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Use these elaborate PowerPoint World Map to illustrate locations and regional characteristics concerning your comapny. You can also create marketing and sales territories with this extensive collection of pre-designed PowerPoint templates. All maps are already integrated in the slides and optimised for business presentations and marketing requirements. Each slide offers you certain map sections and individual countries already drawn in detail. They also consist of separately editable vector shapes. Change texts, the names of countries and cities or delete them. You can also extract favored countries as well as easily adjust these shapes within seconds to your requirements.

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Worldmap PPT Slide Template

  1. 1. World Map – Largest Cities of the World All countries can be inked and edited separately Manila Shanghai Tokyo New York Mexico-City Seoul Mumbai São Paulo Jakarta Los Angeles Delhi Osaka Calcutta Moscow Buenos Aires London Cairo Teheran Karachi Dhaka Berlin Chicago San Francisco Toronto Washington Rio de Janeiro Paris Istanbul BeijingMadrid Oslo Vienna Sankt-Petersburg Sydney Canberra Perth Astana Ulaanbaatar Samara Novosibirsk Anadyr Cape Town Durban Windhoek Mogadishu Asmara Accra Dakar Niamey N‘Djamena Unalaska Fairbanks Seattle New Orleans San José Brasilia Porto Velho El Golea Benguela Mbuji-Mayi Maputo Gibraltar Darussalam HarareLa Paz Santiago Quito Lima Darwin Melbourne Wellington Port Moresby
  2. 2. World Map – Most populated Countries All continents can be inked and edited separately Ethiopia Mexico Brazil China JapanUSA Indonesia Vietnam India Bangladesh Pakistan Russia Nigeria Germany Philippines Columbia Italy Spain France Algeria Egypt D. R. Congo Tanzania Kenya Thailand Myanmar South Africa Marocco Poland Ukraine Argentina Turkey Sudan Canada Great Britain South Korea 1.300 Mill. - 701 Mill. < = 30 Mill. 700 Mill. - 251 Mill. 250 Mill. - 101 Mill. 100 Mill. - 71 Mill. 70 Mill. - 31 Mill.
  3. 3. World Map – Design Example / Diagram Example PowerPoint Map Template 22,50 = 30% 33,75 = 45% 15,00 = 20% 3,75 = 5% Enter your own text here 0 10 20 30 40 Country name Country name 2015 2020 Mio. $ Country name Country name
  4. 4. World Map – Design Example / Diagram 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 Title A Title B Title C Title D Title E Title F Title G  The text is meant only to demonstrate how your own text will look when you replace the placeholder text.  This is placeholder text and should be ignored.  To replace placeholder text with your own text, click on the placeholder text and then type. 2015 2020 58%23% 10% 9% Description B Description C Description A Description D Business data visualisation, statistics and analyses Download at
  5. 5. World Map – Design Example / Globe Diagram with world map as background Placeholder text Download at
  6. 6. Click here to visit DOWNLOAD POWERPOINT SLIDES