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The World's Best Intranets
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The World's Best Intranets



This webinar offers a behind-the-scenes look at the best intranets from the 2nd Intranet Global Forum conference in New York City. Presented by Prescient's President and CEO Toby Ward, and VP of ...

This webinar offers a behind-the-scenes look at the best intranets from the 2nd Intranet Global Forum conference in New York City. Presented by Prescient's President and CEO Toby Ward, and VP of Client Development Chris Chambers.

View the recording here: http://www.prescientdigital.com/articles/view-the-worlds-best-intranets-webinar



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  • As usual, pure gold for intranet professionals. Thanks Prescient!
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    The World's Best Intranets The World's Best Intranets Presentation Transcript

    • 1
    • The World’s Best IntranetsView the webinar video instead Toby Ward & Chris Chambers 2
    • Agendao NCRo Quintileso IBMo Unisyso More…o Key lessonso Q&A 3
    • Highly effective intranets & websites 4
    • Who is Prescient? • 11 years of rich history • World-class intranet experts • Strategic Internet & intranet consulting, planning & design services to many Fortune 500 & big brand clients, small and medium-size leaders • More intranet engagements & clients than any firm (class) • A well defined and proven methodology 5
    • Listen. Understand. Deliver.o We treat each client as unique; • We listen to their needs, goals and challenges; • Understand a client’s requirements and potential; and • Deliver highly effective and innovative website & intranet plans, designs & solutions. 6
    • 7
    • Clients include… 8
    • Twitter hashtag@intranet2 @tobyward 9
    • NCR 10
    • NCR• NCR is a global technology company with self-service solutions for ATM machines and software• 110 billion transactions per year• 23,000 employees 11 11
    • NCR(before) 12
    • 13
    • If the promotion feature is turned off, or if a user clicksa second-level link in the mega menu, a list ofcorresponding links appears on the right. NCR’s contentlends itself to a mega menu, as there are many links andsubcategories. 14 14
    • Milestones1996 2008 2009 2010 2011First intranet • Taxonomy • Wireframes • Migration of • Bug fixesat NCR • Content audit complete content applied • Research • Functional • Phasing • Homepage • Visual design specs • Pilot begins reworked • Wireframing complete • User surveys • Main • Developmen • Launch navigation t begins reworked 15 15
    • POLL 16
    • Quintiles 17
    • Quintiles• Helps deliver new drugs and cures for the world’s most challenging diseases• 27,000+ employees in 62 countries 18 18
    • Quintiles 19
    • Creating & Sharingo Blogs, Quick Polls, What’s Happening “Twitter,” Wikis, Discussions 20
    • Connecting & Collectingo Each employee subscribes to what they need and want 21
    • Collaborating 22
    • Resultso 700 blogs, garnering 63,000 blog views in Q1 & Q2o Executives actively bloggingo 350 trained publishers > 2,000+ pieces of contento 80 collaboration areas supported by wikis 23 23
    • IBM 24
    • IBMo IBM manufactures and markets computer hardware and software, and offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting serviceso 500,000 + employees and contractors 25 25
    • IBM 26
    • 27
    • 28
    • IBM 29
    • Page 30• Old: didn’t do a great job of connecting you to the resources you use most often to do you job• Old: only 4 persistent links in the w3 masthead (w3 Home, BluePages, Help Central and Feedback) and no page Footer• New: new masthead will include over 100 links to w3 sites and applications employees use most. The “rich footer” will include 30 or more!• Over time, new features like your ODW Essential Links, Alerts & Notifications, and collaboration features will be added 30
    • Page 31• Employees continually ask us to better integrate the intranet sites and applications we deploy on w3• Lotus Connections is quickly becoming our premier collaboration and productivity platform so we wanted to integrate and promote it on the w3 home page• The new w3 home page will help you stay connected with your colleagues, find experts, join communities, upload and manage files all within a single widget!• You can use the Connect and Share portlet to do this and more...and you can start today! Click on the My w3 tab today on the w3 home page to get started. 31
    • Page 32• Faces integration within search is the first step towards a search experience that is not only more useful but one that will delight• As you type, people results are shown instantly and are click-able, taking you to the associated Lotus Connections profile record• If you are doing a more general search, you can choose from several collections including a search of Lotus Connections all from within new masthead! 32
    • Page 33• The w3 portal, also known as the OnDemand Workplace (ODW) has been the corner of the intranet you can make your own. However, customization hasnt always been easy or intuitive.• The new design makes it incredibly easy for you to add and remove widgets from the page, to change the layout of the page, and even allows you to easily add and remove your own pages customizing each for the way YOU work.• Dont like where weve placed a widget? Drag that widget to a different part of the page or remove it all together replacing it with something that will make you better informed or more productive! 33
    • Digital scorecard measures Digital Scorecard Measures 80 75 Overall Sat w3 Top 2 Box 70 Home page Satisfaction w3 Ease of Use 65 w3 Info & Content Home Page Tools 60 55 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q1 Q2 2009 2009 2009 2010 2010 2010 2011 2011 2011 2012 2012 Survey Period All w3 and home page satisfaction indicators are down from Q1 2012. Overall satisfaction with w3 (-5% points) and satisfaction with w3 information and content (-8% points) are the largest drops No significant recovery from the 9% point drop in home page satisfaction seen in Q2 2011 following the launch of the redesigned home page, but statistically unchanged for the last four assessments. 34 34
    • w3 Homepage Trend 10 year range 15-21 million Millions of Visits Q1 2012 Top Country Visits w3 homepage traffic is now about 14 million visits/month * At lower end of our normal range * 4 million below our average target * US & UK traffic well above expected share (Note: % in parens = IBM population)35 35
    • Visitor Activity Heatmap – March 201210 Most Active w3 Homepage Q1 2012 Q4 2011 Areas Clickthru Clickthru 1 w3 Search 28% 15% 6 10 7 5 3 Profiles Search 21% 22% 2 2 4 3 News module 10% 13% 1 4 BluePages Search 9% 19% 5 Career & Life tab 7% 5% Home tab 4% 7% 6 7 Work tab 3% 3% 8 BluePages link 3% --- 9 IBM Travel Site 2% 2% 10 My w3 tab 2% 3% 9 Top 10 Total: 89% 91% 8 36
    • Why decreases in key success measures? 1. Performance, Reliability, Stability 2. Diverse IT Platforms make consistency extremely difficult 3. Many strategic tools in “steady state” 4. Lack of integration between solutions 5. Lack of agility / rapid iteration across the portfolio 6. w3 home page: stagnation, unable to deploy new home page 37
    • Challenges to v17 Adoption• Many strategic tools in “steady state”• Redesign falling “below the line” during Fall Plan• No real penalty for non-compliance• Plethora of 3rd party solutions within the intranet• It is often difficult to even identify the owners of a site/ application 38
    • What are we doing about it?• “Digital Backbone” Initiative – reduce/eliminate exceptions, tax, delay deployments (stick)• Tools not rules (automating migration/compliance)• Focusing on “big rocks” (SAP deployments)• Migrating to HTM5 & CSS3 providing “automatic” mobile support and responsive designs with appropriate device “break-points” (carrot)• Create a lighter-weight w3 home page in our Events Infrastructure to provide 100% availability and high performance 39
    • Unisys 40
    • Unisys• Unisys is a worldwide information technology company with a rich history than spans 139 years• 22,500 employees 41 41
    • Culture Implementing social tools with the business enterprise is not just about technology, it’s also about “transforming company culture” and influencing employee behavior patterns. © 2011 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 42 42
    • In 18 months more than 91% of targeted employee user group (apprx.16,000) activated and populated their My Site Profiles More than 78% of the 22,000+ Unisys Global Employee population enabled My Site social tools. Senior Leadership: 100% have active My Sites and use and promote social collaboration within their organizations © 2011 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 43 43
    • Key Lessons You can’t get there unless you know where you’re going  Create an end-state Vision  Develop a Strategic Plan and an Implementation Road Map to get there  Utilize metrics to measure progress and to identify potential barriers Focus On Culture - “People drive success”, Technology is just an enabler  Create a Leadership-down model and engage Key Organization Stakeholders early on as Champions to “lead by example” and to be “visible” agents of change.  Create a Culture Transformation strategy that influences employee behaviour patterns and help them understand how social collaboration can add value in their daily work. Keep Tools and Processes “simple to use...and intuitive”  Utilize Technology “out-of-the-box” -- avoid customizations that add complexity. Provide education and self-enabled “click and learn” training.  Encourage all employees to develop a profile and to build a network of colleagues. Networking is most effective when all employees are positioned to properly engage and participate. © 2011 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 44 44
    • POLL 45
    • Others 46
    • https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/905490202 47
    • Walmarto 1 million+ registered employees visiting every month 48
    • NII Holdings “We’re changing our model to be more like an operating companyrather than a holding company, andin order to do this, we need to stop working in silos and start working cross-functionally, in many cases with teams in other countries.” ~ Angelo Ioffreda, Senior Director, Employee Communications, Engagement & Recognition NII Holdings, Inc. 49
    • AvinoroOperates 46 airportso3000 employees 50
    • People People 51
    • People first 52
    • DNBoOne of Scandinaviasbiggest bankso25 countrieso13000 employees 53
    • 54
    • 55
    • LyseoElectricity, TV andbroadbando1300 employeesoDeveloped together withPeanuts 56
    • Tools 57
    • 58
    • 61comments 59
    • Free White Paper www.PrescientDigital.com www.PrescientDigital.com6060
    • 61www.PrescientDigital.comwww. IntranetBlog.com416.926.8800@intranet2 61
    • 62