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Ccd startegy

  1. 1. Café Coffee Day A Lot Can Happen Over A Coffee 56 Pratik Dighe
  2. 2.  India's favorite coffee shop where the young at heart unwind.  A Rs. 750 crore, ISO 9002 certified company  Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd. (ABCTCL).  Asia's second-largest network of coffee estates and 11,000 small growers.  Our Coffee goes all over the world to clients across the USA, Europe and Japan
  3. 3. CCD today has become the largest youth aggregator, and from a marketing stand point, the success has come by focusing on the 3As: Accessibility, Affordability and Acceptability.”- Bidisha Nagaraj, the Marketing president of Cafe Coffee Day “Although demographically, a typical consumer would be male or female between 15-29 years of age, belonging to middle or upper middle class, we call our consumers young or young at heart. We are about juke boxes, good and affordable coffee and food. The brand fit is with youth or the young at heart. So we often look out for brands that are aspirational in nature.” – Sudipta Sen Gupta, Marketing head, Café Coffee Day.
  4. 4. Target Market India Metropolitan Cities – New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai Other Cities – Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Nasik, Ranchi, Jamshed pur, Patna, Lucknow, Allahabad, Jaipur, Agra, etc. Target Audience Income Class A+ Higher Class A Upper Middle Class B+ Middle Class Age Group 16+ Young People & those who feel they are still young
  5. 5. PROBLEM DEFINE  Indian Customer Are Spending Nearly 51% of Consumption Expenditure On Eating-out
  6. 6. SWOT 1. Company Image 2. Quality 3. Well-developed Strategy 4. Market Share 5. Brand strength 1. Storage 1. Health conscious 2. Changing Social Trend 3. Global hub 4. Market growth 5. Limited Coffee Options 1. Government Regulation 2. Increase in competition 3. Labor Costs 4. Inflation rate
  7. 7. Division of CCD Coffee Day Express (341 Coffee Day Kiosk) Coffee Day Fresh n Ground (354 Coffee Bean & Powder Retail Outlets) Coffee Day Take Away (7000 Vending Mechines.)
  8. 8. Menu of CCD  Espresso  Espresso Americano  Cappuccino (hot coffee)  Kenyan safari (international coffee)  Cold coffee  Ice cream  Pizza, Samosa ,Puff etc
  9. 9. Competitors Starbucks Costa coffee
  10. 10. Direct Barista Café Mocha Qwicky  Indirect Mc Donald’ Global Starbucks Coffee Bars Competitors
  11. 11. outlet The first CCD outlet was set up on July 11, 1996, at Brigade Road, Bangalore, Karnataka.[4]  Following this, CCD crossed over 1000 cafés throughout the nation by 2011. They have a minimum of 1270 outlets.[5] The number increases almost every week
  12. 12. Strategies Main consumer base in the age group -15-29 years Strategic Alliances • Levi’s • HUL • TVS • Worldspace Radio In-film Advertisements Coffee with Karan CCD starts coffee with “Stars” Merchandising Holiday Guides
  13. 13. Strategies II Advertising Ads in the media to reach our Target Audience, People who are young & those young at their heart. Media – Newspapers, Television, Lifestyle Magazines, Fashion & Youth Magazines, Radio Promotions – Jingles Public Relations Press Releases in the media – Why Cafe Coffee Day? Establish credibility of the Brand Media – Newspapers, Television, Lifestyle Magazines, Fashion & Youth Magazines, Radio Promotions – Jingles Sales Promotion Seasonal Offers & Gifts Gift Vouchers & Hampers Coupons, etc. Internet Marketing Highly interactive portal website – Ads on Most Visited sites
  14. 14. Future Looking at more café formats to try in new outlets. Sports cafes, Singles’ cafes and Fashion cafes. Consumer Segments.