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Precision store overview

  1. 1. PRECISIONSTORE OVERVIEWEcommerce Tools and Capabilities
  2. 2. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWSummaryWe’re a professional services firm with a focus on developing intuitive technologysolutions for businesses of all sizes.Since 2002, we have prided ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and ourcommitment to providing our clients with a superior level of service and value. After10 years of solving problems for our clients, we’re as passionate as ever aboutleveraging new technologies, creating exceptional user experiences, and challengingour team to exceed expectations. Many of our clients have been with us since thebeginning, and view us as a trusted partner. Our development professionals havedeep experience serving companies of all sizes across multiple industries, fromstartups to multinational corporations.Over the last 10 years, we’ve developed a powerful set of ecommerce tools we canshape into the perfect solution for your business. The following is a sampling of thefeatures and functionality our PrecisionStore solution has to offer. Our clients are allunique, and so are our solutions. We offer the flexibility to integrate with yoursystems as you see fit. We are here to take your online business to the next level.
  3. 3. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Facing Screens – Products by CategoryProducts can be displayed by category, brand, size, or any other productcharacteristic. When a particular characteristic is chosen (in this case a category), theother characteristics are available at the top of the page as dropdown filters. Productlayout, number of products per page, and all other display elements can becompletely customized.
  4. 4. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Facing Screens – Product DetailOnce a product is selected, the full details are included on one page, includingavailable color and size variations, product images (and video if applicable), relatedproducts and more.
  5. 5. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Facing Screens – Zoom and Additional ViewsAn unlimited number of images (and video clips, if applicable) can be assigned toeach product, allowing customers to see various views and closeups of products.
  6. 6. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Facing Screens – Product Bundles / LookBookThe system can display various “looks” or other product groups, allowing customersto browse and shop for complimentary products on one screen. In this case, the usercan scroll through various looks and choose to shop a given look.
  7. 7. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Facing Screens – Shop A Bundle or “Look”When choosing to shop a “look”, all of the products within the look are laid out onscreen. The user can choose size and color variations of each and add one or more ofthe products to their cart at once.
  8. 8. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Facing Screens – Shopping BagAfter a customer has added product to the cart, they are presented with a screen toreview their order, update quantities or remove products from their cart.
  9. 9. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Facing Screens – Customer Sign InWhen a customer is ready to check out, they have the option of signing in to anexisting account, creating a new account, or continuing as a guest. Signing into anexisting account provides a more streamlined checkout process since the user canaccess their saved addresses and credit cards.
  10. 10. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Facing Screens – Billing and ShippingEnter Billing Info – Simple interface to enter billing information. If signed into anexisting account, saved addresses are available from a dropdown.Enter Shipping Info – Similar to the billing interface above. The address isautomatically cross-referenced with the USPS database to determine whether thecity, state and postal code combination is valid. If invalid, the user will be promptedwith valid options.
  11. 11. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Facing Screens – PaymentThe customer can review order details, make changes, select a shipping method,apply coupons or gift certificates and submit credit card information. Shipping costcan be calculated in real-time against UPS, USPS and FedEx shipping rates or can usea tiered structure.
  12. 12. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Facing Screens – Email ReceiptOnce the order has been completed, the customer receives an HTML email receiptwith custom logos, color schemes and copy. After the order ships, a similar email issent with links to track the order or view their order history.
  13. 13. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWContent Management Screens – Manage ProductsThe admin site allows authorized users tocontrol product catalog information byadding new products and editing existingproducts. The user can specify a productname, category, keywords (for use in theproduct search engine), pricing,availability, and more. Productdescriptions can be maintained using ourrich-text tool. This tool has a familiarinterface, similar to Microsoft Word, withicons to control text formatting (bold,italic, underline, alignment, font, color,etc.), creating bulleted and numberedlists, creating hyperlinks, inserting imagesand much more.
  14. 14. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWContent Management Screens – Manage Product ImagesMultiple product images per product can be uploaded and maintained in the system.Images are automatically resized and optimized to match the specifications requiredfor displaying in the storefront.
  15. 15. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWContent Management Screens – Manage Product Attributes (Sizing and more.)Sizes, pricing and availability can be managed easily through a simple interface.Update pricing or sale status by size.
  16. 16. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWContent Management Screens – Manage Related ProductsProducts can be related to one another for cross-selling opportunities in thestorefront. Easily locate products to relate to one another through a set of filtereddropdowns.
  17. 17. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWContent Management Screens – Manage Product Grouping and BundlesBundles or groups can be created by administrators by uploading an image thatrepresents the look and selecting two or more products from a list of filtereddropdowns. The order in which the products are displayed are configurable as well.
  18. 18. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Service Screens – Search OrdersOrders can be searched using any combination of order date, order status, customerinformation and more.
  19. 19. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Service Screens – Search OrdersOrder search results are displayed on screen with the option of downloading resultsto an Excel spreadsheet for use offline. Click the “Details” button to drill-down tospecific order details.
  20. 20. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Service Screens – Order DetailsThis screen includes complete order details for a given order, including itemspurchased, shipping method selected, discounts applied, payment methods used,shipping and billing information and more.
  21. 21. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Service Screens – Order Details (Continued)Order comments for internal use can also be maintained on this screen, as well asinformation relating to shipping data for this order, including shipping date, carrier,tracking number and actual freight charges incurred. Email correspondence with thecustomer can also be viewed and re-sent if needed.
  22. 22. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Service Screens – Order TrackingBy clicking the Tracking Number on the previous screen, administrators can viewcomplete UPS, USPS or FedEx tracking data for a given order. This is the same viewthat the customer has within the external site after their order has shipped.
  23. 23. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Service Screens – Call CenterFrom the order detail screen, a customer service rep can initiate a return andprocess a refund on the initial credit card. The system allows for partial returns,reason codes, miscellaneous adjustments (e.g. to cover shipping charges if deemednecessary), and integrates directly with inventory. Corresponding return/refundreports are available on a separate screen.
  24. 24. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Service Screens – Call CenterOrders can be createdfrom within theadministrative sectionof the site as well. If acustomer calls in anorder, a customerservice rep can createan order from a singlepage, including productselection, addressinformation, discounts,and payment.Customers can also callin if they had difficultycompleting an orderonline and the CallCenter is able to pick upa partial order wherethe customer left off.
  25. 25. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Service Screens – ReportingVarious types of salesreports are available withcustom date ranges, roll-upto product category,download to Excelspreadsheets for use offlineand more.
  26. 26. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWCustomer Service Screens – Internal Audit ReportsSuper admins” can view a report that shows all of the administrative activity withinthe system over any given timeframe. The report can be filtered to show specifictypes of activities, specific administrative users, and specific date ranges (or anycombination thereof) in order to monitor customer service rep behavior andperformance.
  27. 27. PRECISOINSTORE OVERVIEWSummaryOur PrecisionStore tool kit is custom-designed and we can provide a solution tailor-made for your businessthat may include any combination of these features, as well as any additional needed features. In addition towhat you see here, we have developed tools to manage promotions, coupons, and much more.Also, we have expert knowledge of web analytics tools, especially the free and powerful Google Analyticssoftware. We can set up detailed custom reporting so you can always access granular, real-time reporting tohelp you optimize your marketing campaigns and increase your ROI. We also have expert knowledge of emailmarketing campaign automation, and can provide targeted, dynamically generated, personalized emailmessages to drive more traffic and sales on your website.We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your software needs, so that we can propose an idealsolution that both meets your current needs, and provides a pathway to future strategic technicaldevelopment to best support your business in the years to come.Please contact me with any questions or feedback. Thank you!Best Regards,Denton BietyVP Business DevelopmentPrecision Development(310)