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  • Indian tyre industry is in high spirits
  • Heavy pressure being applied by the ever rising input costs & increasing competition
  • 4ps’ plays a vital role in all industry… even main 4ps i.e. product, price, place, promotion are the success gorw of the CEAT
  • Replacement Tyres : Most challenging Sales and Distribution network is developed for the Replacement Market
  • Replacement Tyres : Most challenging Sales and Distribution network is developed for the Replacement Market
  • In actual high competition & new arrival of car… facing difficulties to improve on B2B
  • 1) ATL - (above the line eg. Tv ads (motion types adv)) 2) BTL (below the line (non motion adv) activities.3) From 1958 CEAT Tyres has successfully held its own. Having established itself in the consumers’ minds with its tagline ‘Born Tough’ particularly because the rhino logo. Considering the deteriorating state of Indian roads, the original position of ‘Born Tough’,4) focus on heavy weight vehicles which use for commercial transportation.
  • Ceat pcm 19

    1. 1. BRAND REVIEWPrashant C MMMMRoll no. 19
    2. 2. TYRE INDUSTRYOVERVIEW MEN’S ARE FROM MARS..TYRES ARE FROM INDIA! THESHOW IS ON ... The heavyweights like MRF, CEAT, JK TYRES & APOLLO etc& midsize like METRO TYRES etc & some regional players oftyre industry cover more than Rs.70 billion of market share inIndian tyre industry.
    3. 3. INTRODUCTION CEAT International was first established in 1924 at Turino in Italy andmanufactured cables for telephones and railways. In 1958, CEAT came to India, and CEAT Tyres of India Ltd wasestablished in collaboration with the TATA Group. In 1982, the RPG Group took over CEAT Tyres of India, and In 1990, renamed the company CEAT Ltd.
    4. 4. CURRENT SCENARIO Manufactures over 10 million tyres every year. Enjoys 55% of the local market for light truck and truck tyres. Operates from plants in Mumbai and Nasik. Exports to USA, Africa and other parts of Asia
    5. 5. 4P’s of CEAT
    6. 6. PRODUCTCEAT has inner tubes, flaps & the widest range of tyres in all categoriessuch as Passenger Tyres - Cars, Motorcycle & Scooter tyres Auto-rickshawtyres. Farms Tyres - Tractors, Trailers etc Heavy duty tyres - Heavy-duty Trucks and Buses, Light CommercialVehicles, Earthmovers & Forklifts,
    8. 8. PLACE - DISTRIBUTION3 different channel process in its Local & Global marketOEMREPLACEMENT TYRESEXPORTTYRESOEM’s follow theB2B sales processhence they do notrequire anelaboratedistributionnetwork.Tyres that areexported usethe distributionnetwork ofsome othercompanyCEAT has one of the largestdistribution network for tyres inIndia. It has divided the Indiansub continent into 33 regionsand has set up a RegionalOffice for each region
    9. 9. PLACE - DISTRIBUTION3 level distribution structureRDC(Regional Discentres)The tyres, tubesand flaps aretransported tothese fromfactories. The setis formed atRDCs andstrappedCFAs(Carrying &forwdAgents)The CFAspull thegoods fromRDCsaccording todemandDealerFACTORIES(Nasik, Bhandup, Halolguj)
    10. 10. PRICETYRE TOTAL PAIRS PRICE RANGETRUCK Rs.21375 - Rs. 45758LIGHT TRUCK Rs.12834 - Rs.19436CAR RADIAL Rs. 1311 - Rs. 4444SCOOTER Rs.887 - Rs. 10413 WHEELER Rs. 1042 - Rs.1351BIKE Rs.835 - Rs. 1914FARM TYRES Rs.3485 - Rs. 34435O.T.R. / GRADER Rs. 39825 - Rs. 140968
    11. 11. Pricing ReductionAnnouncement In Dec 2011, CEAT announced price cuts to the tune of 3- 4 % on itstruck tyres & that was the 2nd round of price cuts announced by CEATwithin a span of 10 days, the first tyre manufacturer to do so. CEAT believe in giving optimum benefit to its consumers through the sixparameters viz. Quality, Trustworthiness, Credible Image, Value,Innovative & Understanding Consumers, that is why CEAT has beenrated as the Most Trusted Brand by the upper class as well as lowerclass customer
    12. 12. PROMOTION CEAT spends Rs 40-50 crores in a year on various ATL BTL From 1958 CEAT Tyres has successfully held its own. Tagline ‘Born Tough’ particularly because the rhino logo. Focus on heavy weight vehicles
    13. 13. PROMOTION While observing ceat marketing strategy we come across varioussegment which connect with the latent needs of consumers. Later ceat come up with new logo focusing youth of country &passenger segment of market like car owner’s & biker’s with anemotional touch as showcase of product feature (Grip) as a solution toreal time problem and establish the brand as most relevant tyre brandto the biker. Ceat mainly dealt with seminars, campaign type promotional activities It’s main promotional activities include on-ground consumer meets forcommercial segments, knowledge seminars like CEAT PRO, digitalplatforms focusing on cricket(eg. CEAT Cricket Rating and India RoadTransportation Awards is a big frame for them) & Safety Zone activityfor school kids which teaches safe road habits to school children, &engage with youth through social media & through brand platforms likewww.beidiotsafe.com Post this campaign the sales for CEAT increasedby 40-45% and expecting a similar growth for the next 2-3 quarters.
    14. 14. COMPETITOR’S LOCALMRF,Apollo GLOBALBridgestone,Michelin
    15. 15. CUSTOMERS TATA motors, Tvs motros. Hero Honda Bajaj tempo Swaraj mazda Eicher L& T Maruti, Mahindra & Mahindra Ashok Leyland Piaggio