Africa Maps - Essential Tool for Business, International Aid & Educational Research


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This product includes editable maps of the African continent and countries of the region. Africa, its regions, countries, their capitals, major cities and flag colors are marked on the maps. The editable feature allows for countries to be pulled apart, regrouped and colored. Important cities in each country are marked on the maps. Data and graphics can be easily added as shown in sample slides.. Download Editable Africa Map at

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Africa Maps - Essential Tool for Business, International Aid & Educational Research

  1. 1. 24point0’s Africa Maps Deck - Essential Tool for Business, International Aid & Educational Research<br />
  2. 2. Easily Editable Africa Maps for PPT<br />Africa’s vast area and diversity in terms of language, culture and geography can make it challenging terrain for all those interested in the continent. However, 24point0 has made it easier for presenters looking to this amazing region for business, educational, research or international aid purposes by creating this easily customizable set of Africa maps for PowerPoint presentations.<br />Download from 24point0<br />
  3. 3. AfricaCountries<br />TUNISIA<br />MOROCCO<br />EGYPT<br />ALGERIA<br />WESTERN SAHARA<br />LIBYA<br />MAURITANIA<br />SENEGAL<br />MALI<br />NIGER<br />ERITREA<br />CAPE VERDE<br />CHAD<br />SUDAN<br />THE GAMBIA<br />DJIBOUTI<br />BURKINA FASO<br />GUINEA BISSAU<br />NIGERIA<br />BENIN<br />GUINEA<br />ETHIOPIA<br />CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC<br />SIERRA LEONE<br />GHANA<br />SOMALIA<br />CAMEROON<br />LIBERIA<br />TOGO<br />UGANDA<br />COTE D’IVOIRE<br />KENYA<br />DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO<br />GABON<br />RWANDA<br />CONGO<br />Sao Tome & Principe<br />BURUNDI<br />EQUATORIAL GUINEA<br />Seychelles<br />TANZANIA<br />Comoros<br />MALAWI<br />ANGOLA<br />ZAMBIA<br />MOZAMBIQUE<br />ZIMBABWE<br />Mauritius<br />NAMIBIA<br />BOTSWANA<br />MADAGASCAR<br />SWAZILAND<br />LESOTHO<br />SOUTH AFRICA<br />Download from 24point0<br />
  4. 4. Maps of African Countries<br />The deck has detailed maps showing the capitals and major cities of all the African countries<br />Cabinda<br />Africa: Angola<br />Soyo<br />Ambriz<br />LUANDA<br />Malanje<br />Porto Amboin<br />Cuanza Sul<br />Luena<br />Benguela<br />Huambo<br />Lubango<br />Menongue<br />Namibe<br />Download from 24point0<br />
  5. 5. Maps of Tunisia & Egypt<br />The international attention garnered by the ongoing political unrest in Tunisia and Egypt highlights the importance of these countries and the maps created by 24point0 is sure to help those wishing to communicate the vital role these countries play in international relations. <br />Bizerte<br />TUNIS<br />Ariana<br />Beja<br />La Goulette<br />Nabeul<br />El Kef<br />Sousse<br />Kasserine<br />Africa: Egypt<br />Africa: Tunisia<br />Mahdia<br />Sfax<br />Damietta<br />Gafsa<br />Port Said<br />Alexandria<br />Tanta<br />Marsa Matruh<br />Gabes<br />Tozeur<br />Shubra al Khaymah<br />Suez<br />CAIRO<br />Medenine<br />Siwah<br />Al Fayyum<br />Sharm ash shaykh<br />Al Ghardaqah<br />Asyut<br />Tataouine<br />Bur Safajah<br />Luxor<br />Al Kharijah<br />Aswan<br />Download from 24point0<br />
  6. 6. Demographic Maps<br />The deck also includes maps with text placeholders for easy presentation of economic or demographic data.<br />00%<br />00%<br />Africa: Economic Growth - 2010<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />00%<br />Insert text<br />00%<br />Insert text<br />00%<br />00%<br />Download from 24point0<br />
  7. 7. Map of Africa with Flags<br />The deck also includes maps with text placeholders for easy presentation of economic or demographic data.<br />Africa<br />Download from 24point0<br />
  8. 8. Tips on Using Our PPT Products and Tools<br />Click here to find out how to customize and edit our PowerPoint Products and Tools<br /><br />Download from 24point0<br />
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