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Looking for a blank map of Caribbean? Download this editable PowePoint Map of the Caribbean here

This map has 38 easy to edit slides with individual maps of the islands of the Caribbean like Aruba, Bahamas and Barbados. All elements on the slides are editable and excellent for use in classroom presentations

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Caribbean Map - Editable PPT

  1. 1. Countries and Territories
  2. 2. The Caribbean Countries and their Capitals Nassau THE BAHAMAS Havana CUBA Cockburn Town BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS Road Town TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS (UK) Georgetown DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Santo Domingo Lulu Town PUERTO RICO San Juan The Valley ANGUILLA (UK) Basseterre HAITI CAYMAN ISLANDS (UK) JAMAICA NAVASSA ST. KITTS AND NEVIS Port-Au-Prince St. John's Charlotte Amalie Kingston ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA 3-US VIRGIN ISLANDS Basse-Terre GUADELOUPE (FRA) MONTSERRAT The Bottom SABA (NETH) Roseau DOMINICA Fort-de-France MARTINIQUE (FRA) Castries ST. LUCIA Kingstown ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES Oranjestad ARUBA (NETH) Kralendijk BONAIRE (NETH) Bridgetown BARBADOS St. George’s GRENADA Willemstad CURACAO (NETH) Port of Spain TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
  3. 3. The Caribbean Major Cities Freeport Nassau Havana Santa Clara Cockburn Town Camagüey Holguín Santiago de los Caballeros Santiago de Cuba Road Town Cap-Haïtien George Town The Valley Port-au-Prince Montego Bay Kingston San Juan Santo Domingo St. John’s Charlotte Amalie Basseterre Basse-Terre Roseau Fort-de-France Castries Kingstown Bridgetown Kralendijk Oranjestad St. George’s Willemstad Port of Spain San Fernando
  4. 4. The Caribbean Barbados Crab Hill Fairfield Portland Greenland Speighstown Bruce Vale Westmoreland Chimborazo Holetown Saint Elizabeth Sturges Bennetts Hillaby Carter Reed Hills Jackson Prospect Four Roads Belair Warrens Tricket Bulkeley Constant Boarded Hall Workhall Carrington Six Cross Crane Sargeant BRIDGETOWN Massiah Bathsheba Saint Patricks Oistins Saint Lawrence Charnocks
  5. 5. The Caribbean 5 4 3 2 1 0 Category 1 Category 2  Insert text  Insert text  Insert text Category 3 Category 4
  6. 6. DOWNLOAD our maps and diagrams and discover the advantages of native PowerPoint images. Crisp and Clear: much sharper than clip art Change size without loss of resolution Change color to all or part of an image Remove parts of an image to highlight Combine images to create something new
  7. 7. Makeovers Fast From This To This Customer Discovery Step-by-Step Product Hypothesis Customer and Problem Hypothesis Distribution and Pricing Hypothesis Demand creation Hypothesis Market type Hypothesis Competitive Hypothesis Test “Product” Hypothesis Friendly first Contacts Problem Presentation Customer Understanding Market Knowledge Test “Product” Hypothesis First reality cheack Verity the Problem “Product” Presentation Verify the Product Yet more Customer Visits Verity the Business Model Second Reality cheack Iterate or Exit 1st Advisory Board Verify
  8. 8. You Can Do So Much MORE… Compare Clear and Sharp Resolution Resize without loss Combine parts Change colors Separate parts Be creative
  9. 9. Change colors Change size Separate pieces