Hand-drawn Metamorphosis - PowerPoint Illustration


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The metamorphosis of a butterfly is a fascinating natural phenomenon. Demonstrate this amazing life cycle of a butterfly with this editable 16 slide set that can be altered as per your requirements.

This set features illustrations of the various stages in the life of the insect; from caterpillar to cocoon to pupa and finally emerging as a butterfly. Since this particular slide set is hand-drawn, it will give your presentation that natural and unconventional look to it. Businesspersons may use this editable slide set metaphorically for depicting growth and life cycle of transactions while academicians can use these slides for science projects, seminars and other non-business purposes.

Download this editable PPT at http://www.24point0.com/ppt-shop/ppt-slides-hand-drawn-metamorphosis

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Hand-drawn Metamorphosis - PowerPoint Illustration

  1. 1. Hand-drawn Metamorphosis Project Lifecycle
  2. 2. Hand-drawn Metamorphosis Caterpillar to Butterfly
  3. 3. Hand-drawn Metamorphosis Change Agents Insert Text here  Insert text  Insert text  Insert text
  4. 4. Hand-drawn Metamorphosis Butterflies Insert Text here  Insert text  Insert text  Insert text
  5. 5. Hand-drawn Metamorphosis Butterflies Insert Text here  Insert text  Insert text  Insert text
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