Incentive & team Building Activities Premium Incoming All Destinations


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Incentive and team building activities of Premium Incoming in our different destination

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Incentive & team Building Activities Premium Incoming All Destinations

  1. 1. Team-Building & Incentive Activities in Berlin
  2. 2. Activities Berlin City Tour Trabant Rally Description An ultimate sightseing tour through Berlin in an original “Trabi”, which was the most common vehicle in East Germany. Each Trabi Rally begins with a game in which the participants are divided into groups, consisting of a driver, a navigator, and wherever applicable, passengers. Each group can be accompanied by a city guide who tells about the main sights along the way. Provided with a roadbook filled with tips, questions and assignments and after a short briefing, the group is set to go in the car from Zwickau. Duration 2 hrs Details 1 car / 4 pax 1 team leader for each group of 5 cars 1 map / car
  3. 3. Activities Bunker Tour - A guided tour into the underground side of Berlin Description Experience the history of Berlin from an unconventional perspective with a guided tour into some of the most important underground structures in the city. Within the Gesundbrunnen Underground railway station lies a subterranean labyrinth full of authentic history waiting to be experienced. Different tours will lead the visitor through civilian shelters and bunker complexes as they will learn about life during the bombing campaigns in Berlin. Visitors will also view the Underworld museum. Duration 1 – 1,5 hrs Details Guided visit in groups of max. 30 pax / group
  4. 4. Activities Multimedia Bustour Description Germany’s capital is steeped in history and also one of Europe’s fastest-evolving cities. Onscreen historic film footage, photographs and audio material, combined with insider knowledge from expert guides, bring Berlin’s past and present to life. Visitors can also join a ‘Movie City Berlin’ tour and watch clips from famous films at the locations where they were shot. Duration 2 - 2 ½ hrs Details Departure: “Unter den Linden”
  5. 5. Activities Beer Tour Description Berlin is famous for its breweries. During the three-hours walking tour participants will visit several old breweries and important sights. The tour includes 1 beer in each of the 3 most important breweries like Georgbräu, Bauhaus Mitte y Lindenbräu. The tour finishes in one of the breweries at the famous Sony Center where visitors will also try typical German sausages and Pretzel. Duration 3 hrs Details 1 beer in every brewery 1 Pretzel and sausage
  6. 6. Activities Tank Driving with T55 or BMP Description Tank Driving is an exceptional out-door team-building activity for all who want action and fun. The base is located in the town Steinhoefel, at approx. 80 km away from Berlin. After a security briefing and instructions about how to drive and handle the tank (type T55 and BMP) the participants can proof their driving skills on the terrain. There are different options: 1.Tank Driving: Each participant has the possibility to drive the tank about 15 min. passing through streams, mud and parts of the forest, etc. 2.Tank Driving with high-speed together with an experienced driver: 10 pax per tank 3.Car-Crashing: Fulfill every man's rush hour desire to just drive over a small car that is in your path. Duration approx. 6 hrs Details - Full equipment - Instructor
  7. 7. Activities BierBike Description If you want to enjoy a unique sightseeing tour in Berlin then a BierBike Tour is the right for you. The BierBike has space for need for up to 16 people and is equipped with 360° wooden bar counter, beer tap with CO2 supply, sound system with CD, player foryour choice of music, large roof with ample, storage space, lighting system and glasses/beakers. You can use one of the tour proposals or take an own guide on board. There will be always an experienced local driver on board. Duration 2 hrs Details - Local driver included - Drinks are not included
  8. 8. Team-Building & Incentive Activities in Prague
  9. 9. Activities Photo Rallye Description The group will be divided into small team of 5-8 participants. After a short briefing, each team gets a digital or Polaroid camera and a game sheet with instructions. The game sheet contains a list of tasks that should be completed: make funny photos of the motives and moments from Prague (make photo of the group jumping, tasting Czech bear etc.). At some checkpoints the team will meet historical figures related to the city. The winner of the game is chosen based on the answers of the questionnaire and the photos. At the end all photos will be burned on CD. Duration 3 hrs Details
  10. 10. Activities Ipad Scavenger Hunt Description After the short briefing, we divide the group into the teams by 6-10 participants. Each team gets an iPad2 with game instruction. Every team follows instruction on the iPad and answer questions about Prague and Czech Republic, beside that team use iPad for video making for Czech language lessons, sing a song competition, use map and navigate to bonus checkpoint, use digital compass, make photos during the game. iPad2 batteries could easily fit for all day game. Duration 3 hrs Details
  11. 11. Activities Trabant Rallye Description A funny race in the Prague city street with old-fashion Communists cars originally from East Germany, with famous "Trabant". After a short briefing, the group is divided into small teams of three members. Every team gets a map of Prague, road books, a digital camera, Trabant car history booklet and own Trabant car with driver. The aim of the rally is find three checkpoints in Prague, the team helps with navigation - on the checkpoints funny games such as sing a song, make an action photo with Trabant etc will be done. On the last checkpoint members can drive the car on their own. Afterwards more games are offered, like load the carriage, blind slalom, push the car without engine and many others. The best team gets prizes - little models of Trabant cars. Duration 3 hrs Details
  12. 12. Activities Prague Movie Makers Description The activity starts with a briefing about the movie game and technical rules. The group is divided into small movie crews. Participants pick up their professions - director, screenwriter, actor and actress, cameraman, lighting technical, clapboard girl, musician etc. The aim is to shoot at least 120 second of commercial spot on company products. Each team might use wide costumes wardrobe, wigs collection and HD movie devices with iPads, MP3 music library. Then the group goes for real filming in the city streets. Later at the Academy Award Ceremony there is projection of all movies on large screen. Academy gives out the prizes for the best man actor, the best woman actor, the best film etc. After the event we edit all clips and deliver for every member as DVD gifts. Duration 3 hrs Details
  13. 13. Activities Spy Hunt - James Bond 007 Description The spy hunt starts in the morning or after the lunch. Commander of Prague department of MI6 / CIA appears with the introduction speech together with local agents. Than the group is divided into small spy units. Every team gets spy box with digital camera, UV lights, Ipad, binocular and own local English speaking agent. During the mission team meet with assassins wearing the red ties to make their mission impossible!! Team should locate hidden envelopes, blind maps, have to translate secret words, find out computer expert or even deactivate the bomb. The route of the spy hunt is trough the city centre of Prague Lesser Town, around Charles Bridge and old Town Square. Duration 3 hrs Details
  14. 14. Activities Dragon Boat Races Description The synchronous paddling in dragon boats is originally an 2000 year old Chinese tradition. Upon arrival, each participant receives a colored T-shirt, corresponding to his team. A brief introduction and presentation of the dragon boats follows. Dragon boats are 12.5 meters long and can accommodate twenty participants, 10 left and 10 right. Finally, the crew consists of twenty-two members with a front man (an experienced instructor ) standing at the stern and a drummer beating to the rhythm of paddling. Fore and aft of the boats are decorated with carved dragon head and tail. While in the first part participants learn how to coordinate paddling, the second part is for the race: 250m of hard paddling, the fastest team wins medals! Duration 3 hrs Details
  15. 15. Activities Czech Cuisine Workshop Description Enjoy funny cooking lessons of traditional Bohemian cuisine. Guests are divided into small teams. Each team gets wooden shop basket, envelope with money, map of Prague and Czech-English dictionary. First tasks is to find old grandma, she holds all recipes. Than is time to buy necessary ingredients in local shops and markets, dictionary will help! Once all team got everything they might need, they check the map and find the restaurant. The cooking lesson begins with a welcome speech of the Chef! Each team competes in creating bohemian fruit dumpling, potato soup, pancakes and many other dishes. Each participant receives cookers hat and plastic apron. In the time when all teams are ready, is time to present and finally taste finished dishes. Everyone is winner. Everyone is awarded with a wooden spoon and a diploma scroll from Cooks' guild of Bohemian Kingdom. Duration 3 hrs Details
  16. 16. Activities Bartender Workshop Description Professional bartenders welcome the guests who are divided into the smaller workgroups. Each team has its own bar desk. Each barman trainee receives an apron. First part of the event is an instructive one. Guests are learnt basic information about various types of mixed drinks, basic rules of preparation, suitable fruit used, decorations etc. In the next part of the program our bartender prepares good looking and fine tasting drinks and guest are trying to do the same. More complicated drinks follow. Finally comes the funny part - bottle juggling! Participant shows their own tricks and styles of mixing. Freestyle barman exhibition ends the event. Duration 3 hrs Details
  17. 17. Activities Ice Hockey Description For sporting groups we offer real ice hockey tournament. After the arrival on the ice stadium follows a short briefing, and group is divided into small teams of 10-15 participants. Every team start with warm up in the cloakroom! Everyone gets full ice hockey equipment, start with underwear and finish with jerseys (can be printed with company logo), than the teams do skate practice on the ice ring and than finally ice hockey tournament. Great fun and adrenalin even for non skaters. During the game refreshment on the ice stadium. Gold medals for wining team! Duration 3 hrs Details
  18. 18. Activities Tank Driving Description About 35 miles from Prague is a former millitary base, the area for the private tank-driving session. Upon arrival the participants will be dressed up into black tank-driving suit, given instructions and the legendary tank ride can begin! First, the vehicle will be driven by instructor to show how to drive. Then, participants can prove their driving skills over hills, water and sand. At the end, participants will receive original Russian tank driving diploma! Duration Approx. 2 hrs Details - Rent of the military base, incl. WC and mobile washing rooms - Miltary Trucks, Land Rovers, Tank BMP and Tank OT-64 BRDMS - Rent of equipment, pants and jackets, gloves and boots - Instructor and group leader - Certificate
  19. 19. Activities Black Theatre Description Black Light Theatre is a theatrical performance style characterized by the use of black box theatre augmented by black light illusion. It has become a speciality of Prague, where many theatres use it. On the stage, the efforts of the actors and artists are combined with bigscreen projections of featured or animated motion pictures, black theatre tricks and magic, with light, sound and emotive music effects. Duration 75 – 90 minutes Details It is possible to rent the theatre for private and customize it with company logo and making the performe interactive with the clients
  20. 20. Team-Building & Incentive Activities in Budapest
  21. 21. Activities Marzipan Manufacturing Activity in the Artists’ Town of Szentendre Description The Marzipan Museum in the centre of Szentendre is one of the most famous places in the village and also the oldest confectionary manufacture. You can see amazing creations from the Marzipan and taste other products of the house as they have a café next door where you can sit on the terrace and spend a nice coffee with one of the house’s special cakes. An active program in the Marzipan manufacture is a Marzipan making course where guests will prepare his/her own product. The host will be a professional pastry chef who explains all the important instructions and secrets about working with this paste made of original Hungarian almonds. Duration 1 hour Details - Entrance to the museum - Marzipan making course
  22. 22. Activities Chocolate Making Course at the Szamos Gourmet House Description Szamos' new flagship store, Szamos Gourmet Ház, is a café, pastry shop and chocolate manufactory all in one. It is a great place to sample some traditional Hungarian desserts, hand-made bonbons and marzipan delicacies. Chocolate & bonbon making courses can be organized for smaller groups. During the course, guests will learn how to make different flavored and shaped truffles of tempered chocolates, real rum and cream. They also learn the basic technical tricks of producing tasty small chocolate balls. Duration 1 - 2 hrs Details - praline tasting - recipes - soft drinks and salted snacks - wrapping of hand made bonbons
  23. 23. Activities Hungarian Puszta Olympic Games Description This Puszta is a landscape characterized by endless horizon of dry steppe with remote villages and farms. A great team building program can be the “Puszta Olympic Games” – the favorite games of the Hungarian shepherds and horsemen. This program brings together group members in a light and fun way, challenging individual and team skills. Based on these old and traditional games we created a whole range of activities thus a full scale Olympic games tournament. Elements can be varied and depend on the number of participants and available time. Just a few samples are: slaloming among straw bales, horseshoe-throwing, barrel riding, log-throwing, ‘needle in the haystack’, ‘snail driving’… Duration 2-3 hrs Details
  24. 24. Activities Barbecue Party & Horse Show Description On arrival at the Lázár Equestrian Park, guests are welcomed with fresh scones topped with crackling, a fruit brandy (’pálinka’) or mineral water. Afterwards guests will experience spectacular horseshows, a revival of Hungarian horsing traditions. They will see a breathtaking demonstration with horses cattle, ponies etc. At the end of the program guests are invited to mount the horses, or to take part in a pleasant coach trip through the woods and a visit of the park. This program is completed with a barbecue party with open fire and live kitchen in the open air part of the farm. Guest can discover all the traditional meals from the Hungarian country side and further to this can have look into the secret of the way they are made, with the assistance of the chef. Duration 3 hrs Details
  25. 25. Activities Dinner at Geller Bath & Spa Description Gellért Thermal Baths and Swimming Pool are a bath complex built between 1912 and 1918 in the Art-Nouveau style. The complex includes thermal baths, which are small pools containing water from Gellért hill's mineral hot springs. The baths are opened daily for everyone, but in the evenings it is available for unique private events. Up to 800 people for a standing reception or 400 guests for dinner seating find place in the 64 meter long and 11 meter wide entrance hall with its magnificent glass windows. The actual bath with its gallery can also be used for events. Clients can enjoy a buffet dinner with an artistic show at the main pool. Clients can take a bath during the whole event and show. Duration 2-3 hrs Details - Buffet dinner - Artistic show
  26. 26. Activities River Ride – Sightseeing on land and water Description River Ride is a unique sightseeing tour. First, you will enjoy the sights of Budapest from the comfortable seats of River Ride, as the bus drives through busy streets; then experience the unforgettable moment when with a big splash the coach plunges into the Danube and sails downriver with you while you pass the breathtaking World Heritage sites of this magnificent city - and all from the comfortable seat of a luxury amphibious bus. Duration 2 hrs Details As private or regular tour
  27. 27. Activities Tank Driving Experience Description Experience the incomparable feeling of driving real Tanks! All types of tanks and further original military vehicle can be driven on an authentic terrain of 55 acres, full of obstacles! Guest will be welcomed and listen to an overall presentation and briefing before the whole activity starts. Every participant will receive a khaki overall and get all the important instruction. By taking part in this unique program, guests can learn how to handle a tracked vehicle, by coping with un-imaginable obstacles using our Tanks! The feeling of ruling these beasts of steel will last for a lifetime. Catering can be organised on spot with setting up a tent for the food and beverage service. Duration 3 hrs Details - Maximum 5-6 vehicles are operated in a huge terrain - One driving etap lasts approx. 15 minutes
  28. 28. Activities Dragon Boat Competition on the Danube Description A dragon boat is a human-powered watercraft traditionally made in China. Dragon boats are the basis of the team paddling sport of dragon boat racing an amateur water sport. The standard crew complement of a dragon boat is typically 22, comprising 20 paddlers in pairs facing toward the bow of the boat, 1 drummer or caller at the bow facing toward the paddlers, and 1 steersman at the rear of the boat. Thanks to the ideal location of Budapest with the River Danube we can organise dragon boat competitions for small and large groups. 30 min. from the city centre we can board in a nice pier. With the help of professional instructors participants will go through a training first that will help to learn how to paddle these boats in team. Once the teams has completed the training the competition starts. Duration 2-3 hrs Details - Min. 40 pax (to fill 2 boats of 20 pax)
  29. 29. Activities Visit State Opera and surprise private concert Description One of the highlights of a walk in the Andrassy Street is the beautiful Opera House, which was built in 1884 in Neo-Renaissance style. The exterior of the building is very impressive although a bit complicated to appreciate because of the difficulty in getting a good view. The statues on the facade, renovated in 1966, represent a selection of great composers among which Monteverdi, Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, Wagner, Verdi, Bizet and Tchaikovsky. The interior and especially the performance hall itself is the most impressive with the allegorical frescoes, stone carvings, painting and other decorations by famous artists. After having visited the Opera, the group gets the chance to assist a mini private concert of 5-10 min. Duration 1,15 hrs Details
  30. 30. Activities Wine tasting at Gundel’s 1894 Food & Wine cellar Description The century old St. Orbán and Zsuzsanna Wine Cellars encompass most of the good things in life: the leisure tasting of wines and food and good conversations. The low arches, candles in wrought iron holders and bare brickwork evoke a feeling of history. Barrel-tops are decorated with crests of villages of the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region, and rustic furniture complements the design. Private wine tastings can be organised with the assistance of an English speaking sommelier. He will present the wine regions of the country, explain about the tradition of the wine making and some characteristics that exist only in Hungary. Guest will know more about the way of professional wine tasting and will have the opportunity to taste 5 kinds of wine from the house’s own wine products. Duration 1 hour Details - Chees & apple plate with scones included
  31. 31. Activities Danube luxury cruising Description You should not miss a boat trip on the Danube while visiting Budapest. Have a look at the beautiful Budapest view either during the day or at night. It is a fact that Budapest has the best scenery from the Danube. Thanks to its perfect geographical location, you are able to enjoy the close nature of Buda hills and the hectic city life at the same time while rocking on the waves of the river. The private luxury boat promises a unique and elegant experience. The power boat is served by 2 persons (captain and boatman) to ensure the most convenient journey. Measures: 9 m long, 3 m wide and 260 HP engine Capacity: for 10 person Duration 1 hour Details Drink and snack service can be added as an option
  32. 32. Activities Poker tournament in a wine cellar Description For the real Poker funs we can organize a Poker tournament at a very special site in a wine salon in the heart of downtown, where our guests may enjoy all the excitement of the game and the delicious taste of the wines. During the event 2 Poker tables, with professional hosts are at our guests’ service. The peculiarity of this program is the wine tasting introducing well selected premium category Hungarian wines with local origin with delicious cold bites. Capacity: from 10 to 50 persons Duration 3 hrs Details Wine and poker staff incl. croupier included
  33. 33. Team-Building & Incentive Activities in Vienna
  34. 34. Activities Dance class Waltz Viennese (“Walzer”) Description Vienna is the world’s capital of music. One of its most sought-after “export goods” is the Viennese Waltz, the dance in three quarter time that waltz king Johann Strauss triumphantly took across the globe. Being able to dance a waltz is a skill that everybody should master before going to a ball in Vienna. The basic steps are easy to learn and after 30-40 minutes you will see the first results. The dancing school Elmaver is one of the most famous in Vienna which also organizes various events such as the famous opera ball. Duration 30 – 40 min with teachers Details Groups of 70 pax. Later you can show what you have learned during the gala dinner.
  35. 35. Activities Tour in “Fiaker” Description In former times, the Fiaker carriages served as a daily means of transportation in Vienna, today they are a popular tourist attraction and permit to discover Vienna from an unusual perspective. Fiaker carriages are mainly used by visitors of Vienna for nostalgic carriage rides, but they can also be rented for private carriage rides and carriage transfers, for instance for events. Go for a Fiaker carriage ride through the old town streets and discover the most important sights of Vienna from an oh so different viewpoint! During your Fiaker carriage sightseeing tour, you will pass by Saint Stephens cathedral, the Hofburg imperial palace, the attractions of the Ring boulevard and many other viennese sights. Duration Between 20 – 60 minutes Details Carriages for 4 pax
  36. 36. Activities Seminario de “Apfelstrudel” Description Every hour in the public bakery, original hand-drawn Viennese apple strudel are made and baked by an experienced pâtissier. You can discover precisely how such a delicious strudel is prepared. In addition, every visitor receives a copy of the original Viennese apple strudel recipe, with which you can try your hand as an apple strudel baker at home. Not just the preparation however, but also the simultaneous baking is a special experience; the aroma of baking strudel makes your mouth water. It's just as well then that you can satisfy your craving for a piece of oven-fresh apple strudel right on site; best along with a coffee at a café table in the Hofbackstube, and for those who also want to take a sweet apple strudel memory back home, you can buy yourself a couple in the Hofbackstube. Duration 1 hour + 90 minutes for cooking and packaging Details For groups up to 25 pax in German and English
  37. 37. Team-Building & Incentive Activities in Madrid
  38. 38. Activities Tapas Tour Description Try tapas in Madrid the way the Madrileños do! On a Tapas tour you will visit between four or five special locations carefully chosen bringing together the very best combination of quality, price, service and charm which the metropolis of Madrid has to offer. The tour allows you to leave the typical tourist track and receive an introduction to the real Madrileño lifestyle with traditional Spanish food and drink. You will try authentic Spanish delicacies such as tortilla de patatas, chorizo in cider, octopus from Galicia, cider from Asturias, sherry from Andalusia and other regional specialties. Duration 2 hrs Details - Guided walking tour - The route and choice of tapas bars & restaurants can vary
  39. 39. Activities Winery Tour (Full Day) Description Not an hour drive away from Madrid, wine country begins. The picturesque Madrid Region’s countryside, houses wineries that blend tradition and innovation. Clay vats, centennial caves and the Tempranillo grape as the main hosts. Participants will visit three wineries, learn about winemaking and wine drinking history, and taste the varied wines in each winery along with a traditional lunch. Duration 8 hrs (full day) Details - Tuesday and Friday from 9.30 h to 17.30 h - Visit to three wineries where we will have a tasting of two or more of their wines - Lunch with traditional regional dishes - Bilingual guide specialist in the field - Transport from Madrid
  40. 40. Activities Wine & Chocolate Tasting Description Clients will be welcomed to the winery with a visit guided by the Gosálbez-Orti family where they will be explained how the wine is made. Then the group will move to the Wine Tourism Center where an expert taster will give them a class and tasting of chocolates. The program includes tasting four types of chocolate and three wines. The event is concluded by enjoying the chocolate and wine from the tasting, accompanied by other tapas. Duration 2 hrs Details - Visit of the winery - Tasting of 4 types of chocolate and 3 wines - For groups from 8 to 30 pax
  41. 41. Activities Flamenco Dance Lesson Description A Spanish art form that typifies the south of Spain is Flamenco which consists of dancing, guitar playing, singing and hand clapping. Participants can learn how to dance Flamenco, guided by a professional flamenco dancer. A delicious dinner at the restaurants makes the evening perfect. Duration 45 min (flamenco class) Details - Min. 5 pax - Optional: Dinner afterwards
  42. 42. Activities Ballooning in Madrid & Segovia Description A balloon flight will make your incentive, training or team-building activity absolutely unforgettable. The activity is carried out in the morning in summer and winter and will take aroung 3 hrs. The rest of the time will be used in balloon inflation, boarding, landing, balloon packing, coming back to the launch field in the retrieve vehicles and celebration with a toast of “Cava”. Finally passengers will be awarded by a certificate. The basket or the whole balloon can be personalized with company logo. Duration 3 hrs Details - Starting at 07:30 hrs in summer and 08:30 hrs in winter - Activity depends on wheather conditions - Glass of champagne (Cava) at the end of flight included - Certification included
  43. 43. Activities Visit Bull’s Farm “El Castañar” & Mini-Bullfight (Toledo) Description In the Montes de Toledo range, situated only 100km from Madrid, El Castañar is one of Spain’s largest private hunting lodges. At El Castañar which is about 200 years old, they raise some of the best fighting bulls in the world. These bulls, or “El Conde de Mayalde”, were created in the early 19th century. You will take a tour around the farm on trucks travelling through the ancient oak and olive trees, and visiting the Ibericos, or pig enclosure. You will see the red wine vineyards and the main house of El Castañar built with a French and Scottish style. Afterwards, you can enjoy a mini-bullfight which is a training session with young bulls. Duration 3 hrs Details - Visit of the farm El Castañar travelling on trucks - Mini bullfight without blood
  44. 44. Activities Hunting red-legged partridge at Fuentelfresno (Guadalajara) Description Featuring fifteen thousand hectares of La Mancha’s typical terrain, Fuentelfresno is a hunting estate dedicated to driven partridge shooting. Hunts of the highest level are organized during which you can enjoy spectacular scenery and the fierce spirit of the partridges that, along with the lie of the land at Fuentelfresno, make the shoots an unforgettable experience for seasoned hunters. Fuentelfresno is located 59 kilometers to the northwest of Madrid in the Campiña de Guadalajara. A typical day of shooting at Fuentelfresno starts with a hearty breakfast at the house, after which there are three drives with a ‘taco’, or snack, between each one. After the third drive lunch is served in the field, where we have various wooden dining areas, so that once lunch is done, we can offer two more drives. After the hunt, back at the house, tea is served. This is one of the most enjoyable moments because it’s when we recap the day’s shooting with all the hunters. Possibility of accommodation in typical and cosy Castilian houses with all-wood-interior and overlooking the beautiful valley. Duration Full Day Details
  45. 45. Activities Hunting at Finca & Castle Viñuelas (Madrid) Description Finca Viñuelas is located in “Soto de Viñuelas”, also known as Mount Viñuelas, which is a meadowoak forest north of the city of Madrid and east of the Monte de El Pardo. It is a fenced property of 3,000 ha, which includes important ecological values, landscape and art. Soto de Viñuelas is part of the Regional Park of the High Basin of the Manzanares, a nature reserve which is recognized as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Finca Viñuelas also hosts a beautiful castle built as fortress and dating back to the 17th century. The farm is the perfect place for hunting lovers and offers the possibility of big hunt: Hunting of old bulls and does, hunting of fallow deer and red deer, selective hunting, arch hunting and small hunt hunting of partridge and doves) Duration Full Day Details Depending on the program breakfast, appetizer and lunch included
  46. 46. Activities Rallye Experience Description Rally Experience is an activity aimed at people who want to live the experience of driving a rally car. Pure adrenaline on board of a Golf GTI group N, where participants discover how to put into practice the rally driving techniques. The activity begins with a briefing where instructors explain the technical characteristics of this type of driving and rally vehicles. Then the participants move to the area where they can prove their driving skills and realize some exercises on a special track. Program: - Hand-over of equipment (suit and helmet) - Brief theoretical instructions into the driving techniques of a rally car - Familiarization with the cars and brakes - Practice: driving curves (left foot braking) - Practice: Finnish driving technique - Simulation of a timed section on a special track Duration 5 hrs aprox. Details - Gloves, safety helmet and suit provided
  47. 47. Activities Segway Tour Description Discover an interesting and original way to cruise through the heart of Madrid. The Segway is the most advanced transport device to move around in pedestrian environments. You will find that it's safe, easy and a lot of fun. There are tours available oriented to visit the most emblematic and colorful places of Madrid, starting from the city centre of Madrid, close to the Plaza Mayor and the Plaza de la Villa. There are also special gastronomic routes and, even, the possibility to make a cooking workshop in one of the best restaurants in Casa de Campo which will be reached by Segway. Duration 1-2 hrs aprox. depending on the route Details - Prior training - Professional monitor
  48. 48. Team-Building & Incentive Activities in Barcelona
  49. 49. Activities Paella Cooking Class with Lunch and Visit of Boqueria Market Description Participants will discover the secrets of the traditional Spanish cuisine and learn how to cook the authentic typical dishes (paella, gazpacho, tapas etc.). Starting with a walking tour around the famous Boqueria market, getting plenty of tips on picking local, seasonal products, continue with the cooking experience and finish the adventure enjoying the menu prepared in a friendly and casual atmosphere. Ideal for groups, team-building and individuals. Duration 3,5 hrs Details - In English, French or Spanish - Visit to the Boqueria market - Dinner / lunch included (participants eat what they cooked before) - Paella receipt
  50. 50. Activities Chocolate Tour Description A sweet tour tour to the finest chocolateries in Barcelona. The city has aquired its own fame all over Europe for its homemade chocolates. On this tour we visit the best chocolateries in town. Beginning at the Museo de Chocolate (chocolate museum), you get an overview of how chocolate is made and how it came to Spain. In the shops of Oriol Balaguer, Xocoa, Cacao Sampaka and the Japanese label Ochiai you will try the chocolates: all of them live up to the expectations of all chocolate lovers. Duration 2 hrs Details - Entrance fee to the museum - Tastings of chocolate in every shop - Travel on the metro from one shop to antoher - 1 drink
  51. 51. Activities Ballooning in Cataluña Description The activity starts with the picking up of the passengers at the meeting point. Passengers have the opportunity to help during the preparation of the flight: the setting and inflation of the balloon. When the balloon is up, you will take off for a ride which will last more than an hour. The wind is the master of your way up the Catalonian landscapes. The landing marks the end of the ride. The “rescue team” comes to collect the balloon. You then celebrate the flight at the landing spot with a Cava toast and a surprising special brunch. Passengers will receive a first flight certificate signed by the pilot. The activity can be done from Monday to Sunday all year long. Duration half a day, including minimum of 1 hour of flight. Details - Third part insurance for every passengers - Briefing, preparation and inflation of the balloon - Landing, passengers recovery by the chase crew - Cava toast, soft drinks and a surprising meal at the landing spot - Transfer back to the launch field in 4x4 - Delivery of First flight certificates signed by the pilot
  52. 52. Activities Bicycle Tour Description A bicycle tour through Barcelona is a different way to discover the city. You will stop in different parts of the city: Old town, Gothic Quarter, sea front, Poble Nou, Olympic Barcelona etc. Tours can be organized during the day or at night, and all groups are accompanied by a multilingual monitor-guide and a monitor-mechanic. Also possible are Gymkhanas which are tours based on particular themes or itineraries which can include visits to museums and monuments. Duration 2 hrs Details - Transport in bicycle - Insurance - Guided tour
  53. 53. Activities Helicopter flight Description Enjoy an exclusive tour in Barcelona the Skytour, flying with one of the twin-engine helicopters over the main city’s landmarks. You can also enjoy Barcelona’s coast with a shorter flight or the impressive views of Montserrat Mountain and its monastery. Example: Barcelona Sky Tour (10 min.) Heliport, WTC, Commercial Port, Port Olympic, Olympic Village, Barceloneta, Forum, Torre Agbar, Sagrada Familia, Eixample, Diagonal, Camp Nou, Montjuïc Olympic Ring and Heliport Duration Details 5 - 35 minutes depending on the route
  54. 54. Activities Diving at Cala Joncols Description Duration Details Cala Joncols is located in the Nature reserve Cap De Creus. The Cap is part of the “the northernmost part of the Costa Brava”, close to the French border. There is a vast range of exhilarating dive sites of many different kinds, providing something for everyone, regardless of their qualification levels or experiences. Spectacular Gorgonians and abundant marine life, ranging from massive groupers, Barracudas to colorful nudibranchs of all kinds. Even close encounters with Sun fish is especially end of May beginning of June not unusual. Water temperatures in Joncols range from 14° C to 22°C . Even from the beach, scorpion fish, octopus, squids and occasionally moray eel are spotted.
  55. 55. Activities Catamaran Sailing & Regattas Description A great team building activity where, accompanied by a professional team, participants can enjoy the feeling of a fleet regatta, racing against other boats. In the hands of professional skippers they will form a team and coordinate the different roles on board to get the most out of the boat and compete against the rest of the ship fleet. To rest from shipping a barbecue can be prepared on board with champagne and background music. Duration 3 - 5 hrs Details - Boats and catamarans for groups from 5 to 300 people - Security briefing - Professional assistance
  56. 56. Activities GoCar GPS-Guided Tours Description Zip around Barcelona in a little yellow GoCar, perfect for a day of sightseeing and adventure. You do the driving and it navigates and talks to you. You can stop for photos, take detours, grab a coffee or break for lunch. Or you can blaze your own trail and explore the most exciting parts of the city on your own. Adventurous treasure hunt with GoCar Are you looking for a fun group activity? The Go Car Treasure Hunt activity combines these actions, and offers you the opportunity to discover Barcelona the coolest way possible. The objective is to complete the activities and answer as many questions as possible from the moment they start the GoCar tour until they get back to the shop. Duration 2 - 3 hrs depending on the route Details - One full fuel tank - Insurance
  57. 57. Activities Formule 1 Experience Description F1: Feel like a real race driver A few privileged can show off with having been at the wheel of a F1 car, and especially on a professional track. Enjoy a driving session in a single-seater on the national layout of the Circuit de Catalunya (2,997 m). Formula Renault: the introduction to F1 Emulate novice race drivers with this introductory F1 course: spend a day at full throttle at the wheel of the fast Formula Renault single-seaters. Duration Details
  58. 58. Activities Classic Car Tour with Driver Description Observe Barcelona in a very different way! Enjoy a tour through Barcelona and the outskirts in a classic vintage car! Those who love this stylish, gentle sliding along the streets in a Ford T dating from 1926, for instance, will take delight in this tour, which is available for up to 4 guests per car at once. You will be picked up by our very gentle and uniformed driver at your hotel, and then you’re on the road immediately! The driver will pass by the most interesting and beautiful spots this city has to offer, and give explanations - what a way to discover this city! The tour can include also some nice spots in the outskirts of the city, such as the upper part of the Tibidabo mountain, from where you have an incredible view over the city and the sea! The tour will end at the restaurant of your choice in Barcelona. Duration 2 hrs Details - max. 4 people per car - incl. English-speaking driver
  59. 59.