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This product includes the cube in various layouts for use in PowerPoint presentations. It can be stacked together as building blocks, moved around or changed for color and sizes. Text can be easily added. The slides include silhouettes that can be used for PowerPoint presentations. Download 3D Cubes graphics at http://www.24point0.com/ppt-shop/3d-cubes-editable-ppt-shapes

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3D Cubes Graphics PowerPoint

  1. 1. An Alternative to Text Heavy Slides 24point0’s 3D Cubes graphics deck contains slides of editable graphics that can be instantly modified to illustrate custom content and colors. A slide like this one for example would be an ideal way to show the process and steps involved in the execution of a particular decision: 3D Cubes
  2. 2. Illustrating Business Decisions If the business decision under discussion is the reorganization of a particular department or the management of the company, these cubes could each represent functions that have a proper place in the hierarchy: Corporate Reorganization
  3. 3. Showing Structural Hierarchies The deck contains 3D cubes in various layouts that can be applied to different structural hierarchies: 3D Cubes
  4. 4. Editable 3D Cubes Graphics You can also add images to the cubes, making it a more visual depiction of certain processes. The deck contains instructions on how to add or change the images that have been included as placeholders in the graphics: 3D Cubes:  To add your own image to any of these shapes, right click on any shape > Format Picture > Fill  Click on File and select the image you want to use.  Depending on the shape and image size, you might need to check the “Tile picture as texture” option.  If this option is check, you can adjust the Offsets settings accordingly until the image is to your liking.  You just need to make sure that the same values are used for Scale X and Scale Y. Past Present Future
  5. 5. Illustrating Progress of IT Policy Our IT Policy: The Way Forward 1950s 2000s 2010-
  6. 6. How to Use Our Editable PPT Products Six Quick Tips
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