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First showcase of our portfolio series

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LEAP Design Portfolio

  1. 1. We create innovative and honest designs that appropriately and effectively communicate your business to your customers At LEAP, our aim is to create designs that will move your business forward. We deliver memorable, durable and appropriate designs for your type of business. Aesthetic is important to us. Our designs harmoniously blend colors, typography and graphics to bring life to your corporate identity. At the end of the day, we want to create a design that makes an impact, especially on your bottom line.
  2. 2. Take The Leap wiTh us and experience quaLiTy services in: Branding and corporate identity Graphic design Marketing collateral Sales collateral Packaging design Print and web advertising Information design
  3. 3. brochure
  4. 4. adventist hospital HIGH quALIty COLLAtErALS rEfLECtInG tHE HIGH quALIty HEALtHCArE At AdvEntISt CLIEnt: Adventist HospitAl, HonG KonG Adventist Hospital is a non-profit hospital providing high leaflet quality healthcare to the local and expatriate community in Hong Kong. Its marketing collaterals needed a face lift to better reflect the hospital’s evolvement into a modern healthcare provider. LEAP delivered a set of marketing packs - posters, brochures, leaflets and invitation cards – that truly reflect the hospital’s identity: clean, modern, moving in tandem with the advancements in society. WorK done Graphic design Marketing collateral leaflet poster
  5. 5. stationery set
  6. 6. apus investment ltd A PrOfESSIOnAL-LOOKInG COrPOrAtE IdEntIty fOr tHE nEW HEdGE fund MAnAGEr CLIEnt: ApUs investment limited, HonG KonG LEAP helped start-up hedge fund company Apus Investment develop its visual corporate WorK done identity. As the company is an investment manager, we created a conservative-looking logo Branding and corporate for APuS. We used typography and the colors blue and white, to come up with a simple identity and elegant logo design that conveys the company’s professional image. Graphic design business card
  7. 7. brochure (cover page)
  8. 8. australian Wine center A PrOduCt BrOCHurE WItH StAnd-Out IMAGES Of fInE WInES CLIEnt: tony mitcHell, HonG KonG Australian Wine Centre was established in Hong Kong in 2004 and specializes in the sales and marketing of premium “boutique” wines from Australia. The company’s vision is to bring the delights of fine wines produced by small volume producers which would otherwise not be available in the city. LEAP delivered a brochure that provided an A to Z guide about its products and services, accompanied with nicely selected images of wines, wineries and vineyards. We combined the colors black, light blue and white along with large images to create an elegant and luxurious look. WorK done Graphic design Marketing collateral brochure (inside page)
  9. 9. stationery set
  10. 10. belhalms A PErfECt LOGO fOr A COMPAny WItH IdEAS fOr A PErfECt HOME CLIEnt: BelHAms, AUstrAliA Established in 2008, Belhams is a distributor of home products sourced from Asia and WorK done around the world. Selling home products that are natural and unique, Belhams needed a Branding and corporate corporate identity that will bring out these qualities. LEAP conceptualised the company identity logo, inspired by branches and fresh leaves. This represented Belham’s core, which is Graphic design bringing ideas and products for a perfect home. the use of brown and lime green as logo colors were perfect in capturing the warmth and naturalness of the company’s home wares. business card
  11. 11. corporate identity guideline
  12. 12. chater consulting ltd A nEW COrPOrAtE IdEntIty fOr A COnSuLtInG fIrM CLIEnt: cHAter consUltinG limited, HonG KonG Chater Consulting in Hong Kong provides targeted marketing and management services to small and emerging hedge fund businesses. It improves funds’ chances for capital raising by providing the funds feedback and access to the global investor base. for its logo, we decided to go with the typography format and played with its forms, modifying and adding a few graphs to produce a design that evokes originality and familiarity at the same time. WorK done Branding and corporate identity business card
  13. 13. stationery set sales collateral (adviser flyer)
  14. 14. financial partners A WHOLE nEW SuItE Of dESIGn SErvICES fOr tHE SuCCESSfuL rE-BrAnd Of tHE COMPAny CLIEnt: FinAnciAl pArtners limited When leading financial services group financial Partners expanded its services, a re-brand was necessary. LEAP was tapped to create design for all its re-branding materials. We provided the full range of service, including developing style guide and templates for company letters, documents, stationary, marketing materials, website development and advertising materials – reflecting Financial Partners’ breadth and depth of services and footprints. WorK done Branding and corporate identity Graphic design Marketing collateral Sales collateral Information design Production and distribution seminar invitation
  15. 15. stationery set
  16. 16. primafit A nEW COrPOrAtE IdEntIty And MArKEtInG COLLAtErALS tO SuPPOrt ItS rE-BrAnd CLIEnt: primAFit, indonesiA To support the re-branding campaign of Prima Fit, Indonesia’s leading fitness equipment WorK done supplier, LEAP re-designed the company logo, stationary and other marketing materials. Branding and corporate for the logo, we used typography to convey the leading position of the company as well identity as emphasized the industry it is in. LEAP also produced a separate set of product flyers Graphic design with customised folders for the opening of its retail store in Jakarta. Working on a tight Marketing collateral deadline and with various design guidelines, we delivered a product marketing pack that greatly supported its sales initiatives during the store’s opening day and onwards. greeting card
  17. 17. folder, business card and flyers
  18. 18. folder flyer flyer flyer
  19. 19. folder
  20. 20. Quadros international A COrPOrAtE IdEntIty tHAt COMMunICAtES ItS SOLId StAndInG In tHE MArKEt CLIEnt: QUAdros internAtionAl, United ArAB emirAtes LEAP created a new corporate logo for Quadros International, one of Dubai’s largest WorK done interior outfitting companies. Quadros has a solid presence in the construction and interior Branding and corporate design industry, hence we designed a bold q-shaped logo to truly represent its leading identity stature. Marketing collateral folder, business card and letterhead
  21. 21. contact us Want to take the leAp? email us at info@leapdesign.biz or contact one of our offices: Hong Kong Office Jakarta Office 25/f, 46 Lyndhurst terrace World trade Center 7th floor Central, Hong Kong Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 29 - 31 phone +852 3575 9611 Jakarta 12920 - Indonesia Fax +852 3753 5223 phone +62 21 2557 4588 (ext. 5568) Fax +62 21 2557 4589
  22. 22. www.leapdesign.biz