The 12 Tribes of Israel Map - PowerPoint Map


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This is a single slide, easy to edit biblical map of the 12 tribes of Israel - It shows ancient Israel and the 12 sections for the 12 tribes namely Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph and Benjamin. The graphics editable, so the regions can be pulled apart, re-grouped and colored.

Download this editable PPT map at.

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The 12 Tribes of Israel Map - PowerPoint Map

  1. 1. The Twelve Tribes of Israel
  2. 2. The Twelve Tribes of Israel Sidon Insert text This is dummy text so go ahead and replace it with your own. Tyre Mediterranean Sea Dan Hazor Kinneret MANASSEH Tirza Samir Jarmut Laquis Gaza Debir Gerar Beersheba Dan Ephraim Benjamin Gad Judah Simeon Gilgal Jazer Reuben REUBEN JUDAH Hebron Dead Sea (Salt Sea) Estemoa Arad SIMEON Kir-Hareset AMALEC Zoar EDOM Tamar Kadesh Rabbath Amon Bet-Horon Jericho Hesbon Jerusalem Beser Mount Nebo Bethlehem MOAB River Zebulun AMON GAD Mefaat Ekron Gat Manasseh Silo Betel Al Gezer Bet-Horon Ashklon Issachar BENJAMIN EPHRAIM Ashdod Naphtali Zafon Mahanaim Afec Elteke Gibeton Asher MANASSEH Jordan River Siquem Piraton Mountains Edrel Kamon Ramot de Galaad Jafia Megiddo Jezreel Taanach Beit She’an Dor Legend Astarot BASAN Cammat Mount Tabor Acsaf Helcat Jocneam DAN ISSACHAR NAPHTALI ZEBULUN Gat-Rimon Jaffa Sea of Kinnereth Cedes ASHER City ARAMEANS Iion Zalmona Bosra Punon Jahaza
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