Asia Pacific Country Maps - PowerPoint Slides


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Download this Editable Asia Pacific Country Map at

This is an editable PPT map of Asia Pacific. The slides contain political maps of the countries that make up Asia Pacific, their capital cities and other major cities of the region. We have also provided a slide that contains markers that can help you highlight your information.

These easy to edit PowerPoint maps contain bar graph slides to help you present demographic and statistical information. Change colors, backgrounds, fonts and add your text in. Download instantly and use.

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Asia Pacific Country Maps - PowerPoint Slides

  1. 1. Country Maps
  2. 2. Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Pacific Ocean Arabian Sea Indian Ocean OCEANIA
  3. 3. Asia Pacific Main Countries and Territories Mongolia North Korea China Japan South Korea Pakistan Nepal India Taiwan Myanmar Vietnam Laos Thailand Cambodia Philippines Brunei Sri Lanka Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Papua New Guinea American Samoa East Timor Australia New Zealand
  4. 4. Asia Pacific Capitals Ulan Bator PyongYang Beijing Seoul Tokyo Islamabad Kathmandu Delhi Hanoi Taipei Rangoon Vientiane Bangkok Phnom Penh Colombo Manila Kuala Lumpur Bandar Seri Begawan Singapore Jakarta Dili Port Moresby Pago Pago Canberra Wellington
  5. 5. Asia Pacific Australia Darwin Cairns Townsville Mackay Port Hedland Gladstone Dampier Alice Springs Brisbane Newcastle Sydney Adelaide Perth Fremantle CANBERRA Melbourne Launceston Hobart
  6. 6. Asia Pacific India Ludhiana Meerut DELHI Lucknow Agra Jaipur Kanpur Ahmedabad Bhopal Rajkot Surat Indore Nashik Kolkata Nagpur Mumbai Bhubaneswar Pune Hyderabad Bengalore Chenna Coimbatore i Kochi Patna
  7. 7. Asia Pacific Pakistan Gilgit Peshawar ISLAMABAD Faisalabad Zhob Multan Quetta Bahawalpur Nok Kundi Sukkur Gwadar Hyderabad Karachi Lahore
  8. 8. Asia Pacific Bar Graphs
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