Creating Narratives PowerPoint Presentation


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24point0’s Business Life Analogies deck is a great resource of entertaining, editable slides that reflect everyday situations that can be applied to any number of scenarios. Download our Business Life Analogies at Also download other editable PowerPoint products at

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Creating Narratives PowerPoint Presentation

  1. 1. Creating Narratives with 24point0 PowerPoint Graphics
  2. 2. Inject More Visuals into PPT Presentations 24point0’s Business Life Analogies deckis a great resource of entertaining, editable slides that reflect everyday situations that can be applied to any number of scenarios. For a wide ranging presentation on the forecasting job opportunities in the current economic situation, take the following slide: Crystal Ball Gosh this prediction business is tough. Just like the economy at present! Download from 24point0
  3. 3. Depicting Hope The next slide can show that hope does spring eternal - even among Point People. Light at the End of Tunnel Download from 24point0
  4. 4. Hard Work - The Only Route to Success Of course hope has to be accompanied by hard work to realize one’s goals, something our Point Person knows very well: Hard Work I hope all this is worth it! Download from 24point0
  5. 5. Celebrating Hard Earned Success Well, was it worth it for our skinny friend? We are feeling magnanimous, so it does seem he achieves success: Soaring Success Download from 24point0
  6. 6. Celebrating Success in Iconic Style On Top of the World… Hooray! Download from 24point0
  7. 7. Tips on Using Our PPT Products and Tools Click here to find out how to customize and edit our PowerPoint Products and Tools
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