Alzheimer's Disease


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A PowerPoint I did last year in sixth grade for health class as a culminating assignment.

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Alzheimer's Disease

  1. 1. Prasant SubediSection 607HealthMr. Mario
  2. 2. Alzheimers disease (AD) is a brain disorder. It isthe most common form of dementia. Dementia iswhen someone loses their mental ability likememory, language, and attention.
  3. 3. A famous psychiatrist in the late 19th centuryand the early 20th century was Alois Alzheimer.In 1901, Alois was with a patient at theFrankfurt Asylum whose name was AugusteDeter. Mrs. Deter had strange symptoms. Shewas 51 one years old. She had short- termmemory loss. In April of 1906, Mrs. Deterstrangely died. So Alois discovered that herbrain wasn’t like a human’s because it was adifferent shape. Doctors called this diseaseAlzheimer’s disease after Alois Alzheimer.
  4. 4.  Even though there has been a ton of research done on causesof Alzheimers disease , doctors still don’t know the causes.
  5. 5.  There are many symptoms of Alzheimers such as… Memory loss( especially stuff you just recently learned or evenforgetting your own name.) It’s challenging to solve problems Poor judgment Mood swings ( hi, you’re a good friend… I hate you, you’re a badfriend) Struggling to speak
  6. 6.  No one really knows how you get Alzheimer’s untilyou actually see their brain when they have died. Theirbrain has plaques and tangles. There are, however,risk factors. Risk factors are things than can determinewhat type of person has a higher risk of getting it. Onerisk factor for Alzheimer’s is age. People who are intheir 50’s and 60’s have a higher chance of getting itthan a teenager or an adult in their 30’s. some othersare family history, people with down syndrome,gender ( men have a less chance of getting it thanwomen).
  7. 7.  As of this second, there has not been any scientificevidence on how to prevent Alzheimers. Althoughmany doctors recommend or suggest you do activitiesthat can get your brain thinking like reading, playingboard games, completing crossword puzzles, playingmusical instruments. I don’t think I’ll ever getAlzheimer’s because I love to read, I play chess,crossword puzzles are a NO- BRAINER for me, and Iplay the violin in the orchestra.
  8. 8. There is not a singlecure for Alzheimer’sDisease!
  9. 9.  Since there is no cure for Alzheimers disease,the disease worsens as it progresses and caneventually lead to death. Usually when theperson who has Alzheimer’s wants their familyand friends by them during their last happymoments of their lives together.
  10. 10.  There are many famous people in the world who had or hasAlzheimer’s. One such person is Ronald Wilson Reagan. Reaganwas the 48th president of the united states. It was said in 1994, (when Reagan was 83) he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. as theyears went on, the president became worse. He began onlynoticing a few people, including his wife Nancy. Although ( this iswhat I find rather odd) he died from pneumonia, instead ofAlzheimer’s. In 2009, Nancy asked Barack Obama to do even moreresearch on Alzheimer’s disease since George Bush didnt listen.