Pstti land and water
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Pstti land and water






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Pstti land and water Pstti land and water Presentation Transcript

  • Introduction to Water & Land Presented By Dhanashri Deshmukh Student, PSTTI
  • When you thirsty what you drink ? Water Water quenches our thirst
  • Apart from quenching our thirst water also used for – 1. Cooking food 2. Taking bath 3. Washing cloths & vessels 4. Cleaning house 5. Gardening
  • You know from where water comes – 1. Tap 2. Over head water tank 3. Under ground water Tank Yes We gat water from – 1. Well 2. Hand pump 3. Pound 4. Lakes 5. River 6. Sea 7. Rain
  • Do you know how water came in clouds ? - Due to heat from sun sea water evaporates to form clouds. - Clouds contains water in gaseous form - When cold air comes in contact with cloud, gaseous water turns to liquid water in the form of rain. Water has three forms – 1. Liquid - Water 2. Solid - Ice 3. Gas -Vapour
  • This is our land Where we stand, tree stands, our houses, school stands & where we play.
  • Land is made up of 1. Soil, 2. Sand & 3. Rocks.
  • Plain land like play ground Rocky hills Land has many form like plain playground, small hills, Big mountains, sandy dessert. Sandy desserts Big Mountains
  • Apart from giving base support to us & other animals land gives us food. Land contains soil which has many nutrients to grow trees & grass.
  • Do you know where you live ? We live on earth which is made with land & water. Earth contains 80% water & out of this only 20 % water we can drink, rest is salty water.
  • If you waste water, what will happen ? -You will not have water for drinking -You will not have water for bathing -you will not have water for cooking - Fish & other water animals will not be there. So Don’t waste water. Switch off the water tap when not required during brushing, bathing & when you wash your hands.
  • If you pollute the soil what will happen ? - Plants will not grow, so you will not get fruits, vegetable & other fruit. - If plants not there then soil will drain in water so you will not get support to stand, to play , to build houses, schools So always keep our land clean. Don’t throw plastic on land, throw in dust bins.
  • Save Water, Save Land Thanks You