Cadbury manages a crisis with integrated marketing communication


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Cadbury manages a crisis with integrated marketing communication

  1. 1. Cadbury Manages a crisis with Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)<br />
  2. 2. The Crisis is all about…..<br />In eight outlets across Maharashtra, worms were found in some bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury's bread-and-butter brand selling 1 million bars a day and an icon of 'chocolate' in India.<br />Inquiry was instituted by the Food and Drug Administration and negative media publicity spread like wildfire. The extensively graphic media coverage led people to believe that every bar could be contaminated. Consequently, sales volume plummeted, retailer cooperation lessened and employee morale dwindled. All in all, the company's credibility suffered extensive damage.<br />
  3. 3. Reason behind this crisis..<br />After a thorough investigation of the entire supply chain, it was found that the problem originated at the distribution end. Apparently, at the retail outlets the infested bars were placed next to open unpacked items susceptible to worms. <br />However, although the problem was not of its own making, Cadbury did take responsibility for the lack in educating retailers on storage and hygiene.<br />
  4. 4. Using IMC elements to overcome from this problem<br />Advertising<br /> The company began its multi-pronged campaign on key print, broadcast and electronic media, to regain its lost credibility and almost reestablished the category. <br />Message strategy<br /> It decided to convey that the root of the problem was as the distribution end, that any food item could face similar infestation, and yet Cadbury would take initiatives to check the problem.<br />
  5. 5. Cadbury also roped in AmitabhBachchan as its brand ambassador since the celebrity was hugely popular and reputed for his integrity, qualities that Cadbury needed to re-associate with the brand.<br />A rationally and emotionally connecting television commercial, again starring Bachchan, was also aired nationally. The star gave a first hand account of his visit to the Cadbury factory, assuring people about the quality of the chocolate . In another version of the ad, he also emphasized the safety of the product for children.<br />
  6. 6. Public Relationship Campaign<br /> The company launched Project Vishwas, a three-pronged program that addressed the trade, consumers, media and employees. The project incorporated the following measures:<br /> For Trade<br />A retail monitoring and education program was launched that performed quality checks at over 50,000 retail outlets and educated 190,000 wholesalers and retailers regarding storage requirements.<br />A press ad regarding 'Facts about Cadbury' was also published nationally in 55 trade publications informing channel members about remedial measures being taken by the company.<br /> Posters and leaflets on the issue were also distributed to retailers, encouraging them to share them with consumers.<br />Cadbury also linked the trade with response cell through a toll-free number and an email id to let them contact the company directly.<br />
  7. 7. For Media<br />The media was also explained the company's point-of-view, given updates about<br /> actions initiated by the company, and encouraged to share them with consumers.<br />The company instituted a media desk and diligently answered every media query,<br /> friendly or not. The company's managing director urged media to assure consumers that Cadbury was safe to eat, but that consumers exercise the usual<br /> care in purchasing a chocolate that they exercise in purchasing a food item.<br />Furthermore, it also promised to implement packaging changes within two<br /> months to ensure against poor storage. Cadbury's MD and key spokespersons had<br /> one-to-one sessions with 31 media editors as part of an 'Outreach' program initiated in November 2003.<br />For Employees<br />Employees were also briefed about actions taken through meetings with senior managers and email updates from the MD.<br />
  8. 8. Product Safety Communication<br />January 2004, the company launched a new double packaging that wrapped even the smallest 13 gm chocolate in an aluminium foil, heat-sealed for complete protection from all sides and further encased in a polyflow pack. The over-engineered pack, the first of its kind in India, cost the company a fortune, but fulfilled the company's promise to media and consumers.<br />The new packaging was launched amidst much fanfare in a media conference. Amongst the material distributed in the conference were a comparison kit allowing evaluation of old and new packs and a video new release with packaging and factory shots for television coverage. To reinstate confidence among sales people and to motivate them, another audio-visual with a message from the ambassador Bachchan was shown in a string of sales conferences.<br />
  9. 9. Outcome of Company’s IMC Effort<br />As a result of the integrated campaign, Cadbury won over the invincible media and got extensive media coverage that highlighted the company's perspective instead of pointing a finger at it.<br />Surveys revealed a positive change in consumer perceptions and an increase in their likelihood to buy. Further, not only did Cadbury's sales recover from the crisis plunge, but also grew by 20% in 2005.<br />
  10. 10. Conclusion<br />Through timely and consistent marketing communications Cadbury succeeded in solving a daunting business crisis.<br />With a 360-degree communications approach that targeted various audiences, Cadbury could quickly control and off-set the negative word of mouth it had received.<br />By integrating a variety of tools like press release and conferences, consumer advertising, trade advertising, point-of-purchase communications, packaging initiatives, email communications and the like, all focusing on the same problem, Cadbury could communicate a unified message and get audiences to appreciate the efforts it had taken to minimize instances of future occurrences.<br />
  11. 11. THANK YOU<br />