Acceptance of online book store
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Acceptance of online book store






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Acceptance of online book store Acceptance of online book store Presentation Transcript

  • Acceptance ofOnline Book Store in Nepal Presented to: Dr. Bijay K.C.Group Members: Instructor,Arina Sherchan Business Research MethodologyHari Sharma PoudelJyotshna JoshiPankaj Nahata Presented by:Prateekshya Shakya Arina Sherchan Prateekshya Shakya Date: 21 July, 2011
  • Background Online business? Online book store? ◦ Login to a website ◦ Search for the book ◦ Provide/check details of the book ◦ Order the book ◦ Pay for the book
  • Statement of ProblemIs Online Book Store acceptable in Nepal or not?
  • Objectives of the Study to analyze the market for online book store in Nepal to check whether online book store would be acceptable in the Nepalese market or not to find out why people would be motivated to purchase books online
  • Significance of the Study To General Public ◦ Knowledge of online business ◦ Knowledge of online book store To Entrepreneurs ◦ Acceptance of the online book store To Online Business Ventures ◦ Need to promote the concept of online business in Nepal
  • Limitations of the Study Online payment system Load shedding problem Technology Internet accessibility
  • Theoretical Framework Dependent Variable  Acceptability of Online Book Store Independent Variable  Price of the Books  Number of Internet Users  Unavailability of Books  Time Limitation Moderating Variable  Reliability of Book Store Intervening Variable  Publicity of Book Store
  • Theoretical Framework
  • Hypotheses H0: Price of the books will not affect online book store. H1: Price of the books will affect online book store. H0: Number of internet users will not affect the acceptability of online book store. H1: Number of internet users will affect the acceptability of online book store. H0: Unavailability of books will not affect the acceptability of online book store. H1: Unavailability of books will affect the acceptability of online book store. H0: Time limitation will not affect the acceptability of online book store. H1: Time limitation will affect the acceptability
  • Problem Statement “ONLINE BOOK STORE” Is it acceptable in Nepal or not? Purpose of the Study Unit of Analysis Exploratory Individual students and non- Hypothesis Testing students Types of Investigation Sampling DesignSurvey on acceptability of Online Sample Size-100 Book Store in Nepal Extent of Researcher Time Horizon Interference Cross sectional Minimal Data Collection Study Setting Questionnaires, Internet and Non-contrived Class lectures. Measurement and Measures Data Analysis Operational Definition Hypothesis testing
  • Instrumentation Structured questionnaire  Multiple tick questions  Likert scale  Semantic differential
  • Data Collection Procedure Internet Distribution of Questionnaires  BBA and MBA students of SAIM  General public
  • Validity and Reliability Content validity Predictive validity Convergent validity
  • Plan for Analysis Qualitative assessment of survey No statistical tests required Use of pie chart and bar diagram
  • Grouping according to Age
  • Grouping according to Monthly Income
  • Type of Books Normally Read
  • Use of Course Book after the Exams are over
  • “Price is the primary factor to influence the buying behavior.”
  • Source of Books People Read
  • General Purpose of Buying Books
  • Influencer to Buy Books
  • Problems faced while making Purchase of Books in the Market
  • Number of Book Stores visited to buy the Books Needed
  • Use of Internet
  • Grouping according to Online Purchases
  • Showing scope of Online Business in Nepal
  • Influencing factor to Purchase Online
  • Conclusion Online business-not very popular in Nepal Optimistic about the acceptance of Online Book Store Major factor - time, not price  Scattered book store locations  Fast Delivery  Unavailability of books
  • Recommendation Promotion of Online Business  Leading to promotion of online book store Online payment system Technologically advancement Exploration required  Identify possibilities