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The webdesignseries part1_content

  1. 1. (and context is kingdom)What makes great content and why?PrecEdinburgh | 93-95hanoverstrContent is kingThe  web  design  series  @precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackett
  2. 2. 08:45 Part 1- Principles- Lifecycle- Tools of the trade09:30Coffee, cigarette, stretch etc.09:45 Part 2-  Getting practical-  Looking ahead-  Wrap up, questions, other bits10:30FinishThe order of things@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackett
  3. 3. …plans for the creation, publicationand governance of useful, usablecontentKristina Halvorson, CEO Brain TrafficContent strategy…@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackett
  4. 4. 1.  Appropriate2.  Useful3.  User centred4.  Clear, consistent, concise5.  SupportedKey principles@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackett
  5. 5. 1. Be appropriate@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackettFor the user…“Personal behavioural context”: Andrew Hinman
  6. 6. 1. Be appropriate@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackettPrinciples-  Think lean-  Design for glance-  Use content to navigate-  Grease connection points-  Enable easy pick upRelationships-  Spatial-  Temporal-  Social
  7. 7. 1. Be appropriate@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackettFor the business…-  Goal focussed-  Sustainable-  But, ultimately, for the userIcons:
  8. 8. 2. Be useful@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackettBad“Sell products”Good“Show how thisproduct helpsteachers”
  9. 9. 2. Be useful@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackett
  10. 10. Adopt the mental model of the user3. Be user centered@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackettI need to find a hammer.That’s probably with toolsHammers with headsbetween 2” and 5” are inthe home use tools sectionat the end of aisle 15.Hammers with headsbetween 5” and….
  11. 11. “The Brads, Windows 8”: Brad Colbow
  12. 12.
  13. 13. 4. Be clear, consistent and concise@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackettOK, I get it It was called thatin their store andin the brochure tooThat’s all I need,I’m all set- Correct language- Organised meaningfully- Style guide- Training and supportOnly publishing what’suseful and usable
  14. 14. 5. Be supported@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackettUnderstand the effort“Editorial workflow roles”:
  15. 15. 5. Be supported@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackettDifferent content types havedifferent requirements, especiallyonce they have been publishedFactualUser generatedTime boundEvergreen
  16. 16. Content lifecycle@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackett“Content Lifecycle Management”:
  17. 17. EvaluateTools of the trade@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackettDesignAnalyticalCreativeContent auditGap analysisWorkflow snapshotUser researchEditorial calendarChannel strategyContent style guideSocial guidelinesProject briefKick off meetingWorkflow recommendationsUser proxiesCommunication planFeature design recommendationsContent templatesVoice and tone guides
  18. 18. Time for a break@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackett“Edinburgh skyline”:
  19. 19. Content effectiveness@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackettOptimisedRiche.g.imagesandvideo543210Plain EnglishActionableWeb Mobile Social
  20. 20. Understanding tasks@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackettDestination! Date / time! Price! Confirmation!“I’m not necessarily afterthe cheapest, it’s acombination of things”Departureairport!Specifics!Book tickets!“I must have anaisle seat”“There are a few airports Icould fly from”“I can be flexible withdates, but I’d prefer not toget up too early. And Ineed to Liaise with mysister in New York”“Normally I just want tobook the flights and noneof the shows or museumtrips, but I do like to seewhat’s going on”“I won’t look at the emailagain until just before Itravel”Goal: Book a cheap flight
  21. 21. 2013 2014 2015Looking ahead@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackettBrandedcontentSynchronisationScreensharingDeviceshiftingDecouplingCMSComplementarySimultaneity
  22. 22. Thank you@precedentcomms #PrecSem @ryansackett“Edinburgh skyline”:
  23. 23. The  web  design  series  7 June, part 2Creating a lasting impressionOur senior digital consultant Rob will sharehis insights and discuss how creating strongrelationships with your customers can resultin them choosing to stick with you; howunderstanding their behaviours canencourage them to take the steps you strivefor; and how this bond helps you to managedisappointment were it to occur.14 June, part 3What makes awesome design?Our creative director Mark will take youthrough the fundamental principles ofremarkable web design, exploring what it isit that makes a website memorable? Frombrand and visual heirarchy, to understandingyour audience and creating emotional andrelevant campaigns.