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Intranet Design - How To Undertake An Intranet Redesign
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Intranet Design - How To Undertake An Intranet Redesign


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In this webinar, Toby Ward, President and CEO of Prescient Digital Media describes our process for creating an intuitive, visually-appealing intranet design that employees will actually want to use. …

In this webinar, Toby Ward, President and CEO of Prescient Digital Media describes our process for creating an intuitive, visually-appealing intranet design that employees will actually want to use.

View the webinar recording:

Undertaking an intranet redesign can be a complicated but rewarding experience. With so many stakeholders to appease, many intranet professionals find themselves in over their heads when trying to take on projects of this size and complexity on their own.

Success at redesigning your intranet is as much about preparation and planning as it is execution. Often, the most successful intranet projects are those that involve key stakeholders from the get-go, as employees are much more likely to use something they help create. This can work wonders for long-term adoption and participation.

Having the right plan is essential to getting the end result you desire - an intuitive, visually-appealing intranet design that employees will actually want to use.

- Key considerations and best practices for every intranet redesign project (getting executive support, gathering business requirements, and establishing your strategic direction).
- What makes a great intranet design, and how do you get there?
- Strategies for getting buy-in from your colleagues.
- Lessons from some of the world's best intranet designs.

This webinar is perfect for all internal communications professionals, including those that are considering (or are in the middle of) an intranet redesign project.

View the webinar recording:

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  • 1. Intranet RedesignToby Ward© 2013 Prescient Digital Media Not for distributionWatch the webinar recording instead
  • 2. Agenda• Business case• Planning• Design• Q & A
  • 3. #intranet2@tobyward @intranet2
  • 4. About Us
  • 5. World Leading Intranet Experts• 12 years of profitable history• Dozens of Fortune 500 Clients• World-Renown Thought Leaders; 150+ intranets
  • 6. Clients
  • 7. First ever intranet methodology
  • 8. First to define & study “social intranet”
  • 9.• Hundreds of articles• Dozens of white papers & reports• Dozens of case studies & videos• Access to multiple social media channels
  • 10. The Business Case
  • 11. More than ROI• A business case should weave a complete story– Cost / benefits– Return on investment– Opportunities created
  • 12. Identify the problems / needs
  • 13. Business Requirements• 10 interviews = good sample• Circulate questionnaire before interview• Know the situation before going inAnalysis• Write up notes as soon after as possible• Look for trends & themes
  • 14. • Approximately 20 questions– Multiple choice and open text– Qualitative and quantitative• Provide survey intro with– Project overview– Details on participation incentive if anyAnalysis• Synopsis of each question• TrendsEmployee Survey
  • 15. 17• By employee type, geographic location, business unit• 8 people = good session (10+ = too many)• Ask questions, promote discussion• Use screen shots from similar industry and company sizeif possibleAnalysis• Paragraph format with quotes• Bar graph for screen shot ratings– Averaged overall rating graphFocus Groups
  • 16. Assessment Scoring © 2002 – 2013 Prescient Digital Media
  • 17. Research & Assessment
  • 18. Guessing
  • 19. Benchmarking© Prescient Digital Media S T R I C T L Y C O N F I D E N T I A L N O T F O R R E P R O D U C T I O N O R D I S T R I B U T I O N012345678910Look & Feel Usability Layout Content Tools & Innovation Planning &ResourcesOverall RatingCA 6.5 5 6 7 6 4 5.7Cisco 8 9 9 10 10 9 9.3IBM 8 9 8 8 9 9 8.5
  • 20. Planning
  • 21. Perspective• 1/3 of IT projects exceed budgets and schedules by almost100% in small to mid-size companies (Gartner)
  • 22. Deliver the plans & design
  • 23. • Strategic planning• Governance & policies• Business case & ROI• Functional planning• Information architecture• Wireframing• Design• Content management• Change managementPlanning Stages
  • 24. Mission Statements• Our mission is to connect people with the ultimateplaces to play.• To improve organizational effectiveness &communications by enabling employees to accesstimely, relevant info & applications where, when &how they need it.
  • 25. Objectives & Goals - Definitions• Goals– Qualitative– Something worked toward, or striven for– Something toward which effort is directed• Objectives– Quantitative– End result of an endeavor/effort– SMART• Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Defined
  • 26. GovernanceDefines the ownership and management model.o Management teamo Roles & responsibilitieso Decision making processo Policies & standards
  • 27. The champion• C-level executive• The champion should have power and influence• Understands the value of the website & the potential• Needs to be involved, but not on a day-to-day basis• Only attend an occasional meeting
  • 28. CollaborativeEditor-in-Chief(Director of Communications)Editorial Committee(Content Owners)CommunicationsCommitteeDevelopmentCommitteeFinanceHospital• Planned Giving• Annual Fundraising• Major Giving• OperationsHospitalCommunicationsTechnical• Corporate DeptsContent Authors• Business Unit DeptsInternet Council(Internal & External Participation)
  • 29. Hybrid Centralized
  • 30. 37Content WorkflowAuthor/ContributorContentContentOwnerIntranetProjectManagerApproved YesNoPost toCMSTranslationrequired?Publishlive tointranetFile inCMS DBNoYesTranslation/ GMSRe-write/updaterequiredVerifytranslationTranslationcorrectYesNoApproved YesNoRequireMngmReviewNoSeniorManagementApproverYesApprovedYes/NoDocument reachesexpiry thresholdCMSworkflowsends noticeto contentauthor/ownerContentowner/authorreviewscontentContentRequiresUpdateYesContent owner/authorsaves content withnote in workflow thatno changes todocument made
  • 31. Information Architecture
  • 32. Wireframes
  • 33. Deliver the plans & design
  • 34. Design
  • 35. One person approval
  • 36. Design by Committee
  • 37. Creative Brief• Review & incorporate brand guidelines• Determine color palette• Determine font types, sizes, headers, etc• Use of images / icons• Technical parameters / limitations
  • 38. Business driven design
  • 39. Designer ‘free reign’
  • 40. Design Concepts• Review creative brief with brand guidelines• Apply colors, style and images to wireframes• Review concepts and fine tune• Get approvals
  • 41. Next webinarSocial IntranetCase StudyJune 19, 12:30 EST
  • 42. Intranet Insight >
  • 43.
  • 44. Questions?
  • 45. toby@prescientdigital.comwww.PrescientDigital.comwww. Ward