SharePoint 2013 Case Study - Creating Prescient's Social Intranet


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In this interactive webinar, Prescient showcases its new intranet built in SharePoint 2013 by Prescient's implementation division, Social Business Interactive. This webinar is a preview of the full presentation which will be delivered at the 2013 Intranet Global Forum.

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  • Oct. 23-25, intranet global forum in NYC
  • Oct. 23-25, intranet global forum in NYC
  • Team of over 250 resourcesDevelopment centers in Toronto, BLR, and Uruguay
  • BrandingUX and UIClients Web partsClients AppsSocial InteractionComplex Branding and UI DesignWorkflows and flow logicSimple Interconnectivity and integrationComplex System-to-System integrationComplex back-end logicServices provisioning and integration
  • Consultants gained access to Prescient’s previous workleveraged past learnings to solve new problemsSales and marketing were better equipped to respond to RFPsReduced RFP completion timeManagement was better able to monitor the quality of completed deliverableImproved oversight and quality assurance
  • Consultants gained a shared system to track projectsEnhanced collaboration and information exchangeAll completed deliverables were uploaded and tagged with associated metadataImproved findability of deliverables The invoicing schedule includes complex workflowImproved documentation and improve efficiencyThe reporting tools built into the system have allowed management to have more granular dataEnabled better decision-making
  • All employees accessed a unified calendarImproved efficiency and transparencyVacation days and holidays were logged on the calendarImproving management oversightImproved the booking of shared resources (e.g. conference line, board room)Improved efficiency and reduced double bookings of resourcesImproved the tracking of consultant’s current location Increased efficiency by more effectively reaching consultants
  • The sales team gained a quick overview of the sales funnel and an easier ability to filter the information to get relevant informationImproved the speed in which the sales team accessed informationPrescient employees who did not have access to Salesforce were now able to view that information Allowed an increased level of transparency
  • Consultants began sharing more information within the companyIncreased sharing of best practices The CEO also began using the feed to communicate updates more frequently and in a less formal manner than before Created a more open culture Contributors became more active and encouraged after seeing others reading/interacting with their postsIncreased content quantity
  • Users become more aware of the other areas of the company through the amalgamation of informationSpurred more idea and knowledge sharing across the companyPrioritized the content based on the needs of the userImproving the level of interest and relevance of content
  • SharePoint 2013 Case Study - Creating Prescient's Social Intranet

    1. 1. SharePoint 2013 Case Study Prescient Digital Media Tamer El Shazli, VP Technology Adam Wasserman, Senior Consultant Watch the webinar video instead
    2. 2. Agenda • Prescient overview • Prescient intranet – Assessment (prior to the new intranet) – Solution – Outcome • Q&A
    3. 3. Prescient overview
    4. 4. 20 words or less…
    5. 5. World Leading Intranet Experts • 12 years of profitable history • World-Renowned Thought Leaders • 185+ intranet projects o Dozens of Fortune 500 Clients • First to define & study “social intranet”
    6. 6. Listen. Understand. Deliver. • We treat each client as unique; – we listen to their needs, goals and challenges; – understand a client's requirements and potential – deliver highly effective and innovative website & intranet plans, designs & solutions.
    7. 7. SharePoint Experts • We are experts in using and deploying Microsoft SharePoint o more than two-thirds of our clients use SharePoint • Our technology team has been developing solutions on SharePoint for over 10 years • The team is highly experienced in o Microsoft’s best practices and techniques o Minimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    8. 8. SharePoint implementation approach OOB Customization+ JQuery + Client Service Object Model+ Open platforms and Service MS Office Tools + 3rd Party Components Visual Studio OOB Office Tools 3rd Party Config. VS Solutions TCO • Newsgator • Bamboo • Colligo • Quest • InfoPath • SharePoint Designer • Excel/Word • Access
    9. 9. Assessment (prior to the new intranet)
    10. 10. Previous state (before the new intranet) • Built on SharePoint 2010 • Relied on 3rd party solutions due to intranet’s shortcomings – Yammer -> collaboration – Google calendars -> shared calendar – Skype -> IM, VOIP – Google worksheets -> shared spreadsheets – Dropbox -> send large files
    11. 11. Vision from business requirements • A single secure platform that would meet all of Prescient’s current/future needs • Eliminate the need of the existing workarounds by creating a single framework to bring the tools and information employees desire into a single access point
    12. 12. Solution
    13. 13. Solution - Mission statement “Prescient’s intranet will be the place for collaboration and two-way communication among employees and management in order to improve efficiency and quality of Prescient’s output.”
    14. 14. Solution - Objectives • Increase productivity and reduce redundancies • Increase the quality of client deliverables • Increase the sharing of best practices and successes
    15. 15. Solution - Core functionality • Client Deliverable Vault • Client Status • Shared Calendar • Salesforce Integration • Collaboration • Personalization
    16. 16. Client Deliverable Vault - Screenshot
    17. 17. Client Deliverable Vault – Technical
    18. 18. Client Status- Screenshot
    19. 19. Client Status– Technical
    20. 20. Shared Calendar - Screenshot
    21. 21. Shared Calendar – Technical
    22. 22. Salesforce Integration- Screenshot
    23. 23. Salesforce Integration– Technical
    24. 24. Collaboration- Screenshot
    25. 25. Collaboration– Technical
    26. 26. Personalization User’s feeds -News -Activity -Tasks Consulting Implementation Sales Marketing Finance Admin/HR
    27. 27. Personalization– Technical
    28. 28. Outcome
    29. 29. Training • Series of two lunch-and-learn training sessions, Prescient staff were shown the new functionality of the intranet • Private 1-1 training sessions were then conducted to teach deeper functionality to specific employees – E.g. consultants who needed a more in depth understanding of the client deliverable area
    30. 30. Adoption • Slow start – The activity on the site was low for the first two months after launch • Quick uptick – As users were trained on the inner workings of the site and as the CEO voiced his approval of the new intranet, adoption quickly climbed • Fully embraced – The site quickly became a vital resource to employees and management and became a part of the fabric of Prescient
    31. 31. Future phases • The Prescient intranet is not complete • List of enhancements that have been logged and prioritized to allow the intranet to better meet the objectives • The intranet will continue to evolve over time in accordance with the long-term strategy and a governance structure
    32. 32. Q & A
    33. 33.
    34. 34. Intranet Insight >
    35. 35. Next webinar The Very Best Intranets from the 2013 Intranet Global Forum November 12, 12:30 EST
    36. 36. Contact Information Adam Wasserman, Senior consultant 416-926-8800 x 211 Tamer El Shazli, Vice President of Technology 416-596-8808 x 214