Destinations Seminar 21 Feb London


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Slides from Precedent's first visitor attractions seminar at the BFI London on 21 Feb 2012. Presented by Head of Digital Marketing Lindsay Herbert and Senior Consultant Rob van Tol.

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  • Lindz: The insiders to facilitate the competition but also create that sense of having an older brother or sister already at cardiff
  • Destinations Seminar 21 Feb London

    1. 1. Destinations SeminarThe DREAM day outDigitally promoting and enhancing the attraction experience
    2. 2. Today1. Introducing the report2. Your DREAM day out3. DREAM Breakdown (with a break at 10:15)4. Best insights of the day5. Q&A
    3. 3. Who are Precedent?Adrian Porter – Head of Strategic Research
    4. 4. 23 years experience quality stability loyalty results
    5. 5. 6 sectors destinations education membership organisations third sector financial services health
    6. 6. Some of our clients
    7. 7. 80 experts85 strategy & research branding & communications user centered design development & hosting digital marketing
    8. 8. Our research2001-2006
    9. 9. Our research2007-2008
    10. 10. Our research2008-2010
    11. 11. Our research2010-2011
    12. 12. Our research2012
    13. 13. Our research2013
    14. 14. The DREAM model
    15. 15. The DREAM model
    16. 16. Who are Precedent?Lindsay Herbert – Head of Digital MarketingRob van Tol – Senior Strategy Consultant
    17. 17. Everybody up!Free instant focus groups by Precedent
    18. 18. You win!
    19. 19. Your dream day outI want a destination that will let me feel:1. Relaxed2. Stimulated3. Entertained4. Accomplished5. Creative
    20. 20. Your dream day outYou’re back at work…Choose your target audience
    21. 21. DREAM: DesireAttracting the good, sending away the bad.
    22. 22. The DREAM model
    23. 23. Ways to create Desire1. Carefully craft aggregate-able data (yours and others)2. Play nice with affiliates and referrers3. Seek partners to complete the day4. Make topical piggybacks5. Seek partners to enhance their offer (and reach new audiences with yours)
    24. 24. Instant focus groups!Why should they bother?
    25. 25. DREAM: ResearchFinding you, finding more.
    26. 26. The DREAM model
    27. 27. Ways to facilitate Research1. Start signposting well before your website2. Provide a pre-experience3. Drip-feed useful information (and remember the logistics of the environment)4. Cater to special circumstances5. Make recommendations (even if you’re not allowed to)
    28. 28. Group insightsHow did you researchyour last day out?
    29. 29. DREAM: EngageBuild excitement, prepare for arrival.
    30. 30. The DREAM model
    31. 31. Ways to Engage1. Extend engagement beyond your ticket barrier2. Let people meet virtually before visiting (e.g. hashtag)3. Offer itineraries and timesavers (for before & after too)4. Create wider community based discovery opportunities5. Promote campaigns of what they can do on the day to win
    32. 32. Group insightsHow do I get yousold, excited, prepared?
    33. 33. DREAM: AttendBridge virtual and real, enhance both.
    34. 34. The DREAM model
    35. 35. Ways to enhance Attending1. Make it clear you encourage photos!2. Set-up cool photo opps, nominate staff photographers, badges saying ‘I can take your picture’3. Give away the guide but build in the upsells4. Incentivise reviews, posts, and sharing5. Replace guest books with cool tablets and membership sign-ups
    36. 36. Group insightsWhat would enhance theexperience?
    37. 37. DREAM: MemoriesMake them last, make them shared.
    38. 38. The DREAM model
    39. 39. Ways to build Memories1. Capture, house and enable sharing of memories for them2. Establish customer timeline and link it to your CRM3. Leverage sign-ups with gifting, benefits and ‘memories’ for those who couldn’t come but are fans4. Create platforms for fan content5. Seek out and connect to recent visitors
    40. 40. Group insightsWhat would you want toremember?
    41. 41. Conclusion
    42. 42. Best insights of the dayAnd chatting afterwards for those who don’t have to go
    43. 43. Find our Precedent group on @Precedentcomms for LinkedIn to find out more industry trends, tips, seminar about our seminars, share info and other insider stuff anddigital marketing must match your ideas and quiz the Precedent team. tweet today with #PrecSem.individual problems and culturebecause without a custom fit, you aremissing the point.