Predicate | When Content Management Needs a Content Strategy


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"When Content Management Needs a Content Strategy"
Gilbane Boston 2009

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Predicate | When Content Management Needs a Content Strategy

  1. When Content Management Needs a Content Strategy Jeffrey MacIntyre Gilbane 2009 Predicate, LLC Boston, MA
  2. Introductions I’m an independent content strategist in NYC. My practice focuses on: ‣ Digital product strategy; ‣ Media and entertainment clientele; and ‣ Contributing to the CS body of knowledge.
  3. Today’s Objectives ‣ Relevance. What does a rising field of practice in web design mean to the content management community? (A lot.) ‣ Applicability. How can you get to work on a content strategy for your own organization or clients?
  5. The Story So Far ... In web design, 2009 is the breakout year for content strategy.
  6. No. Really.
  7. “Design without content is decoration.” Jeffrey Zeldman
  8. Credit: “Redesign Must Die” , Louis Rosenfeld: Kill Redesign ‣ “Every large website is a complex adaptive system.” ‣ “A platform that’s supple and flexible, lends itself to tuning, and supports multiple levels of engagement.”
  9. The Rationale for CONTENT STRATEGY
  10. Remember the Good Old Days?
  11. Or, shovelware.
  12. “Tragedy = comedy + time” Woody Allen
  13. How the Content Strategist Still Sees (a Lot of) the Web.
  14. Why? Part I A generation into the web, we still don’t do content right. It’s our open secret. And it shows. Credit: circa 1999
  15. Why? Part II Old problems. No ownership or expertise. CMS. Archive. Postlaunch erosion. Lack of standards. New problems. Deeper and wider inventories. Richer offerings. Revenue models. SEO. Social. Multichannel. Partners. UGC. Technologies galore.
  16. Introducing Content Strategy ‣ What? Product development for content. ‣ How? CSes, like product developers, sit between “product” and “plumbing”.
  17. The INTERSECTION of Content Management + Content Strategy
  18. “[Y]ou need a product manager.” ‣ “I am interested in the forest and the trees of large Web sites, not solely strategic and not solely in the weeds.” David Hobbs,
  19. Content Management Methodologies ‣ Various models--from Boiko to Byrne, Rockley to AIIM--strive for exhaustiveness. ‣ CMS Review’s 7 Stage Lifecycle calls them to account.
  20. CM Methodologies: CMS Review Credit: CMS Review 7 Stage Lifecycle
  21. And Yet... “Content”
  22. “Content Needs a New Home” Credit: Kristina Halvorson
  23. The CONTENT STRATEGY Body of Knowledge
  24. Getting Oriented: CS is Multidisciplinary Credit: Richard Ingram At minimum, it’s adjacent to interaction design, development, copywriting, information architecture, business analysis and content management.
  25. Getting Oriented: CS is a Lifecycle “Content Strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.” --Kristina Halvorson “If information architecture is the spatial design of information, I see content strategy as the temporal side of that same coin.” --Louis Rosenfeld
  26. Old Testament ‣ The web is a publishing medium. ‣ Content is integral (to experience). ‣ Content producers = de facto publishers. ‣ To users, the web is awash in content. Site owners feel the floodwaters, too. So, sink or swim. Filter or be flooded.
  27. New Testament ‣ Why? Because publishing is hard. Credit: Jessica Hagy Consider the masthead. ‣ Curation is king. The filter on the firehose as an editorial function.
  28. “The Day 2 Problem” Postlaunch is a project phase. Nothing shines a light on the good faith agreement between client and consultant than thoughtful aftercare. Editorial strategy is about caring for content after launch day. Credit: Flickr Commons
  29. Our Methodology 1. Audit 2. Plan 3. Build 4. Grow product content editorial content audit strategy specification calendar content migration plan copy deck style guide inventory content gap analysis development
  30. Problem Solving with Content Strategy
  31. Process and workflow design ! !
  32. Standardized content offerings !
  33. Template mapping Production plans
  34. Content schematic
  35. ! Decision tree
  36. Style guide
  37. Editorial calendar
  38. Management tools
  39. Product Strategy Sourcing, licensing, perishability, inventory banking, archiving, linking, multimedia guidelines
  40. A community of intellectual property...
  41. The Payoff of Content Strategy
  42. What’s in it for CM? Content strategy is meaningful when... ‣ The potential of your deliverables is marred by poor execution, inconsistency & inaction ‣ New tools require process & org. change ‣ Measurement matters ‣ You need the big picture ‣ Governance & standards are incomplete ‣ It’s time to tune, not redesign
  43. DIY Content Strategy Ask the tough questions. When you care about a client’s content, you are doing content strategy. Credit: Flickr Commons “[A] CMS without a content strategy leads to shovelware or worse.” Jonathan Kahn,
  44. Where It Will Take You Instilling a new postlaunch pride: ‣ bolder measures of success ‣ enduring results for your clientele; lasting influence for your vision ‣ vanguard case studies
  45. Content Strategy FYI ‣ CS, the Knol ‣ CS, the Google Group ‣ #contentstrategy on Twitter ‣ I’m @jeffmacintyre and @PredicateLLC ‣ Content Strategy for the Web, Kristina Halvorson (New Riders, 2009)