NEC's Lithium Ion battery for EVs to TelecomTower


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NEC's Lithium Ion battery for EVs to TelecomTower

  1. 1. Lithium-Ion based Energy Storage System for EVs to Telecom Towers Manish KasliwalDirector - Regional Business Planning, Strategy, M&A and Marketing NEC APAC Pte. Ltd. 5th July, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda▐ Energy Storage System  e-Storage market size and forecast  e-storage demand outlook▐ ESS Technology  Key technologies in ESS  NEC’s LiB based e-Storage solutions for • Electric Vehicles • Telecom Towers • Home  NEC’s e-storage technology  NEC’s achievements in Smart energy Business▐ NEC Group and Vision Page 2 NEC Confidential
  3. 3. Smart Grid and Energy Storage System Heat, Supply Side ESS (LIB) Nuclear Hydro Smart Renewal Energy Meter T&D Data Substation Center ③④ ② Telco Tower ① BTS ③④ Grid Power Grid Information EV Charger CEMS Station ③④ ③ ④ BEMS ③④ SEMS③ ④ HEMS ③④ Demand Side ESS(LIB) roles; ① RE Stabilization ② Ancillary for demand fluctuation ③ Peak Cut/Shift ④ Back-up Page 3 NEC Confidential
  4. 4. e-Storage - Market size (APAC region)▐ Telecom application is the largest segment in 2011 because of the vast number of telecom towers being installed in the region. eStorage Market Size (2011- 2017), APAC 27% Source: Frost & Sullivan Report, 2012 ▐ Li-ion battery market to grow to 41.4 billion USD in 2020 ▐ Automotive Li-ion market to grow 37% a year, vs. annual growth of only 3% for consumer electronics batteries Page 4 NEC Confidential
  5. 5. Energy Storage System [ESS] Market ForecastWhy Energy Storage? Applications & Technology▐ Supply & Demand ▐ Renewable: EMS & Power Conditioning▐ Mobility & Portability for consumer goods ▐ Automotive▐ Reduces carbon foot print ▐ Mobility▐ Renewable energy▐ Increases utilization of existing assetsPage 5 NEC Confidential
  6. 6. Lithium-ion battery demand outlook (capacity basis) HEVs/EVs Page 6 NEC Confidential
  7. 7. Key Technologies in ESS and Benefits of LiBRechargeable batteries which can be used for energy storage are mainly Li-ion, NaS, Lead,Nickel-Hydrogen Batteries. Li-ion NaS Lead acid Nickel-Hydrogen Battery Battery Battery BatteryEnergy Density (Wh / kg) 120 110 35 60Energy Efficiency (%) 95 90 87 90 Life(Number of Cycle) 4000 4500 200-2000 1000 - High energy density -Long life - Rapid charge and - High energy - Long life - Proven technology discharge Advantages efficiency - Low price - Confirmed method - Resistance to - Rapid charge and - Resourceful (Na, S) of Recycling of the overcharge and over discharge battery discharge -High price of - Danger of OrganicDisadvantages electrolyte - Exothermic danger - Low energy density hydrogen storing alloy -Exothermic danger Source: Japanese Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, 2009 & NEC’s research NEC Confidential
  8. 8. NEC’s e-Storage SolutionsPage 8 NEC Confidential
  9. 9. NEC’s Li-Ion based Energy Storage SolutionsTrials continue with partners. Supply Side Demand Side Apt. Houses - Generation Distribution Business facilities Buildings Stores Power Peak shave Peak shave Peak shaveApplication Ancillary Stabilization Load shift BEMS HEMSSystem Scale 3~100MWh 30~150MWh 100KWh~10MWh 50~300KWh 3~15KWh ContractorsClient, Partner Power company Utility Biz. Facility Apartments Convenience store METI trials Joint trials NEDO trialsInitial Micro grid in EPRI in US Biz.Dev/Search Residential at YokohamaBusiness Indonesia ENEL in Italy (Japan) storage system Distribution, Heat, hydro, Commercial bldg, Apartment Bldg. Housing, substationNEDO: nuclear power factory, data center RetailNew Energyand Industrial Renewable RenewableTechnology energy energyDevelopmentOrganization ICTBattery Storage System Page 9 NEC Confidential
  10. 10. For Electric Vehicles Launch and Ramp Business through Nissan Partnership AESC NEC Energy Devices (Automotive Energy Supply.) 49% 51% Investment Investment (Factory: Electrode (Factory: Zama) Battery Sagamihara) Automotive Battery Electrode Production Production Electric Vehicles Mass prod. started 7/23/2010 Electrode Cell Module PackPage 10 NEC Confidential
  11. 11. For Telecom Towers Energy Management Server PV Air Conditioner System Controller EMS Server DC/DC BTS Utility Grids AC/DC C DC/DC AC O N T AC Line R O BMU DC Line L Signaling Line L E Unit Unit R ・・ Diesel Generator Pack AC LIB Page 11 NEC Confidential
  12. 12. For Home ▐ NEC’s support centre can monitor Li-ion battery remotely NEC’s support centre Monitoring service Solar panel NEC’s cloud Grid Power conditioner Distribution Distribution board board Internet Router for general for important System home home Controller appliances appliances Li-ion battery for home Power-supply line Operation ( for important home Panel appliances) General home appliances Important home appliances Power-supply line ( for general home appliances) Communication 5.6 kWh line (Already sold in Japan) NEC Confidential
  13. 13. Key Features of NEC’s Li-Ion Technology▐ Manganese Spinel Cathode Material  Greater resistance to overcharge and high thermal stability  Abundant material deposit compared with Co and Ni▐ Laminated Cell Structure  Low internal resistance and high heat dissipation allows less heat generation than a cylindrical cell▐ Proven Reliability as a Large- Capacity Auto Batteries  Safety& Long Life of more than 100,000 km has been proven by Nissan’s HEV Test  Mass Production Quality has been achieved with Subaru Plug-in STELLA Page 13 NEC Confidential
  14. 14. Manganese Spinel Cathode Material▐ NEC realized lifespan of Manganese Spinel Cathode Material longer.▐ It’s possible to reduce cost involved in procuring materials due to Manganese’s abundant material deposit Table. Comparison of cathode electrode materials Page 14 NEC Confidential
  15. 15. Laminated Cell Structure▐ NEC’s laminated cell realizes; • Low internal resistance • High heat dissipation • Lighter battery • Flexibility of the shape of the design External view of the 32Ah cell for the energy storage application Fig. Laminated cell structure Page 15 NEC Confidential
  16. 16. Lifetime Extension Technology for Li-Ion SecondaryBatteries Fig. Result of cycle testExternal view of the of the developed LiB Table. Specification of the developed Li-ion battery Page 16 NEC Confidential
  17. 17. Key Components of ESS Power Grid or Home PV AC Power Conditioning System Power Conditioning Transform AC and DC System System Controller DC Battery Management Unit System Controller Battery Management Unit Keeping safety of battery, Observation, Control, Controlling balance of electricity Record, Monitor Cell Package of Energy storage High level of security, system Cell Long-life, High density High density package, Heat- of energy resistance, Environment of outdoor-resistance Pack Pack Pack Pack High density package,, Heat-resistance Page 17 NEC Confidential
  18. 18. NEC’s Measures and Achievements in Smart EnergyBusiness EV Charging Power Supply Electric Vehicle Smart House Store BEMS(*) Infrastructure Side  Launched cloud supported home energy storage system  Development and field trials of distributed energy management and control system technology using storage batteries with ORIX Corporation  Began demonstration project for Battery and Charger Integration Systems for Strategic partnership next generation service stations as part of Yokohama City’s “Yokohama Smart with Enel Distribuzione City Project” on the development of Next-Generation Smart Developed new technology which doubles life of manganese Li-ion Grid system rechargeable battery  Survey the deployment of energy management technologies for mobile phone base stations in IndiaBEMS (*) : Building Energy Management System Page 18 NEC Confidential
  19. 19. NEC Group Overview Sales: Over 38.2 billion US dollars (ending March 2012) Employees: Over 133,070 worldwide Sales By Segment Electric Devices, IT Services Others 26.9% 26% 7.3% 8% Personal Solution 21.7% 25% Platform Social 12.2% 12% Infrastruct Carrier ure Network 10.8% 10% 20.8% 19%Page 19 NEC Confidential
  20. 20. NEC Group Vision 2017To be a leading global company leveraging the power of innovation to realize an information society friendly to human and the earth NEC Confidential