such as “Salvaged Landscape,”pictured here, translate the effects of arson and demolition in new ways. Heritage can be incorporated intopublic art projects which help the user identify deeper meaning in local history.Credit: Tony Barchock,
  6. 6. Neighborhood gardens, such as Detroit’s Brightmoor Youth Garden, have the capacity to engagecommunities by confronting blight and local revitalization issues while building social capital.Credit:
  7. 7. Located in Brush Park, one of Detroit’s oldest neighborhoods, the Ransom Gillis House is unfortunately oneof many vacant and blighted grand homes in a neighborhood with an excess of vacant land and buildings.Situated between the vibrant downtown and midtown areas, Brush Park is likely to experienceredevelopment in the near future.Credit:
  8. 8. A stunning example the modern architectural movement, the McGregor Memorial Conference Center was completedin 1958, designed by renowned architect Minoru Yamasaki. The complex’s distinctive reflecting pool was recentlyrehabilitated by Wayne State University, and adds to the growing interest in the preservation of modern architecturein Michigan and beyond. For more information please visit MichiganModern.Credit:
  9. 9. The Guardian Building, completed in 1929, is one of Detroit’s greatest architectural gems. It is one ofeight National Landmarks in the City of Detroit.Credit:
  10. 10.