Digital marketing strategy


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Digital Marketing is a Promotion of brands or products and services using all forms of digital advertising.

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Digital marketing strategy

  1. 1. ““Digital Marketing Strategies”Digital Marketing Strategies”1
  2. 2. Contents:Contents: What is Digital Marketing? Which Tactics Produces best Results How do you stand out in this process? Digital Marketing Process Flow KeyTacticsYou Can Follow Most effective tools used Most Effective Strategies What High Growth Firms Do Act Alleviate Accelerate 2
  3. 3. What isWhat is Digital MarketingDigital Marketing??Marketing process which leads to the development of any organization or brand byusing a variety of digital channels such as email, social networks etc.Promotion of brands or products and services using all forms of digital advertising.Two different forms of digital marketing exist:Pull digital marketing ex:Websites, blogs and streaming mediaPush digital marketing ex: Email, text messaging and web Act Alleviate Accelerate
  4. 4. Which Tactics Produces best ResultsWhich Tactics Produces best Act Alleviate AccelerateSearch + Content Social Media EmailDisplay Ads Mobile Videos
  5. 5. How do you stand out in this process?How do you stand out in this process? Get found in long tail and geographically - specific searches Use a variety of platforms to demonstrate your expertise and subject matter authorityand engage with prospects and Act Alleviate Accelerate
  6. 6. Digital Marketing Process FlowDigital Marketing Process Act Alleviate Accelerate
  7. 7. Key TacticsYou Can FollowKey TacticsYou Can Follow Online marketing helps firms grow faster Firms generating 50% or more of their leads online grow 5X faster than those with noonline leads High growth firms obtain 70% of leads online while average firms obtain 10% Online marketing increases firms profitability Firms generating 50% or more of their leads online are 3X more profitable than thosegenerating less than 15% of their leads Act Alleviate Accelerate
  8. 8. Most effective tools usedMost effective tools used Blogging White papers, eBooks and articles SEO Company newsletters LinkedIn Twitter PPC Email Campaigns Online video Act Alleviate Accelerate
  9. 9. Most Effective StrategiesMost Effective Strategies SEO: Optimize for the long tail Take advantage of owned publishing platforms : website, blogs, social networks Website : Original content Allow people to connect with you : Give people a sense of the personalitiesthey’ll be working with Email : Build a relationship through regular content Blog : Be the resource for your specialty Twitter : Expand your reach and raise awareness YouTube : Give people of sense of the experience of working with you LinkedIn : The hub of your professional activity; Optimize your profile Facebook : Promote your value and recruit Slideshare : Create a library of your presentations Use events to bridge offline and online efforts Plan for mobile : Mobile Friendly Act Alleviate Accelerate
  10. 10. What High Growth Firms DoWhat High Growth Firms Act Alleviate Accelerate
  11. 11. What High Growth Firms DoWhat High Growth Firms Act Alleviate Accelerate
  12. 12. Digital Marketing FactsDigital Marketing Facts 20% : of google searches by month are for local businesses 57% : of internet users search the web everyday 46%: daily searches are for info on products or services 54%: of marketers increased their inbound marketing budget in 2013 91% : of B2B marketers are using content marketing 78% : of marketers are using Email marketing (e-newsletters) $40 Billion : Projected Ad spending in 2013 $50 Billion : Projected Ad spending in 2015 $1.1 Billion : Mobile Ad spending in 2015 Over 70% of the Marketers plan to include mobile in their budgets by 2013 Act Alleviate Accelerate
  13. 13. To know more, feel free to write to usTo know more, feel free to write to Act Alleviate Accelerate
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