magical sales


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This presentation will describe various tips and tricks, ideas for improving your selling skills

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magical sales

  1. 1. Magical SALES
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • This presentation will provide how to develop selling skills like magician do. • Magical sales will give “out of box” but practical tips for “THINK THE OTHER WAY”. • This presentation contains the various mixtures of ideas , playful but effective to enhance you “sales” tricks.
  3. 3. Presentations make illusions Power of presentation • What MAGICIANS DO? ...they create wrong perception by strong presentation, which simply justify the power of presentation. • So sales professionals should work on their presentations so that they can create a right perception with an awesome presentation. • Make your presentation that much effective that a customer can feel and become the part of it. So that he/she will believe what you are showing is right ...... At this point you can convert them towards you product........that’s what Magicians do.
  4. 4. Convey the Concept • Give mirror image of the concept in your mind to the customers so that they can extract their perception as per your specified alignment. • keep the Secrets of the concept with you only don't convey it. Otherwise they may become smarter than you.. • In selling terms , always tell the concept of the product that what it can do.... Avoid telling secret that how it can do. • You know that a simple ball cant fly , but a magician make you believe by conveying the concept and applying the secrets ......simple.
  5. 5. Be a Thief • It sounds awkward but you to have steal the ideas. You should be very clever in that because noise can attract other thieves. • A joker is a good example . He cleverly steal idea from you and implement on you only. • Similarly steal ideas from customers and apply on them. So that you can deal with variety of customers with variety of stolen ideas..
  6. 6. Practical Joker • Sounds awkward ‘practical’ and a ‘Joker’... Well joker do funny and stupid things but see the dedication of joker ,he involve time and skills for stupid acts. • According to viewers jokers do impractical things which is not possible to do for a normal man. But “JOKERS DO THINGS VERY PRACTICALLY SO IT SHOULD LOOK IMPRACTICLE”. After all Joker is the best performer. • So here in sales be a joker but this time ‘DO IMPRACTICLE THINGS WHICH SHOULD LOOK PRACTICLE’.
  7. 7. Know the Flops • Find the things or persons or concepts who haven't made it. Generally they have a good idea this time but ran out of courage to implement ... • Flops can be modified and turn around to be a next big thing .Hence you save time . • Flops are very interesting they show ways to failures. Hence you can have a better view towards your plans.
  8. 8. Conclusion • I personally believe that sales is a dynamic game in which one can play with his own rules and rule the market. • If you like this, than forward it to your friends and write me THANK YOU