Destinations seminar - London May 2013
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Destinations seminar - London May 2013






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  • Lindz: The insiders to facilitate the competition but also create that sense of having an older brother or sister already at cardiff
  • Lindz: The insiders to facilitate the competition but also create that sense of having an older brother or sister already at cardiff
  • chester zoo - drive more people to book online, properly evaluating campaigns, multi-channel attribution model despite weather challenges
  • Lindz: The insiders to facilitate the competition but also create that sense of having an older brother or sister already at cardiff

Destinations seminar - London May 2013 Destinations seminar - London May 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Digitally promoting and enhancing the attraction experienceThe DREAM day outDestinations SeminarPlease don’t sit with your colleaguesWiFi Instructions Select …@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • 9.00 Start9.00 – 10.151. Introducing the report2. Your DREAM day out model3. DREAM analysis part 110.15 – 10.30 Networking Break10.30 – 11.301. DREAM analysis part 22. Light lunch at 12:3011.30 CloseToday@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • Who are We?Lindsay Herbert – Head of Digital MarketingRob van Tol – Senior Digital Strategy Consultant@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy View slide
  • Who are You?Aspria GroupAssociation of Leading Visitor AttractionsChester ZooContinuum GroupCubo (Seaworld Parks)David Lloyd LeisureGo ApeHistoric Housing AssociationHistoric Royal PalacesHouses of ParliamentLemur LeisureMail TravelODEON CinemasOxford University MuseumsRoyal Albert HallRoyal Geographical SocietyRoyal Institute of British ArchitectsRoyal ParksSalisbury CathedralSouth Bank Marketing GroupSouth Downs National Park AuthorityTate BritainThe Landmark TrustThe National TrustTwo CirclesVisit BritainVisit England View slide
  • Who are Precedent?@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • @precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • 6 sectorsdestinationseducationmembership organisationsthird sectorfinancial serviceshealth@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • 23 yearsexperiencequalitystabilityloyaltyresults@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • 80 expertsstrategy & researchbranding & communicationsuser centered designdevelopment & hostingdigital marketing100@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • A handful of our clients
  • Our researchNew BrandUniversities UniversitiesThirdSector NHSAlumni GlobalisationFinancialServices
  • Our researchMembershipOrganisations
  • Our researchDestinations
  • The DREAM modelCustomersNeedsYourNeeds
  • The DREAM model
  • The DREAM modelLetting them find you. Makingthem want you. Making themwant to come back.
  • The DREAM modelPreparing them (forthe good, the bad, thebefore, the after)
  • The DREAM modelMake them love youbefore first sight.Prepare them for arrival.
  • The DREAM modelMaking it as easy andup-sold as possible.
  • The DREAM modelTurning them into ambassadors whoremind themselves to come back.
  • DREAM: DesireAttracting the good, sending away the bad.@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • 1. Match your marketing to your user‟s reviews2. Test with real people to build accurate personas3. Seed and give away your content to relevant sites(eg, review sites, enthusiast bloggers, directory sites,affiliates, referrers, sites your users use)4. Brainstorm SEO beyond travel to make topical piggybacks5. Seek partners to enhance their offer(and reach new audiences with yours)Ways to create Desire
  • Networking discussionsShare yoursuccesses andchallenges@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • DREAM: ResearchFinding you, finding more.@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • The DREAM model
  • GoogleLocalGoogleSearch
  • GoogleLocal
  • 1. Test your proposition: Unique / Emotional Selling Point2. Challenge yourself to attract the “it‟s not for me” audience3. Engage with visitors: provide a pre-experience4. Monitor social channels (aka free market research)5. Package your different customer experiences (not in silos)6. Make recommendations (even if you‟re not meant to)Ways to facilitate Research
  • Networking discussionsShare yoursuccesses andchallenges@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • DREAM: EngageBuild excitement, prepare for arrival.@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • The DREAM model
  • CondescendingCorporate Brand Page
  • RottnestIsland
  • St AndrewsLinks
  • 1. Test and experiment with your conversion funnel checkingthe language, form design, leakage and referrals2. Use analytics to see your customer footprints through yourcontent and do something where there is trouble3. Exciting them about what they are going to get (eg show-stopping visuals)4. Let people find others who have been or are about to go(eg suggested hashtags pre-attending)5. Offer itineraries and timesavers (before, during & after)6. Promote campaigns of what they can do on the dayWays to Engage
  • Networking discussionsShare yoursuccesses andchallenges@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • DREAM: AttendBridge virtual and real, enhance both.@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • The DREAM model
  • 1. Digital tickets with sign-ups (do paperwork before arriving)2. Make it clear you encourage photos and sharing!3. Set-up cool photo opps, nominate staff photographers,badges saying „I can take your picture‟4. Give away the guide but build in the upsells5. Incentivise reviews, posts and sharing with in-attractionperks, VIP treatment, discounts for future visits6. Offer WiFiWays to enhance Attending
  • Networking discussionsShare yoursuccesses andchallenges@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • DREAM: MemoriesMake them last, make them shared.@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • The DREAM model
  • 1. Capture, house and enable sharing of memories for them2. Link your customer to your CRM & re-engage on key dates3. Leverage sign-ups with gifting, benefits and „memories‟ forfans who couldn‟t come4. Create platforms for fan content5. Seek out and connect to recent visitors on social media6. Replace visitor book with tablets and membership sign-upsWays to build Memories
  • Networking discussionsShare yoursuccesses andchallenges@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • Wrapping up@precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy
  • The DREAM model
  • You exist in a wider contextPhysically you’re limitedDigitally you’re notMeet your customers in thatwider DREAM space
  • @precedentcomms #PrecSem @lindzeiy„DREAM Day Out‟ on LinkedIn GroupsTurn today into a connection